Captured US Navy Boats Were Carrying Top ISIS Leader, USS Truman Intervened

A leaked Russian Ministry of Defense Report indicated that the two US Navy boats captured by the Iranians some time ago were actually carrying a high-ranking ISIS commander, and the reported missile firing on USS Harry S. Truman by the Iranians was actually related to the event.

Before anything else, leaked reports such as this one is fairly common in Russia [here], whether by design or not. But, considering the ongoing covert geopolitical war which should include propaganda, this leak may have been intentional and is meant to further destroy what’s left of the reputation of the White House and the mainstream media.

LEAKED REPORT: Iran Says Top ISIS Commander Was Aboard Captured U.S. Navy Boats

A leaked Ministry of Defense report reveals that the Obama administration is “completely destroyed” after their top-secret mission in transporting a top ISIS leader was uncovered and thwarted by Iran.
Following the Iranian capture of two U.S. Navy Riverine Command Boats last week, intelligence officials in Tehran discovered a plot to transport a “top level” ISIS commander into Syria from Saudi Arabia in order to replace the toppled terrorist leader Zahran Alloush.
Once this Islamic State terror leader was in route to Kuwait aboard one of the US Navy’s RCB’s, this report continues, an “overwhelming” force of Iranian Sepāh naval troops captured both this terrorist, the US Navy boats (including the American sailors aboard them) transporting him and nearly ignited an all out war when Iranian forces were forced to fire “warning missiles” against the US Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Harry Truman attempting to intervene.
Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy overseeing this operation, this report notes, stated about this operation to capture this terror leader that the aircraft carrier USS Truman displayed “unprofessional moves” thus causing him to put Iranian naval forces on high alert and warning: “We prepared our coast-to-sea missiles, missile-launching speedboats and our numerous capabilities, to strike if they made a hostile move” [here].

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi
Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi

Upon the US Navy “backing down”, this report says, the captured Islamic State terror leader and the American sailors accompanying him were brought to Farsi Island whereupon Admiral Fadavi immediately contacted Deputy Foreign Minister for European and American Affairs Majid Takht Ravanchi.
The importance of Admiral Fadavi contacting Minister Ravanchi, this report explains, was due to his, Ravanchi’s, months long ongoing secret negotiations with Obama regime representative Wendy Sherman—who, shockingly, the Obama regime put in charge of these negotiations as her prior experience in international diplomacy was her being a social worker and the former director of State of Maryland’s office of child welfare.

Wendy Sherman
Wendy Sherman

Once Wendy Sherman was advised by Minister Ravanchi of Sepāh’s capture of this Islamic State terror leader and American sailors, this report continues, the Obama regime immediately “caved/relented” to all of Iran’s demands relating to “prisoner/detainee” swaps thus securing for the Iranians everything they had asked for, including the immediate release of seven Iranian nationals languishing in US jails and an agreement that the US would no longer pursue extradition of 14 Iranians for their alleged involvement in purchasing arms from the US to Iran [here].
Iran on its side, this report says, agreed to release the four dual nationality Iranian-American prisoners it held—the two most important being Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) spies Nosratollah Khosravi  Matt Trevithick—the most important of them being Khosravi whom the Obama regime requested of Iran, and was granted, that his release be treated separately from the other three.
As an added “bonus/incentive” for Iran keeping “confidential/secret” the US Navy’s transporting of this Islamic State terror leader, this report further notes, President Barack Obama, also, lifted the American’s decades-old ban on selling aircraft and repair parts to Iran’s aviation on Friday (15 January) a full day ahead of the United Nations lifting of sanctions under the  Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)—and which Iran put into immediate effect by ordering billions-of-dollars worth of European Union made Airbus aircraft [here] instead of US made ones.
To how the American mainstream propaganda media has covered up this entire sordid affair including changing its date from 29 December to 12 January proving, once again, the Obama regimes direct complicity in directing the Islamic State terrorists in Syrian and Iraq, this report concludes, borders on the “absolute comical” as the many versions of what exactly they keep saying  happened has kept changing by the hour/day/week  (US Navy boats broke down/US Navy boats had navigational errors) and they have “deliberately decoupled” the capture of these US Navy boats with the firing upon the USS Harry Truman aircraft carrier by Iranian naval forces—but which Admiral Fadavi bluntly stated:  “The incident [Iran firing missiles against the USS Harry Truman] occurred during Iran’s seizure Tuesday [29 December] of two US naval boats.” [here] This article originally appeared in the CIA linked site  and carried by a Russian site which supports the idea that some intelligence operatives are actually helping the revolution [here].

