Learn the Tricks of the Trade and Set Yourself Free

When our parents filed for our Birth Certificate, each of us became a Corporation subject to Admiralty or Maritime Laws, now known as the Uniform Commercial Code [UCC], and had ceased to exist as humans.
The Birth Certificate has effectively rendered us all dead in the eyes of the Law.

If you are resolute and determine in getting your freedom back, please have time to watch the following videos. If you wish to download these videos, kindly copy the video URL and paste it here.
Here’s how Common Law experts are fighting against the banks and the courts that all work for the banks:
Learning the proper language and knowing the actual meaning of the words used in the legal documents we are exposed to is the key to unlocking the chains to our financial slavery.
To put the court judge on the defensive, simply ask this basic question:

“Do you claim to have any authority over me without my consent?”

The corporate court only has legal authority over your legal person but not you as a man or human being. Your legal person is legally represented by your Birth Certificate that establishes a separate estate from your being human. All legal contracts entered into using this Birth Certificate are all fictitious and can be voided at will.
So when the court judge asks for clarification who are you and what is your name, gently ask for a clarificatory question in return:

“Are you asking for my legal person’s name, or the name of the man?”

Remember, you didn’t give your consent to the name in your Birth Certificate, nor were you informed that another state was created for your being in the form of a person, i.e. a corporation.
Corporation comes from the word “corpse”, i.e. a dead human carcass. Your person, i.e. corporate representation through the Birth Certificate issued by the Civil Registrar’s Office, is a dead human representation. This makes your Birth Certificate essentially similar to your Death Certificate, although the latter serves another purpose in legal parlance.
If the court judge responded by saying that he is after your legal person’s name, because that is his only option as his authority dictates, then that would open up the opportunity for your denial of any fiat debt with any fiat bank because all mortgages were signed only by your legal person’s name and not with any representative from the bank, which fact negates the existence of any lawful mortgage contract between two parties.
So, as the only signee to the mortgage loan you are essentially both the lender and the borrower, and the bank is only facilitating the process by creating money out of thin air for which you have to pay in the future together with the bank’s interest charges. Interestingly, the legal definition of the phrase “to facilitate” means “participation in the commission of a fraud, or helping to commit a crime.”
Ask the question further,

“Are you claiming to have that money, or are you claiming to have issued a credit facility?”

They would not answer that because the gist is that they are claiming they have lent money which they actually didn’t. The bank has been extracting interest on the basis of their pretending to have lent an amount of money and that is fraudulent.
Most importantly, your legal person;s name is not the same as you as a human being but a mere fictitious representation of you which you were not made aware of in the first place, further voiding the whole elaborate corporate scheme.
The idea for asking the first question is for you to ascertain whether you are under a Common Law Court or under a Commercial Court upholding the Law of the Sea or the Uniform Commercial Court [UCC].
You can only subject yourself under a Common Law Court where if there’s no actual damage done then you commit no crime. Since, there’s no damage done in the failure to pay a fiat or fictitious debt then you cannot be held liable of anything.
Either way the court is always at a disadvantage and that’s the power of the Sovereign Man!
The Basics
A debt created out of thin air is called a fiat debt, a debt that exists only on legal terms but not as actual fact. It’s a play on words and s shuffling of papers. If you believe and participate in it, then you become a slave.
By default and due to our ignorance, we are all slaves. Our ignorance about the real nature of the system we are all born into is what’s known as the original sin.
Here’s the basic knowledge you need to learn to unslave yourself:
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This blog has been put up five years ago with only one purpose, i.e.  regain emancipation through knowledge. As you might have observed, we still have a long way to go towards achieving that.
We are about to welcome the new year which they erroneously assigned the number 2015, and with great anticipation we ask, will this be the year that we can free ourselves from the corrupt system?
The answer to that may not be coming from somewhere else but from within ourselves.
We are technicians and so we are biased for technological solutions against slavery. However, the slavery system was organized using the legal framework.
It is therefore to our advantage and to complete the whole menu of solutions, we are compelled to study these legal facts along with whatever technical topics we have shared with you in the past and in the days to come.
Freedom only comes to those who know and understand their inherent rights.
We can defeat the system at their own game!

Happy New Year!


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  1. The simplest way to reply to gov’t mailings is to ‘Cross out your name with felt marker and write on the unopened envelope “RETURN TO SENDER… NO CORPORATE ENTITIES RESIDING AT THIS ADDRESS” It works… as soon as they realize you are aware of the fraud they’ll leave you alone.

  2. It is said that, Law is without conscience, it only operate upon a theory of perfection but in actual cases many are injured by the very law we depend upon for help.

  3. The New world order iz Just that al the goverments are slavnih us so they can use High tech for drug trandports and hide production of alcohol cocain in Slovenia and heroin in pharmacy and food industry.migrations and Corona are giving Rich People pedophiles to change identity and nove to Latin america.japan.korea china.to import drugs from Slovenia EU by.planes trains army police and other goverment institutions that are used in hide of Corona to transport and hide drugs in healthcare.army and construction work

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