Why did Chile get an Earthquake and Tsunami?

The down and dirty use of disaster strategem for domination

by Katherine Frisk

First let’s get this out of the way.   If you know nothing about Weather Warfare and Geo-engineering then please click to Weather and Warfare, Geo-Engineering, and HAARP.

So China gets earthquakes. Understandable. They were deaf and carried on regardless with their vision of a new financial system that basically leaves the dollar in the dust. Also see Where is the world heading?
So Sochi got flooded; the price you pay for a successful Winter Olympics and supporting Assad in Syria.

Hurricane Sandy, well that was just another bank heist where secure basement vaults got flooded and bearer bonds with no back up on any computer system just, … well got washed away. Anyone who thought that they could cash in on them, their “secure wealth” has vanished. And you thought 9/11 was daylight robbery?
Fukushima was in retaliation for Japan wanting to trade with China excluding the dollar and join the AIIB.
Plus Goldman Sachs wants Japan locked into the TPP agreements
But Chile? What’s the spoof?
Gold. Lots of it. And a company called Barrick. Barrick in their unusual ethical manner (for those who did not “get” the article Syrian Rights Observatory, Russians Hit Israelis on Golan, Drive to Tel Aviv, “ethical manner” is sarcasm, ok? Ed Fudd’s article was a spoof. Geez sometimes you just gotta spell it out!)… anyway I digress, where were we? Oh yes Barrick.
They acquired mining rights at a place called Pascua Lama. Gobs and gobs of gold, enough to make Midas jealous. But the whole mining rights issue and something about water pollution and glaciers and… and not really having legal rights to the property got in the way. If Chile had half a brain they would nationalize the lot. Or at least ensure that 51% shareholding was in the hands of the Chilean government.
This is a good interview. It is all about the little guy taking on the big guy. And nobody, but nobody took the little guy seriously at the time. EXCLUSIVE: David VS Goliath – Shocking Claims Against Barrick Gold Corp.


So Barrick is in litigation for something like 15 years ok? In 2013 they lost the case. The news broke on Wednesday April 10th. By Friday the gold price hit the skids… again. By Monday the usual distraction was organized to turn the world’s attention away from what really should have been front page headlines. As in “Barrick rips the world blind!”
The crisis actors got busy, some patsies were fingered and the Boston Bombing occupied most of the media for the next few weeks.
And a practice run for martial law and a military state was thrown into the pot. Humvees galore bouncing down suburban streets, homes raided and civilians walking out their front doors with their hands on their heads. Gestapo time!
Now here is the catch. In those 15 years Barrick never mined one single ounce of gold, but … but, they sold gobs of it all over the place. Not only to individuals but to countries. Now those “gold holders” had never got delivery and were sitting with pieces of worthless paper. Hmmmmmm. Nobody was amused. No wonder the gold price plummeted two days later! All that worthless paper going down the toilet.
Germany wanted their gold back so did Holland.
In 2014 some stealth helicopters flew into Kiev in the middle of the night and relieved Ukraine of their gold reserves.
Strangely enough, Germany did not get their gold back but Holland did. Word on the street is that if the Dutch put a lid on MH17 and do not spill the beans that it was Kiev military Jet fighters that shot the plane down and keep pointing their fingers at a Bulk Missile and Putin, then they would reap the benefits of the latest gold heist.
Syria has been a deep disappointment. Assad was supposed to be toppled in 2011 and their gold reserves would have gone the same way as Libya’s. So has Iran which should have been bombed in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 … Bibi still waits.
So back to Chile. My guess is that behind the scenes Barrick is trying to reverse the court order on Pascua Lama, and so far they have not been successful.
So an earthquake here, a tsunami there … give them an offer they cannot refuse. A horse’s head has got nothing on these guys. They play real dirty.

IF you see Barrick back in Chile… well you get the picture.
However, a word of advice. If you are going to invest in gold make sure that payment is C.O.D. and you actually take possession before parting with your money.
Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.

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