Did CIA & Mossad Shot Down Russian Flight 7K9268?

“It is technically difficult to target a plane on that level,” Ismail told reporters, saying it’s too early to give a reason for the crash. It’s not clear that the Islamic State group in Sinai has weapons capable of downing aircraft at such a height. “We have no evidence that anything unusual was happening on the plane before it crashed.”
“We didn’t receive any SOS signals from the plane,” Hossam Kamal, the minister, told reporters.

Those are the facts gathered by Bloomberg from different sources which could lead us to some intelligent conclusions when superimposed with what we have already known from the last few days.
Another fact emerges that the Egyptian flight control tower confirmed that the pilot was trying to control the plane’s descent but have no prior complaint about any trouble.
Q1. If the Russian plane was technically sound prior to flight, why were the pilots deterred to send an SOS call on time? What made the whole system completely disabled to make such call impossible in case when a technical malfunction was detected mid-flight?
There’s only one possible logical answer: the damage to the whole system was quick and abrupt. Mechanical and electrical troubles are out of the picture considering the redundancy of any system such as aviation.
Even the Egyptian authorities are confirming that the pilots did not mention any technical or mechanical troubles mid-flight.
And for the pilot to have tried to control its descent suggest that indeed the communication system was completely severed early on, possible only by an external force hitting behind the pilots’ cockpit, and only those at the control tower could visually determine that while the flight crew were struggling to control its descent, the flight was already doomed.
The only time a plane crashes on its own is when it is depleted of fuel. Crashes due to deteriorating mechanical integrity can be anticipated beforehand and ignored at the same time, both of which do not result to the pilots being unable to call for help.
Q2. What caused the plane to experience a total system failure in such a short time as to prevent the pilots from sending out SOS call?
Externally induced failure either by electronic means or kinetic.
When both mechanical and electrical troubles happen at the same and such a short time, rendering the plane totally unmaneuverable, only one thing is certain: the plane was subjected to a high velocity projectile, or a surface to air missile attack.
Q3. If Russian flight 7K9268 was attacked, who and what motivated the attack?
Regular readers of this blog are fully aware that there’s an ongoing multi-pronged covert war being waged between the BRICS and the Khazarian organized crime syndicate and they may have already formed intelligent conclusions as to who and why such senseless attack was done.
Obviously, when Russia made the noble call to help Syria in its fight against extremism, the Russian authorities have already made prior contingencies. In fact, the whole establishment has been on constant alert amidst prior attacks on civilian targets in the recent past, e.g. Beslan School Siege, and especially with the events in Ukraine. But the Russians are obviously only limited in their own sphere as far as alert level preparations are concerned.
When other countries are involved, Russian civilian security is at the mercy of that country.
So, when Egypt participated in the repulsion of the Islamic State, considering that the latter is just composed in part of recycled Muslim Brotherhood fanatics that the present Sisi government has toppled years ago, the country is to some level might have made the necessary security measures.
But what boggles the mind is why a similar flight path was permitted as that of the Malaysian MH17 in Ukraine, i.e. over a territory of ongoing conflict?

REUTERS/StringerEgypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail (2nd L) and Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou look at the remains of a Russian airliner which crashed in …

Were both Russia and Egypt have become too complacent because of their earlier successes inside Syria where Russian Sukhoi S-34s have destroyed highly valuable ISIS positions, including this bridge that was cut-off just a few days ago.
Or, were both countries fully aware of the fact that the ISIS militants in the area of the Sinai Peninsula have no capability to launch such an attack.
Another major event prior to the plane crash was Russia flight maneuvers in the South China Sea which we interpreted as a response to the Aegis destroyer USS Lassen maneuver within 12 miles of Chinese artificial islands turned airstrips in the Spratlys.

Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:24

TEHRAN (FNA)- The USS Ronald Reagan reportedly scrambled fighter jets to escort Russian naval surveillance aircraft flying through the area east of the Korean Peninsula.

The US Navy’s Seventh Fleet said on Thursday that the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier scrambled four fighter jets after two Russian Tu-142 anti-ship reconnaissance aircraft were spotted in the area, Stars and Stripes reported.


These successions of provocation and counter-provocation are dangerously courting a major exchange of firepower that we already know would result to ELE for mankind. We are closely monitoring how the Eastern Alliance would respond to the deaths of Russian civilians without causing a major escalation of this covert hybrid geopolitical conflict.
With the obvious rejection of Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s request to Russia for the immediate removal of Assad,  and the close proximity of Israel to the area of the incident, it is highly probable that if such missile attack was indeed done, only entities based in Israel could have actually done it, considering the fact that ISIS itself is disabled.
So that when somebody uploaded the original video of the purported attack and subsequently, deleted the account, the actual perpetrator may have decided to cover its own tracks before forensic analysts could determine who really uploaded the video.
Here’s are some very revealing videos at the crash site…

In the above video, you should be able to see blood on one of the passenger seats suggesting that the passenger was already injured while still strapped on the seat.
The burnt fuselage, burnt shoes…may have been caused by burning fuel tanks ignited by an explosion from the luggage compartment, i.e. possible security lapses at the airport may have allowed the entry and installation of a time bomb. This also supports the original uploaded video of a burning airliner which proves that the whole incident was carefully planned, i.e. with cameras ready just like with 9/11, and only have one specific target, i.e. Russians.

