Broadcasted Death Threats vs. Trump Show Khazarians are in Panic

There is now a slew of assassination threats against Donald Trump delivered in the mainstream media, and although death threats are normal when one is going against the establishment, such threats  against this fellow have never been so brazen.
It wouldn’t be too far fetched if one concludes that all of these death threats are not just directed to “outsider” Donald Trump, but to all outsiders in all of us.

These threats, of course, suggest at least two very important factors. First, these threats underscore the fact that these networks are indeed working for a select interest groups that have been controlling the two parties from the very beginning, and second, the Neocons Khazarians are in deep panic.
Some in the GOP are even expressing their willingness to support Hillary Clinton of the other party. The problem for the Clinton campaign is: the FBI is hot on the trail of the Clinton emails, even to the extent of granting immunity from lawsuit the programmer responsible for setting up the private server. On top of that, the hacker “Guccifer” is also being extradited to the US, possibly, to testify on how easy it was to penetrate Clinton’s email server, as earlier Clinton email dump proved.
Guccifer’s testimony should reinforce the FBI’s assertion that Clinton was indeed compromising national security and should be punished with a lethal injection, nay, just another Bill-Lewinsky type admission will do.
Seriously, all these recent developments will surely put Clinton’s life-long White House ambition and that of the Khazarian crime syndicate’s grip on the US corporate government in jeopardy. The combined unfavorable storms inside the US and the multiple loses in Syria, Iran, Iraq, are what’s keeping these Khazarian Mafiosi restless, that they needed to kill somebody.
The Bush crime faction not only floated the idea of an El Chapo assassination of Donald Trump, but have facilitated his escape several times. This is the same scenario that Bush used when Oswald was setup as a patsy in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We all know, of course, what happened to Oswald.
You already have watched how Khazarian Naionist Bush, Sr. aka Curious George Scherff made a slit throat sign at the CNN studio while watching the last Republican debate. Now, it’s Jesuit coadjutor Glenn Beck’s turn to “stab without stopping” the Donald.
In a more desperate display of panic amongst the NeoCons is the speech made by one Mormon Mitt Romney cursing Trump like the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. Interestingly, this particular speech was given closed door and in front of several Tech CEOs, e.g.:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook,
  • Google co-founder Larry Page,
  • Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker,
  • Tesla Motors and SpaceX honcho Elon Musk
  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.),
  • political guru Karl Rove,
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan,
  • GOP Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.),
  • Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Fred Upton (Mich.),
  • Rep. Kevin Brady (Texas)
  • Kevin McCarthy (Calif.),
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.),
  • Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-Ga.),
  • Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (Texas)
  • Diane Black (Tenn.)
Aside from the mainstream media broadcasted death threats, they could also do this…
Trump’s words and actions do resonate well with what most Americans say in the social media. But, is the Trump presidency really the best solution for America’s woes right now?
We are in no way discounting the dialectic aspect of the whole charade, but we are barely 9 months away for Trump to prove his mantle.
Here’s Fox network controlling the dialectic narrative…
The eternal hoping for a green light about the Second American Revolution can take a back seat for a while, for now. After all, Drake is still busy gathering enough militia volunteers to join in the planned uprising, and they are also setting up a new foundation.
One thing is sure though: the recent spate of death threats are backfiring against the Nazionist Khazarians as undecided voters are instead switching side towards the Trump.
Suffice it to say that the Trump candidacy should be the last peaceful straw for the American people, because if they lose this opportunity, and unless another carefully packaged suave talker comes along to speak about the people’s frustrations like he really means it, the only viable option by then would be an armed uprising,
The way we see it, Americans are just going in for the lesser evil for the time being as the game is rigged to be so.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

11 thoughts on “Broadcasted Death Threats vs. Trump Show Khazarians are in Panic”

  1. One thing is sure though: the recent spate of death threats are backfiring against the Nazionist Khazarians as undecided voters are instead switching side towards the Trump. It will be interesting to see if Trump can actually survive the Rothschild/Soros/Zionist Jesuit cartel and their invented Islamic henchmen puppets…

