GeoPolitical and SocioEconomics Q1 Summary [Updated]

The globally praised Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank website is now online. It will begin operating in earnest on the second half of the year as most of its founding members so desire.
Writing for The Guardian UK, Joseph Stiglitz was surprised that the AIIB did not cause a universal celebration as expected judging from its advertised scope and purpose.

The mainstream media has instead focused on its baseless and grossly overused “Russian aggression in Ukraine” rhetoric and interestingly the so called pseudo alternative media like Alex Jones Show continue to advance the “China invasion” and martial law scenario.
In the end, they begin to acknowledge rather too hesitantly all the earth-shaking changes that are now unstoppable:

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  • Enter the Dragon and the Bear: US Faces Its Ultimate Nightmare – Eric Kraus [here]
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  • ‘We’re not interested in a fair fight’ – US army commander urges NATO to confront Russia [here]
  • US Will Not Survive a Nuclear War Against Russia – Jean-Paul Baquiast [here]
  • Obama in Good Company of America’s Worst Wartime Presidents [here]
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  • Why China is creating a new “World Bank” for Asia [here]

“The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are holding annual meetings, but the big news in global economic governance will not be made in Washington DC in the coming days. Indeed, that news was made last month, when the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy joined more than 30 other countries as founding members of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The $50bn AIIB, launched by China, will help meet Asia’s enormous infrastructure needs, which are well beyond the capacity of today’s institutional arrangements to finance.
One would have thought that the AIIB’s launch, and the decision of so many governments to support it, would be a cause for universal celebration. And for the IMF, the World Bank, and many others, it was. But, puzzlingly, wealthy European countries’ decision to join provoked the ire of American officials. Indeed, one unnamed American source accused the UK of “constant accommodation” of China. Covertly, the United States put pressure on countries around the world to stay away.
In fact, America’s opposition to the AIIB is inconsistent with its stated economic priorities in Asia. Sadly, it seems to be another case of America’s insecurity about its global influence trumping its idealistic rhetoric – this time possibly undermining an important opportunity to strengthen Asia’s developing economies.
China itself is a testament to the extent to which infrastructure investment can contribute to development. Last month, I visited formerly remote areas of the country that are now prosperous as a result of the connectivity – and thus the freer flow of people, goods, and ideas – that such investments have delivered.
The AIIB would bring similar benefits to other parts of Asia, which deepens the irony of US opposition. President Barack Obama’s administration is championing the virtues of trade; but, in developing countries, lack of infrastructure is a far more serious barrier to trade than tariffs.
There is a further major global advantage to a fund like the AIIB: right now, the world suffers from insufficient aggregate demand. Financial markets have proven unequal to the task of recycling savings from places where incomes exceed consumption to places where investment is needed.
When he was chair of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke mistakenly described the problem as a “global saving glut.” But in a world with such huge infrastructure needs, the problem is not a surplus of savings or a deficiency of good investment opportunities. The problem is a financial system that has excelled at enabling market manipulation, speculation, and insider trading, but has failed at its core task: intermediating savings and investment on a global scale. That is why the AIIB could bring a small but badly needed boost to global aggregate demand.”

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American Exceptionalism Illusion Obscures Dire State of US Economy

The US economy is teetering on the edge of a precipice and risks falling into a pre-Industrial Revolution economic abyss, while American “believers in the grand myth of perpetual growth” continue to delude themselves, Paul Farrell stressed.
The American “New Mediocre” economy will eventually become permanent, while the United States, deluded by its mythical “exceptionalism” idea, is heading toward zero economic growth, warned Paul Farrell, an American writer and former investment banker with Morgan Stanley.
“America Exceptionalism” implies a belief that our policies are superior, we’re qualitatively different, our values are unique, we’re the best in the world. Whether that makes us arrogant, delusional or just an out-of-control bunch of narcissists, new evidence does suggest that, at least in the global economic arena, competition from China and emerging nations has sapped America’s exceptionalism.”
Mr. Farrell referred to economist Robert Gordon of Northwestern University, who subtracts the economic impact of a series of disastrous “headwinds,” including shifting demographics, stagnant educational achievement, rising income inequality, globalization, household and government debt, which are leading the country to near zero GDP growth.

Although the stocks have been rising since 2009, a market crash is now inevitable, Paul Farrell noted, citing Jeremy Grantham, a chief investment strategist of Grantham Mayo van Otterloo (GMO).
Mr. Grantham has suggested that the stock market bubble could burst just before the US presidential election or soon after, “collapsing from the current range of 18,000 down 50% to about 9,000.”

Remarkably, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank have repeatedly warned the US about the impending financial disaster, anemic recovery and slow growth. Still, the economy is getting worse a lot slower than was predicted due to the Federal Reserve’s market bubble.

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Due to its excessive arrogance manifested by the number of military bases around the globe, the United States has lost worldwide respect it once had. It’s now officially losing its status as world power and may have to attend to the re invigoration of its economy and related domestic affairs.

“The US is losing its status of world power, as the country has lately not been able to enforce its geopolitical interests in several regions and has had to retreat, according to German Media.
The descent of the United States as a world power started in Syria, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten reported.
Out of frustration over the forced retreat in Syria, the driving forces behind the US government sought to lay the blame for the debacle in Syria on Russia. The US could not get over the fact that exactly Vladimir Putin played the role of a reasonable actor in the Middle East and at the same time was able to protect Russia’s interests.

