Daesh Terrorists Continue to Suffer Huge Loses in Syria, Execute Own Commanders

Yesterday was a very bad day for Daesh terrorists in Syria as the Syrian Army continues to recover more villages in Aleppo and Lattakia provinces from Daesh terrorists. In one account, at least 300 terrorists were decimated near the border with Turkey.

There are also some reports that Erdogan’s government have already sent boots on the ground inside Syria aside from pounding Syrian Kurds across its borders and into the Northern parts of Aleppo.
Here are yesterday’s battlefield summary:
“TEHRAN (FNA)- A Tal Rifat-bound column of fresh militants recruited and trained in Turkey was targeted by the Syrian and Russian warplanes on a road near the newly-liberated city in the Northern part of Aleppo on Tuesday, sources said, adding that 300 terrorists were killed in the air raid.
The Russian and Syrian fighter jets, in a joint operation, tracked and targeted an over 300-member convoy of fresh militants, who had earlier crossed the Syria-Turkey border to join the terrorist groups operating in Tal Rifat and its surroundings.
The militants column was on a road connecting Azaz and Tal Rifat.
In addition to the killing and wounding of almost the entire members of the column, the terrorists’ vehicles and weapons were also destroyed in the air raid.
Reports said earlier today that the Turkish Army’s artillery units have been pounding the strategic city of Tel Rifat North of Syria’s Aleppo province that was taken back by the Kurdish fighters from the terrorists last night.
Positions of the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Tal Rifat have been under the massive shelling of the Turkish artillery since early hours of this morning.
The Kurdish fighters that are backed up by the Russian air force have been making rapid advances in the Northern parts of Aleppo and the Turkish artillery shelling seems to be aimed at stopping their advances against the militant groups in the region that is close to the border with Turkey.
On Monday night, the YPG, who have recently bonded with the government, prevailed over the terrorists in the highly strategic city of Tal Rifat in Northern Aleppo and captured the city.
The YPG, who enjoyed the Russian air backup, prevailed the terrorists’ positions from the Western direction and shook hand with other Kurdish troops who entered the town from the North.
The YPG Kurds have recently bonded with the Damascus government. The Syrian army sent several arms cargoes to the YPG troops in the Northeastern province of Hasaka and trained the first group of Kurdish volunteer forces in the provincial capital city of Hasaka last week.
FNA battlefield dispatches said Monday night that heavy clashes are underway on the Eastern outskirts of the city as Ahrar al-Sham terrorists and groups of Al-Nusra Front – that have just arrived in Northern Aleppo via the Turkish territories – are retreating from their positions.
The Kurdish fighters, backed up by the Russian fighter jets, Syrian army artillery units and popular forces launched the assault on the terrorists in Tal Rifat in two fronts.
The first units of the YPG engaged in clashes with the terrorists from the Western direction of the strategic town North of Aleppo province, while other units started an attack from the Northern flank.
Syrian Army Pushing ISIL Back West of Aleppo's Internationally Known Kuweires Airbase
The first group arrived at the Western gates of the town on Sunday, while the second group had to purge several small towns and villages to open up the path to Tal Rifat and, hence, arrived in the Northern parts of the city on Monday.
The second groups of Kurdish fighters approaching the strategic town from the North comprised of YPG and SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) units.
The SDF that is comprised of mainly Kurdish fighters as well as a few hundred Syrian Arab dissident forces have received trainings from the US and have been provided with scanty US-coalition air support in their battles in Raqqa province in Northeastern Syria; but in Northern and Northwestern battlefronts, they have been operating alongside the YPG and received the Russian air backup in their Aleppo wars that started with the conquest of Tishrin Dam on the Euphrates early in February.
