Italy Exerts Pressure on Turkey Strongman, Investigates Bilal Erdogan for Money Laundering

The incumbent Turkish government of Hitler fanatic Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been proven several times for being the primary cuddler of the Daesh Islamic State terrorist, benefiting largely from smuggling Syrian and Iraqi oil through its borders and oil refineries, and from the sale of historical treasures from those same battered countries.

Realizing the folly of their support to topple a legitimate government in Syria, one of the possible beneficiaries of cheap smuggled oil has launched an investigation into the entry of large amounts of money from Turkey in 2013 which might be the fruit of corruption committed by the Erdogan government.
This large sum of money is said to be part of the “getaway operation,” which proves our early contention that the recent Turkish operation against Kurdish positions in Azaz, North of Aleppo, is just to comfort the insurgents for doing a great service to the Erdogan family, and nothing more.

Italy investigates Turkish president’s son over money laundering case

Michael Day Rome
A son of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is under investigation in Italy for money laundering, in connection, it has been claimed, with the 2013 corruption scandal that rocked the Turkish political establishment.
The Bologna public prosecutor has opened a file on Bilal Erdogan, 35, after a key opponent of the Turkish regime officially denounced the president’s son, alleging he brought in large amounts of money to Italy last September to be recycled. The claim was made by the political dissident and Turkish businessman Murat Hakan Uzan, whose brother Cem Uzan founded Turkey’s Youth Party.
The Italian Manuela Cavallo is investigating claims that the money may relate to the massive political corruption scandal involving Turkey’s ruling AKP party. Bilal Erdogan has said he is in Italy with his wife and children purely to resume his PhD studies at the Bologna campus of America’s Johns Hopkins University, which he began in 2007.
In 2013 his name surfaced in the massive graft scandal that hit the AKP and senior Turkish government officials. Turkish prosecutors said it involved an alleged money laundering scheme designed to bypass United States-led sanctions on Iran. They ordered the arrest of 52 people in December 2013 and went on to accuse 14 people – including several family members of cabinet ministers – of bribery, corruption, fraud, money laundering and gold smuggling.
Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s craziest quotes
The whistleblowers who tipped off the police claimed that the son of the then Prime Minister (now President) Recep Tayyip Erdogan was next in line for questioning.
The subsequent release on YouTube of audio recordings in which President Erdogan was allegedly heard telling his son to urgently get rid of tens of millions of dollars ignited a political firestorm. Mr Erdogan has claimed the recordings were falsified but some experts have contradicted this. Both the Erdogans have denied any wrongdoing regarding the 2013 scandal.
President Erdogan even claimed that a coup attempt was under way and reacted to the accusations by dismissing police officers, prosecutors and judges.
In the complaint filed this week with the Bologna prosecutor by Mr Uzan’s lawyer, Massimiliano Annetta, it is claimed that €1bn (£779m) is still unaccounted for as a result of the corruption, according to reports.
Mr Uzan, who is currently in exile in France, also quoted anti-Erdogan dissidents as claiming that the president’s son flew to Italy in September with a large sum of money as part of a “getaway operation”. Last October, soon after Bilal Erdogan’s arrival in Bologna, the anonymous Turkish whistleblower known in the media as Fuat Avni, who has been a thorn in the side of the Erdogan government, claimed on Twitter that Bilal went to Italy with large amounts of cash, saying: “They [the Erdogan family] are planning to keep Bilal in Italy until the [November] election. They will determine whether he will be coming back according to the situation after the election.”
According to the news agency Ansa, Ms Cavallo is also investigating claims that Bilal arrived in Bologna with an attachment of armed bodyguards who initially were not allowed into the country, until within a matter of hours they were issued with Turkish diplomatic passports.
Giovanni Trombini, a Bologna-based lawyer representing Bilal, acknowledged that a criminal investigation involving his client had been opened but told The Independent that he was not prepared to comment until the exact nature of the accusations against his client were clear. The Bologna prosecutor was not available for comment.
In the end, the Erdogans, and others like them, will just let all the terrorists die at the hands of the Syrian Army and the Kurds, so that nobody could ever tell the world the whole story of their participation to world terror.
Besides, some of the terrorists already know what’s really going on, i.e. how they are being used, and they are already executing their commanders.

The Erdogans are just trying to appease the pawns one last time.
The private escape plane is now on standby and ready to take off. Erdogan will do exactly what his idol Adolf Hitler did at the close of WW2.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

6 thoughts on “Italy Exerts Pressure on Turkey Strongman, Investigates Bilal Erdogan for Money Laundering”

  1. Hello Folks
    Isn’t it odd that in spite of all of the supposed sophistication of the Modern Nation State, with the backing of the United Nations, a growing number of Nation States, not the least of which are Turkey and The USA, are resorting to building Walls to deter the barbarians. It didn’t keep Tamu-Gen (Gengis Khan) out of China, India and or Russia.
    Walls, however perverse and monstrous in length, thickness or height, wont keep out radicalised and armed, Islamists.
    Obviously, change is a coming.
    The internationalised notion of The Nation State, is fighting a loosing battle. So badly is the Nation State on a global scale, coping with the loss of its imaginary status as a Sovern Nation State, they have reverted to the technology of a bygone era.
    Not only are these wall building Nation States morally bankrupt, they are also proven themselves to be ideationally bankrupt.
    There is a change that’s arriving on platform nine.
    “How times can a man turn his head and pretend that he still doesn’t see, the answer my friends, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind.
    Anthony P Healy.

    1. What? This is an article about Italy versus Bilal Erdogan. You’re going on incoherently about walls. You say that nation states are “loosing”, but look at what’s happening in the EU.
      Actually in relation to the article – I can’t imagine anything will come of this, no one will be willingly extradited, so even if it’s successful, it just means the Erdogan’s can’t go to Italy any more.

  2. The chaos today in the world is the result of globalism(international plutocratic socialist-capitalist mafia)but some keep saying that´s all soberane nations states fault….mind boogling!

  3. Some nations are being used like paws in the globalist game(even when they think they can profit from it they will loose the game after some time)but that does not mean it is nations states fault for all the mess.

  4. One of the most prominent promoters of the term ‘New World Order’ was the famous and much revered writer H G Wells, who believed passionately that the only answer to global strife would be the creation of the eponymous hierarchy, actively proposing it in his 1940 book The New World Order. This is clearly not a modern concept, and has roots going back even further than Wells’ idealistic vision of it. Some believe both World Wars were deliberately coordinated, or at least used, to help bring about a mandate for world government. As early as 1913, writing in his book The New Freedom, President Woodrow Wilson made clear that some formidable force already underpinned the commercial, and probably political, infrastructure of the USA:
    Some of the biggest men in the US, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.
    What is striking in H G Wells’ writings, however, is his sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the idea of a dominating collective that would put all to rights and avert “the disastrous extinction of Mankind.” There is no sense of negative intention nor a Malthusian dislike for humanity. Yet at the same time Wells was an advocate of eugenics. Many find this concept entirely repugnant, but here is the paradox – the very kinds of people truth-seekers tend to single out as the enemies of humanity very likely see themselves as its saviours. It is all a matter of perspective and of where one chooses to draw the moral line.—words from Waking Times post “Understanding the ruling elite”.

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