This fact was frustrating for the US, which had always viewed such issues as military dominance and moral superiority as its domain.
The new ‘Cold War’ against Russia is not a self-perpetuating issue for Americans, the media source wrote.  Although it was possible to persuade the EU to impose sanctions against Russia, the alliance of European countries is far from united.”

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According to former French Prime Minister, Dominique de Villepin, the failure of the IMF can be attributed to the following factors:

  • inadequate regulation
  • excessive number of membership

We would like to add: excessive corruption, geopolitical dictatorship and lack of funds.

What really keeps the United States Cabal afloat these days is the financial assistance from Japanese pensioners…

Japan reduced its portfolio of US bonds by 1.1 percent. Now the country owns $1.2244 trillion of US government securities which is nearly $700 million more than China holds.

Japan has toppled China as the biggest holder of United States government bills and bonds for the first time in several years, the US Department of Treasury reported Wednesday.
According to the latest data for February 2015, the total volume of foreign credits to the US dropped by nearly one percent, to $6.16 trillion. China which had held the world’s largest US treasury portfolio reduced its holdings by 1.2 percent.
As a result, Japan which reduced its portfolio by 1.1 percent took the lead. Currently the country owns $1.2244 trillion of US government securities, nearly $700 million more than China holds.
Compared to January 2015, Russia reduced its holdings by almost $12.5 billion. The Russian portfolio of US debt now is $69.6 billion. Russia currently ranks 19th in the top list of the world’s biggest foreign creditors to the US.


Through all of these very significant geopolitical shifts of power to the East, some European Cabalists are still hanging unto the dream…

“Sanchez said that the agreement would obstruct other economic partnerships around the world and was hardly a logical move, given the trade between the United States and the European Union already accounted for 50 percent of the world trade.
She said the TTIP would entail a wave of privatization, which would be used to drain money from public services should they be privatized.”

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Global privatization, that’s what the Cabal are persistently pounding on the throat of once sovereign countries around the globe. These so-called globalists, internationalists, or financial terrorists are still moving around preaching the virtues of putting all national assets in the hands of the shell corporations that we know now as the Black Nobility / Rothschild / Khazarian Mafia / Vatican Empire.

They rely heavily on the magic of Hollywood and the mainstream media that they have conscripted long time ago.

United States is unhappy about Europe’s uncertainty in following the Washington course. The US informational portal Politico will open its office in Brussels to have greater impact on the European leaders and make their image more “thrilling”.
The US informational portal Politico will start its work in Brussels on Monday “to improve the image of European leadership” and make European democracy more “thrilling”, the German newspaper “Tages-Anzeiger” reported.

“I think there’s no doubt that what Belgium needs is a version of Politico,” he said in December 2014.

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They could try to attach Russia into their own terror group ISIL but who’s buying it nowadays?

The US Department of State communicates with various non-governmental actors, including entertainment companies, on how to counter Islamic State and Russian propaganda, the Department’s acting spokesperson Marie Harf said on Friday.
WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — On Tuesday, WikiLeaks released the so-called Sony Archives, containing some 30,000 documents and more than 170,000 e-mails from Sony Pictures Entertainment.
The leak revealed that the United States has been recruiting leading Hollywood executives, such as the Chief Operating Officer of 21 Century Fox James Murdoch, to counter Islamic State and Russian propaganda, according to local media reports.
“We are having this [anti-propaganda] conversation not just with social media companies, but other people who have public platforms and that could be entertainment organizations,” Harf said in a press briefing. “We have a dialogue… about the challenges as we see them and what we are doing to counter that kind of propaganda.”

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The borderline between showbiz entertainment and politics is getting blurrier by the day. This did work for a very long time but no more.

Even with our sources being the alternative media which includes Russian and Eastern Media and a potpourri of independent bloggers, political pundits, all of these people are sourcing or quoting their news pieces directly from the United States or Europe known personalities. They’re just not twisting it to serve a specific agenda but to really understand where the whole world is really heading.

The latest documents released by Wikileaks reveal some uncomfortable – yet unsurprising – truths about the relationship between Hollywood and the US Government. In its propaganda efforts against Russia, the US State Department may have pressured Sony – and some of the biggest stars – into cooperating.
The latest Wikileaks release includes thousands of documents which reveal ties between the White House and Sony pictures. It’s taking journalists a long time to comb through the weeds, but some troubling details are emerging.
As Wikileaks notes, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton is also on the board of trustees for the RAND Corporation, a research arm of the US military. According to emails, the State Department may have taken advantage of Lynton’s dual positions to further its own propaganda aims.

“As you could see, we have plenty of challenges in countering ISIL narratives in the Middle East and Russian narratives in central and eastern Europe,” an email to Lynton from Richard Stengel, US State Department undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs, reads. “Following up on our conversation, I’d love to convene a group of media executives who can help us think about better ways to respond to both of these large challenges.”

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WikiLeaks made the wrong decision in releasing the cache of data hackers obtained from Sony Pictures Entertainment in November 2014, former National Security Agency Director General Keith Alexander said on Friday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The hacked information reveals Sony’s political influence, including alleged ties to the White House, military industrial complex and the policymaking process, Assange argued.
“I think stealing documents from somebody and then coming up with a reason to reveal them, no matter how you get them, I think is just wrong,” Alexander said of the WikiLeaks’ Friday data release.

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Yeah… and stealing our privacy and coming up with terroristic justification is just right…

One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
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