Assisted by the Syrian army – that has along with popular forces and Hezbollah conquered almost all militant-held regions in Eastern, Southern, Western and Northwestern Aleppo province – and Russian air support, the Kurdish forces fighting against the terrorists in North-Northeast Aleppo province have been making striking advances against the Al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and ISIL terrorists in February.
“The militant groups have been surprised by the rapid offensive of the Kurdish fighters and have been pinned down behind their defense lines in Tal Rifat,” sources from the Western flank told FNA on Sunday.
“The Russian warplanes carried out several combat sorties over the militants’ position in the around the town and destroyed their defense lines,” they added.
Later on Sunday, the Kurdish fighters, backed by Russian fighter jets, engaged in intense clashes with the terrorist groups at the Western entrance of the strategic town and captured several building blocks.
To hinder to slow down the rapid advances of the Northern units, Turkey relocated hundreds of terrorists from Idlib province to Aleppo via its soil in the weekend.
“At least 400 militants were transferred to Northern Aleppo to help the terrorists who are losing the ground to the Kurdish fighters who are backed by Russian air force,” Arab media outlets disclosed on Sunday.
In addition, the Turkish army started days of nonstop pounding of the Kurdish fighters in Northern Aleppo on Friday to pin them down specially in the North and prevent them from shaking hands with other Kurdish troops fighting in the Northern Aleppo town.
The Turkish army shelling has targeted both Syrian army positions in Northern Lattakia and Kurdish fronts in Northern Aleppo and continued for four days now.
Several villages in vast areas of Afrin in Northwestern Syria came under artillery shelling by the Turkish army and terrorist groups all throughout Sunday.
The Turkish army, Al-Nusra Front and Ahrar al-Sham pounded the villages of Marimin and Anab in Afrin region on Sunday. Residents of Marimin and Anab said that their villages were hit with over numerous rockets and 30 artillery shells today.
Report said on Saturday that Turkey’s army shelled Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) positions near the city of Azaz in Northwestern Syria. Turkish forces started shelling an airbase and a village, recently captured by Kurds, in Aleppo province in Syria.
A Kurdish official confirmed that the shelling targeted the Minaq air base located South of Azaz in Aleppo province.
“Turkish forces started shelling the YPG positions on the territory of the Minaq airbase,” a YPG spokesperson told the Arabic-language TV channel, Al-Mayadeen on Saturday.
Turkey vowed on Sunday that it would not allow the pro-government forces in Syria to capture the militant-held city of Azaz close to its border.
On Monday, the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” (YPG), enjoying Russian air backup, continued to advance against the militant groups in the Northern part of Aleppo province and stormed the militant groups’ defense lines near the small town of Kaljabrein in the surroundings of Tal Rifat, killing, at least, 40 terrorists.
The Russian fighter jets have played significant role in the recent victories of the Kurdish fighters in the province.
The Kurdish fighters seized control over Kaljabrein-Tal Rifat road and killed one of the commanders of Jeish al-Fatah, nom de guerre Ismayeel Naddaf.
URGENT: Kurdish Fighters Score More Victories against Militants North of Tel Rifat
Later on Monday, a main line of supply of the terrorist groups to Tal Rifat was cut by the heavy mortar shelling of the YPG forces.
“The YPG forces, deployed on the road of Ein al-Daqnah to Kaljabrein, pounded a road connecting Tal Rifat to the towns of Azaz and Marea in the Northern part of Aleppo province, leaving the militants in Tal Rifat with no way towards its Northern side,” sources said.
Sources also said “both the Kurdish fighters and the terrorists have been targeting each other by their artillery shelling since the early hours of this (Monday) morning”.
A report said earlier on Monday that the Syrian army once again deployed the Russian T-90 tanks against the terrorists in Aleppo Front in Northern Syria. ”
Another Syrian contingents are also attacking Daesh positions in Aleppo from its Eastern side.