Here’s the aerial view of the crash site.

Who were the victims?
Said recovery of the victims will last several more days. due to the large area that have to be covered.

This further supports the notion that the plane did not crash down in one piece, or was already torn down into pieces as a result of a possible explosion while in mid-air, with only the tail end as the largest piece recognizable.

tail end of russian flight 7k9268
The tail of a Metrojet plane that crashed in Egypt, killing all 224 onboard.
Egypt's Prime Minister Sherif Ismail (R) listens to rescue workers as he looks at the remains of a Russian airliner after it crashed in central Sinai near El Arish city, north Egypt, October 31, 2015. The Airbus A321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia under the brand name Metrojet, carrying 224 passengers crashed into a mountainous area of Egypt's Sinai peninsula on Saturday shortly after losing radar contact near cruising altitude, killing all aboard. REUTERS/Stringer - RTX1U58W
Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail (R) listens to rescue workers as he looks at the remains of a Russian airliner after it crashed in central Sinai near El Arish city, north Egypt, October 31, 2015. The Airbus A321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia under the brand name Metrojet, carrying 224 passengers crashed into a mountainous area of Egypt’s Sinai peninsula on Saturday shortly after losing radar contact near cruising altitude, killing all aboard. REUTERS/Stringer – RTX1U58W


Flight 7K9268 Broke Into Pieces Midair, Too Early to Determine Cause

flight 7k9268
17:28 01.11.2015(updated 18:43 01.11.2015)
The Russian Airbus A321 which crashed in Egypt Saturday killing 224 broke into pieces midair, but it is still too early to determine the cause, Interstate Aviation Committee (MAK) said Sunday.
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No, even the Russian authorities could not confirm the real cause of the crash without soliciting a major backlash at home and abroad. They will just translate their anger into real action against the perpetrators.

There’s a huge possibility that the ill-fated Russian flight 7K9268 was a very special flight considering the exclusivity of the passengers. Most of the passengers were not just tourists once we consider those husbands waiting at the airport that would only mean one thing — their wives were on an official function.
The all Russian flight could be composed of personnel engaging in mutual economic arrangements as the BRICS nations are trying to redevelop Eurasia, Africa and the Middle East through the economic blueprint of the New Silk Road led by China.
We have been expecting the first infrastructure loans to be awarded by the AIIB at the end of the year or early next year. Three financial institutions are being organized and put into operation to accomodate the requirements of Third World countries not properly served by the IMF and World Bank.
China is even planning to make huge investments into Israel as part of the whole Silk Road program. And for Israel to have initiated the Russian plane crash is a clear sign that the whole Khazarian Gangster Club is still not abandoning their global totalitarian ambition.
Latest developments would strongly support that theory…

US Special Forces deployed as ‘human shields’ to salvage terror assets in Syria

© George Ourfalian
Obama’s decision to send Special Forces into Syria is being widely viewed as a US military escalation in the country. The troop dispatch also signals that the US trying to forestall Russian successes in wiping out Washington’s regime-change assets in Syria.
In short, the US Special Forces are being used as “human shields” to curb Russian air strikes against anti-government mercenaries, many of whom are instrumental in Washington’s regime-change objective in Syria.

‘Watershed moment’: UK starts building new permanent navy base in Bahrain

© British Defence News
The UK has begun the construction of a new Royal Navy facility in Bahrain, which will become the first permanent British military base in the Middle East in over four decades. It is designed to assert influence over the Gulf and to fight extremist elements in the region.
The British Foreign Secretary, accompanied by navy personnel, attended the grand ceremony at Bahrain’s Mina Salman Port, marking the beginning of construction works at the new Royal Navy base.
“The beginning of construction work at Mina Salman Port marks a watershed moment in the UK’s commitment to the region,” Philip Hammond said at the ceremony. “The presence of the Royal Navy in Bahrain is guaranteed into the future, ensuring Britain’s sustained presence east of Suez.”
If the UK Monarchy is indeed sincere in cooperating with China in creating a peaceful future for all then, why would it continue building military infrastructures everywhere?


