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A few days ago I received an anonymous message advising me that a major global scam was about to take place that would inflict economic damage beyond belief on most of the world.

They Are All Watching You: ‘Malaysia’

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak
At first I shook my head to make sure everything was actually working right and that I was reading it right, and hearing right and so on. Once I said ‘okay let’s get down to it’ and find out where this is taking us – I learned that in just one more day; on February 9 2016, this scam would be taking place (the deal has now been postponed until after the Chinese New Year).

The players are ‘major players’ on the Eastern stage being manipulated by the Western or Western-educated. There is no question we are talking about the New World Order and the one person they are squeezing is Malaysia’s Prime Minister: Najib Razak.
The Prime Minister is apparently a good man who walked into a very bad situation, but it was his doing that set the entire situation off.

You can read about this all over the internet but this is not what the problem is.

This could be considered an internal problem but is in fact far greater than just Malaysia, seeing it effects many nations which thereby creates a second level part of the scam, or the scurry to find the funds to cover up the first scam.

This second level is meant not only to enslave the Malaysian people / economy for the next 49 years to their new founded foreign masters, but it would put a quick finish to the USD as we know it.

You see, the $USD14 Trillion in a cash deposit, in an offshore bank is what is of grave concern now.  It is real and it is deposited, but the Feds, the CIA, Switzerland and others – have made it clear to this person that these funds cannot be used.

Swiss Attorney General Michael Lauber
Yet, here we have this sneaking up onto center stage ready to engulf the world and destroy many an economy – and who is responsible for this? No other than “Bongbong”, who is the previous Philippino President, Ferdinand Marcos’ son; Ferdinand (Bongbong) Romualdez Marcos, Jr. born September 13, 1957 – widely known as Bongbong Marcos.

Bongbong Marcos
As many in my circle know, President Marcos was an appointed M1, not elected and he was a nominee for the Dragon Family. He was never a depositor of assets but a holder of them; and it was predominantly family assets that were used to develop most of the world at that time.
The payments relating to the leasing of these assets would end up in many bunkers throughout Asia and this is from where the $14 Trillion arose.
Allegedly, this grand amount emerged from much smaller beginnings; but went into a trade (PPP) and turned and rolled-over and rolled and rolled until it became such a number.
It is real and it is in place, but it cannot be used as it would destroy much of the world’s economy, and if not destroy then damage.
The releasing of such funds would destroy the world reserve USD as it is now – and inevitably it is on a course to destroy itself, with the Kazarian Mafia characters running the US show – and intent on doing  just this.
But this play by Bongbong is pushing the time schedule forward to today, not tomorrow.
He might be part of the plan seeing he is New World Order as his father was, but if so then – why is he intentionally not listening to those that are telling him he cannot do anything with such an amount?
Why? Because he has the green light to move forward and if so then it is up to the rest of the world to stop such a move.  It is destructive enough to each and every nation.
4.5 Riggits to $1 USD is the exchange to take place on February 9, 2016. (The deal has now been postponed, in order to sneak it through around / after the Chinese New Year).
30% of this is to be returned to kickback the Cabal cronies who are involved in the deal with the rest being turned over to Bongbong.

The original 1MBD deal was so shaky that even Goldman Sachs has run away from it, with Chairman Tim Leissner resigning his post in Singapore.
He has taken “personal leave” amidst corruption scandals associated with Malaysia’s state-owned 1MDB fund, with which Goldman Sachs worked closely – and they seem to be getting the hell out of Dodge.
On the other hand the PM would love for this to end BUT he has nowhere to go.
Mr. Razak is to be the scapegoat for this entire fiasco and he is helpless. They have cornered him and are about to toss him under the ‘world’ bus.

In the meanwhile there has been political infighting for the PM’s position as well as the Governor of the Bank and this smells like something we are getting used to – that being the New World Order.

Yeah, they would love to get their guy into the PM’s position or Governor of the bank and if so then they control Malaysia and would have begun their Asian conquest.