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army troops and the National Defense Forces, in a fresh round of offensives on Tuesday, targeted the ISIL strongholds near the strategic Kuweires airbase and won back more lands in the region.

The Syrian pro-government forces pushed the ISIL militants back from their positions and strongholds in the village of Abu Dhana, Tal Abu Dhana and the Thermal Power Station in the Western part of Kuweires airbase.

The ISIL suffered a heavy death toll and its military equipment and vehicles also sustained major damage in the offensives.

Syrian army launched heavy artillery shelling at ISIL movements and fortified positions in areas surrounding a key thermal power plant in the Eastern parts of Aleppo province, military sources said on Tuesday.

“The ISIL has fortified its positions near the strategic power plant in Southeastern Aleppo province,” sources told FNA, adding that the army’s artillery units have been pounding the terrorists’ positions since early Tuesday morning.

In a separate operation, the army and popular forces engaged in clashes with ISIL terrorists in al-Tiba village, the sources said, adding that over 10 machinegun-equipped vehicles of the terrorist group were destroyed in the clashes, while a number of others were partially damaged.

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces pounded and destroyed the militants’ machineguns and arms depot during attacks on their military positions in the surrounding areas of the thermal power plant and al-Tayyeba village on Monday.

Scores of militants were killed and wounded in the army attacks on the militants’ positions in Al-Tayyeba village and the thermal power plant.

Meantime, the Syrian air force struck the military positions and gathering centers of the terrorists in the town of Tal Rifat in Aleppo province.


The Syrian Army is also regaining more towns in the coastal town of Lattakia where the Russians have also set up a forward operating bases and airfields to carry out the airstrikes and artillery shellings.

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army backed by popular forces managed to liberate another village in rugged areas North of Lattakia province, military sources said on Tuesday.

Keeping on their advances in areas under the control of terrorists in Northern Lattakia, the Syrian soldiers established control over Ain Basour village between two towns of Shalaf and Kinsibba in Northern Lattakia province.

“The Syrian Army forces recaptured the village after engaging in heavy battles with militants and inflicting heavy damage and casualties on them,” the military sources said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Syrian Army and their popular allies in an intensive operation managed to take back more territories including two major towns in the Northern regions of Lattakia province from militants’ grip.

The pro-government forces, in heavy clashes with terrorists forced them to retreat from Jerjes and Tal al-Ahmar heights, established control over the two key towns of Balleh and Shalaf Southwest of Kinsibba in the Northern parts of Lattakia province.

During the operation, militants sustained heavy casualties and their military hardware including several heavy machine-gun equipped vehicles were seized or destroyed by the Syrian soldiers and their allies.


Below is how the Syrian ground troops are making Daesh scamper for cover…
No wonder, the terrorists themselves are executing their own commanders for sending them to the gates of hell.

ISIL Executes Own Commanders
ISIL Executes Own Commanders in Iraq’s Kirkuk

TEHRAN (FNA)- Several senior commanders of the ISIL were executed by their own comrades in the city of Kirkuk in Northern Iraq, media reports said.

At least five senior commanders, including a former colonel of the Iraqi army, were executed in al-Huweija town for trying to escape from the ISIL, the Arabic-language Sumeria news channel quoted an unnamed informed source as saying on Tuesday.

The executed ISIL commanders were captured few days ago while they were trying to flee from Hamrin mountainous region.

“The ISIL abandoned the dead bodies of their comrade without even allowing their families to bury them,” the source added.

In a similar incident earlier this month, the ISIL terrorist group executed 43 of its own militants on charges of leaving the battlefields and escaping war against the Syrian army.

“The ISIL arrested and killed 43 of its own members on charges of trying to escape to Iraq after the groups’ failures in clashes with the Syrian Army and popular forces in the Eastern province,” the sources said.

Also in late January, several senior commanders of the ISIL terrorist group were executed by the ISIL in Kirkuk.

Four senior ISIL commanders, including Abu Saeid al-Araqi, were executed along with three other militants in Tal Kasiba region in the Northern part of Salahuddin province, Iraqi popular forces’ commander Jabar al-Ma’amouri said.

Al-Araqi was a notorious ISIL commander in the Northern part of al-Meqdadiya region before Iraqi troops took it back on January 25.

Al-Ma’amouri noted that the ISIL is trying to compensate for its recent defeats against the Iraqi forces by executing its own commanders who have lost the ground to the government troops.

Also in late December, the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group killed at least 50 of its own militants in the city of Ramadi after they disobeyed orders to wear suicide belt and prepare for fatal attacks.


Since war is a two-way street it is normal to have casualties from the other side, too. Unconfirmed reports indicate some Russian military advisers were killed while giving instructions on the ground in Lattakia. The exact date of this attack is not clear.
Here’s the video grab of the actual attack on Russian officers as claimed by the Free Syrian Army…

This screen grab shows a so-called Free Syrian Army militant operating a US-made BGM-71 TOW missile in Syria.
This screen grab shows a so-called Free Syrian Army militant operating a US-made BGM-71 TOW missile in Syria. New evidence strongly suggests that US-backed militants in Syria are using American weapons to target senior Russian military officials in the country, a new report says.

“… a pro-opposition group named Local Coordination Committees, reported the precise coordinates of the attack, saying “15 militants, including 3 Russian officers and 4 Assad’s forces officers [sic]” had been killed by a TOW in Marj Khawkha, a village outside Salma, where media reports have confirmed presence of Russian forces.

Turkey’s Anadolu Agency also confirmed the report, specifying that four Russian generals were among 15 officials killed in the Jabal al-Akrad strike.”


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