The events leading to the Russian Flight 7K9268 crash are hard to ignore:

  1. The critical destruction of the supply lines to ISIS militants which should have angered the CIA,
  2. the reported injury of ISIS leader Al Baghdadi in the earlier period of the Russian assault on the terror group,
  3. the total destruction to ISIS arms and ammunition depots,
  4. the rejection of Netanyahu’s requests for “Assad to go” at the Kremlin,
  5. the rejection of the House of Saud’s request for closer collaboration with the Russians amidst IMF projection of bankruptcy by 2020,
  6. the recent foiling of Saudi Arabia’s elaborate plan to capture and occupy the Syrian capital of Damascus [here];
  7. the recent Russian reconnaissance flyby within a mile away of USS Ronald Reagan,
  8. the rising 90% popularity rating of Vladimir Putin,
  9. the overwhelmingly positive reception of the entire Russian efforts throughout the globe,
  10. the successful recovery of at least 70% of the Chinese Collateral Accounts [here],
  11. the massive resignations of not less than 2,500 central bankers and CEOs worldwide in 2012 [here], and subsequent murder of several bankers that could have served as potential witnesses to the massive rigging of the global financial system;;
  12. the resignation of WB president Zoellick and Pedophile Pope Benedict in 2013, and;
  13. the exposé of their plan to occupy a New Zealand territory as part of their escape plan [here].

… are all hard for Khazarian Gangsters to swallow.
It is not a delusion, therefore, to say that the world of these hardliners is shrinking by the minute and they are not going quietly in to the night. They will bring as many casualties as possible just to satisfy their lust for death and destruction even to the very end.
We have been expecting this to happen as the endgame is progressing, although, we wish the Good Guys should have neutralized them for good already as opposed to making peace with irredeemable breed of animals.
As always, we implore everyone to take necessary precautions wherever you are today. Be very vigilant.

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  1. That’s abomb or a Missile. Israel was exercising with Italy, Poland, Greece and the US in an Air Force Meeting called ‘Blue Flag’.

  2. who can say really ay this stage exactly what went wrong, what we don’t know is there some kind of technology that is capable of doing something to the electronics of the engine, like what happened to princess Diana’s car and that was murder, but I really don’t know, we are just making guesses at the moment, it is not like the Malaysian airline plane over the Ukraine, which we all know was engineered by the CIA and implemented by MOSSAD, and like I said it just could be your usual suspects.

  3. Well,… let’s see,… who’s got the motive to be upset enough, to want revenge enough,… & doesn’t give a damn about innocent people,… & is coward enough,… to commit such atrocities,… & because it can’t do it publicly, & thus does it through a “proxy enemy” that doesn’t seem to be smart enough, yet it somehow manages to get the guns, the intelligence, & the funding (from some unknown powerful hand),… & manages to be everywhere in the world it is needed, when needed,… & hides behind masks, in black outfits, Toyota trucks, & w/ weapons (unknowingly left behind),… ???

    1. The guilty party is Obama. He has the motive. His monstrous ego and russia stuffing his efforts in rolling yet another moderate regiem to replace it with a radical fundamental islamist group like ISIS of Hezbollah or the muslim brotherhood, this he has been doing sense Egypt and Libya and he is frothing at the bit to roll Syria. Make no mistake about it Obama has his boney effeminate fingers in this one.

  4. what really is a sensible comment, we are all just guessing, they are already playing with words, the terrorists claim they done it, then the experts say they do not have the capability to do it which is probably true, but the CIA-MOSSAD are capable, we do now that if it is suitable for them to do so, they will if they are the only ones who have the technical ability, there was a time when we thought that the CIA-MOSSAD was responsible for 90 per cent of sabotage, but now I think it is a lot higher, it is about 99 per cent because when it comes to aeroplanes the small terrorist networks would find it too expensive, and if these small networks do not directly ask, then most of the time the CIA-MOSSAD will offer providing that they take direct blame, also logic will tell us that most of these terrorist networks only deal in direct warfare.

  5. Smoke and mirrors.The West is not the one who has a stake in this.
    When Putin doesn’t like reality he blames : the opposition, the few remaining free russian journalists, the foreign agents (NGO).
    Now, Putin own corruption is huge by any standards, considering the disaster Russia is in for many years. No oil Fund, like Norway, and the budget is already spent.
    The title of this article really doesn’t mean a thing, where’s the slightest proof ?!

  6. I truly believe the russian plan was remotely hijacked and probably by Mossad, as the intervention of Russia in Syria is against the interest of Israel. Likewise Malaysia stood up against Israel and 2 Malaysian carriers were downed I believe also through remote hijacking of the command system. Bear in mind, that Israel has a plan to fulfill according to ” their scriptures” and their ” interpretation”. Pax Judaica has to replace pax americana which replaced pax britannica.

  7. I gave my view and seem to have been censored. I did incite anyone to violence, or offend ….am I too close to the truth regards the coming of pax judaica ?

    All the recent airplane crashes had the same pattern — usage of a bomb on a plane to conceal the testing of the direct energy weapon, probably with the elements of psychotronic weapons. The area of 18 km for the debris of the plane excludes the crash due to falling out of the plane’s tale, and even the surface-to-air missile. Israel is not a country, it is a military base of the transnational group of bankers, all of whom are Satanists. This group of Satanists is at war with Russia.

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