This one is not very hard for us to figure out but it might be difficult to prevent this from happening, so everyone needs to call the Governor of the Central Banks’ office and let them know that we are aware of this scam, and “All eyes are on you” – and we do not want or need it. Our plate is full thank you!

Remember this is not a David Copperfield magic act – this is just the fact that now you see it and now you don’t… One minute Malaysia will have $14 Trillion minus the 30% kickbacks and the next day they will have nothing. That leaves Mr. Marcos with the Trillions in Ringgits, and the Malaysian Government with absolutely Nothing, and the New World Order Brokers with 30%.

What more does one have to say? On the other hand yes you will have a new PM and or Governor of the Central Bank and I guess you could bet your eye tooth they will be positioned into place by the NWO, similar to what we have already seen in Italy and Greece.

Remember, from what I have seen from accounts; Bongbong never held any such numbers in any account and if something had been left to him in his fathers’ will (I have read the will) then he should understand his father was a Nominee not a Depositor – and there is a big difference.
Should anything transpire of such significant magnitude, then the banks have to be personally held responsible; along with Bongbong and the lower level players who are being paid to shut up,  and they must all be tossed into the mix and brought to justice.
Malaysia – you have your hands full but you can do it with just a few phone calls to the PM’s and AG’s office immediately.
You must stop this. The world must stop this. Let them know you are watching them because right now as I write this the satellites in the skies are on them and the jails are getting warmed up for them.
One final note and I want those involved in this to think about what I say:
“If I know the above then can you imagine what they know and will do with you when they arrest you?”

”I am only the messenger but I want to prevent this so this is why I submit it for the world at large to see.” – Neil Keenan
The picture graphic below provides the Malaysian names, corporations and government representatives involved with the 1MDB, you can see for yourself who’s who in this game.  Many have fled or are about to flee but others stay for greed.
1MDB Saga: The Players: (But in many ways they are also the scapegoats)

Click here to open a larger version of this image in a new window
 One further question I have is “If they are allowed to dump $14 Trillion USD into the Market just how much value will the US Dollar have?”
I will tell you how much… and I have no idea of the money game… Nothing!
Neil Keenan & Group K.

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4 thoughts on “They Are All Watching You, Malaysia | Keenan”

  1. This guys is humorous. Seriously. In this world of how many billion people? And this is who is being sent out. Neil Keenan? Sure I would have a scotch with him. But is no Avenger.

    1. You got that right. Did you see his last two similar scams? He faked gold bars in a stainless steel container with Plexiglas on the outside, burned to look old and the “locks” had no effect. It was copper bars! Then, he bought some play money from eBay, and told everyone that they are going to be the new money! It was acrylic layered with gold leaf, and it said .999 pure on one side and .999999 on the other side-just like what you can buy for $10! I thought that he was either in jail-which is likely, or dead-not yet, physically, anyway. I’m not sure what this con is, but my guys in Malaysia laughed about how little he actually be-LIE-ved! The PPP that he says made the money get up to $14 trillion is a scam from long ago, that his buddy “Judge Naidu/Aidun” is still doing on his site, and I think that will be his scam this time. My Malaysian sources are going to find out exactly what the f-k he’s REALLY up to…

  2. Sensible comments? Why are we invoking Jesus into this massive, multi-layered tale of greed and corruption? What about the super-wealthy (e.g., greedy) pastors at so many mega-churches in America? This article was very detailed, named names, and provided a very good amount of insight into the workings of New World Order operatives, so much of which is often hidden from the public. I appreciate the eye-opening material and thank you for providing it. I feel sorry for some of the Malaysian leaders, yup, they’re in way over their head and if they flee will look guilty, but if they stay, they could be arrested. What a terrible choice!

  3. I posted this at Neils Blog:
    A copy of The Last Will and Testament by Ferdinand Edralin Marcos reads:
    Mr. Ferdinand Marcos ‘y Santiago (acclaimed Bongbong Marcos which the Original one was already DIED sometimes on year 1975.
    Is the Last Will and Testament authentic? If it is the next question might be, who is this Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos widely known as “Bongbong”?

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