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      1. Excellent point. I read that somewhere else earlier but at the time did not raise my antenna. I was overseas in the military in the late 60s and early 70s and never needed passports.

    1. Our country is a real mess and thats an understatement but at the same time i refuse to believe in articles such as this. There is no proof of the report. Now, i say produce a name and picture of said isis leader being captured or at least present alongside the troops and then maybe the article has merit.

  1. The US administration, to include McCain and Kerry, must come clean with their alleged creation of ISIS/ISIL. Any disclosure might bring Benghazi into focus. Where would that leave Hillary? The US is in desperate need of any leadership.

  2. I’d like to know who the traitors are escorting this guy. I’d prefer to think they are just super brainwashed patriots following orders to return a Syrian “moderate” to fight against the evil red Russians. Where are cahones of our military to stand up to this bullshit and face court-martial for doing the right thing instead of doing the bidding of these neo-con politicians? Speaking as a current active duty officer…

    1. Wow. I didn’t realize that they had anything but brainwashed sheeple in the military in the US. My hat is off to you, sir!

      1. Oh, if only we had been lucky enough to have had you in the military! Defending us from all the wee little green men that you seem to be fascinated by, judging by your fb page. Your knowledge of the military, and military people, I’m sure ranks right up there….

    2. Yes, go ahead and tell us what unit you are currently serving in……Sir. What is your present posting? What’s your MOS? Rank? You know……easy stuff.

  3. I dont know if you put it all together, about the sale of uranium one, a North America mining operations that had been sold to Russia. 
    The sale would not happened without approval by the state department signing off on the deal. Mrs Clinton is that state department official who signed and she had monies contributed into her Campaign fund from the deal.
    Remember the Hammond and Other ranchers out west. The mineral that are identified in the soil was rich in mercury, URANIUM and other valuable resources. 
    The stories are connected!!!
    Below article, said Jeb Bush is also being investigated.
    The US Government has taken 280 million acres from private farm owners during Obama’s reign. 
    A government that does not reallocate this land and retains it, is an example of how a nation becomes communist, were the people will no longer have a right to gain or possess private property as written as the peoples right in the US Constitution! !!!
    I wanted to share this We the People petition with you:
    The people are in need to reestablish the Court of Commin Law trials that induct and judge by the citizens through a 25 member trial jury, established by the law of the land under Common Court Sysem that already exists and is identified in the US Constitution!!!
    Leave your Constitution alone, indict government officials on violation of the 1940 Smith Act.
    Indict government officials on violating the 1954 Anti Communist Act established by Executive Order from President Dwight Eisenhower!!!

  4. Checking online it appears that US representative Wendy Sherman left the Obama administration last October, yet the article names her as being “advised” of the capture by the Iranians in December and evidently involved in the ensuing negotiations. Puts in question the veracity of the rest of the article?

  5. This article is totally false. If an ISIS commander had been captured, the Iranian would still be talking about it and displaying him. Russian Ministry of Defense does NOT leak documents “as usual”. That happens in the CIA and NSA but not in Russia. The most likely explanation for what happened is a “covert recon operation”. The units where not Seabees like one wrote. The units where part of the US Navy Special Warfare Command.

    1. This seems likely. It all smacks of CIA misinformation and prestidigitation. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. This looks like a classic game of “what’s under the cup?”

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