Jesuits Are Satanic Templar Knights of Babylon

Part I – Leuren Moret: Jesuits (“Society of Jesus”) originated in Babylon; Are Satanic, rebranded Knights Templar seeking One World Government

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Can you read the word SHIT?
Can you read the word SHIT?
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3 thoughts on “Jesuits Are Satanic Templar Knights of Babylon”

  1. I am related to the Nassau family..My ancestor Wilhelm 3 was a devout Christian..the knowledge of truth is in my blood.
    They are trying to kill me..they are very evil and kill a lot in many novel ways..eugenics is their hobby.
    I don’t know what to do..they have done a lot to me but I’m still alive and they are persecuting me through the courys and evicting me when i am disabled.

  2. Theft of 2020 election was by Satanic Communist Democrats. Their exposure will lead to a true Christian Spiritual Revival but will not of itself bring Kingdom of Jesus Christ on planet earth. Such a God Almighty Spiritual Revival will result in Matthew 24 that the Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached, that will result in Rapture of all true believers in Christ. After Rapture those that are left behind will experience Great Tribulation. Read Isaiah 24, the earth will flip on its axis as a large planet flies by the earth. Agonizing, uncomfortable life on earth, no safety zones of escaping New World Order evil people on this earth. Rapture or Left Behind only. Bo Polny is wrong about Safety Zones, right about Gold?

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