    1. Its only taken humans 250 years however “We the People” funding these turkey’s are finally waking up.
      Isn’t it time to try something new Taxpayers. Our Country need INTEGRITY. Bombing children and nobody cares. We just let them keep on murdering innocent humans. Where the Christ like in that!!!! So many religious humans and we allow these rulers to murder. There are more of us then them. What would Jesus do??? Would Jesus really be happy with We tax payers allowing our money to murder innocent humans so these turkeys can make huge profits. My Jesus would be insulted and ashamed.
      How is it possible to have any change when the same old criminals are voted in. REMEMBER when Obama stepped up and tricked us into believing he was our change??? He changed us alright ,Into the deep throat of Satan worshipers.
      Americas , humans are enslaved and do not know it or don’t believe it. Fluoride in our water, there isn’t a senator out there that will protect us from that.., GMO food , our government will not even force Murdock to even label our food to so we know what were eating. Chemtrails flying daily making our air toxic to breathe. Looks like we Lose again. Torturing the animals bred for food. Losers again.
      Shocking how many humans see this as , “And Justice for ALL.”.
      How abut this, mandated vaccines. Really.
      OO One more, How about laws to protect the evil DC club from We the People. Trillionaires are allow to cheat and steal billions and a homeless person goes to jail for being homeless.
      Where are the GOD loving humans this planet has.
      I thought the Bible stated , “I shall not Kill”…
      So what’s with the drones, nukes and bombs bought with taxpayers money?
      Taxpayers good luck on “Judgment Day.”
      Its our tax money killing innocent women children and men, so these greedy swine can profit. Jesus is waiting for you to do our job. Love thy neighbor as you would love thyself. HAHA
      How about read page one in the bible as a start and following GODS laws. We have fallen into believing Satan is our leader. We must wake up and being God back. Ever wonder why these turkeys cant wait to remove God from everything. White House Puppets have replaced God with Satan the evil murdering thief.
      WAKE UP Please !!!Your grandchildren are counting on your help.
      Tax payers gave the banks 750billion dollars to pay off the banks bad gambling expense . These bankers took our cash and took back the houses of Americans after WE pay them off. Taxpayer try taking a candy bar without paying you will go to jail. Jail is a profit plan for Satan.
      The White House club isn’t on our team or American would be a beautiful peaceful country. Before the Rothschild’s ,America had it own government banking. We supported our own people with the government money. 1913 One bright president said. Joke the government bank lets use a private bank and rape the people so the private bank can make interest on top of interest and depopulate.
      Taxpayers just wait till your elderly parent need in-home care ,or living assistance. Cost is only A mere $6000. a month for each persons elderly care. Do you make that much a month. ? A common taxpayer doesn’t. IN NC 2016,a waitress earns $2.33 an hour. Work real hard now and pay your taxes!!!!
      Americans on retirement or social security are suffering today. .
      Good Luck Americans. We need it, We have been taken over by Satan aka Khazarian’s mafia.
      Don’t believe Google and do your own research.
      Computers are still available at the public library for use. FREE.. Hurry before they start charging to use the library OR remove the library’s.
      Decembers black Friday lotds of people show up to spend their cash lets stop spending and show up to remove these evil thieves. WE can do it. I know if the women ALL stood up NO, our planet would be toxic free and everyone would have food, water and a safe place to sleep.

  2. This article is ridiculous! There is NO WAY that Trump will sit as president of The United States and anyone who thinks so is just not dealing with reality. Trump is a KKK member who spoke against the pope and since it is the pope that OWNS The United States I highly DOUBT he is going to allow Trump the opportunity to run his company. Hillary will be the next president. Some of these articles are just downright ridiculous! Trump will not be president regardless of who votes for him. Silliness!
    I know this site is ran by a racist and what not but your fellow racist Trump isn’t going to be president ANYTIME SOON.

    1. Trump is not an outsider. He just puts the way the system really is on blast. They don’t like his mode of operation they want covert operatives to keep the masses sleep.

    2. This is so disappointing. I feel these protesters do not realize they are not protesting Mr. Trump but rather they are demeaning all of the Americans who voted for him. Do our voices not matter? Why do only your values and votes matter? If Mrs Clinton were to have been elected would the other half of American be in the streets using profanity and shaming the other half of America for their right to have a voice? No. This is absolutely unfair to all of the people who did vote Trump. We have a voice too and we have spoken. This is how our country works. Move on and show some respect and support to your neighbors and family and friends who might not share the same opinion as you but do still live next to you or consider you family or a friend. This is not working together for a better future. This is not respecting your fellow Americans right to chose. This is disrespectful and childish. This is why they give out “participation trophies” Some people can just not handle defeat without congratulating the opponent. Mr. Trump could not have picked a better song to play after his first speech after being elected. Guess what protesters… you can’t always get what you want. Get over it, grow up and give him a chance………….another voice
      The working class KNOWS what a loser Obama and Clintons have been for the USA…………idiot college kids who have not worked are crybabies……….scary to let them out into the REAL world. Investigate “The Clinton Legacy” & Foundation, etc.

  3. If the establishment was really against Donald Trump, do you think their news media would be reporting 24/7?

  4. Hello Folks
    Fear is the lash that moves cattle in a preferred direction. Once those little doggies are a rolling, “keep those doggies rolling raw hide” who remembers the TV program Raw Hide, look it up. Of course this philosophy of induced fear could never apply to human beings, after all we are not cattle. True enough. However we do react badly to fear.
    Mostly we react to fear by way of turning OURSELVES into bigger objects of fear.
    The WW1 and WW11 episodic panic turned a local stampede into a global one.
    Ah yes, it doesn’t take much to stampede a heard of any type, be it sheep, cattle or swine.
    Why does such non-empathetic, psychopathic behaviour work for and against humanity… mostly because it is so alien to our best cooperation. So who cares if Donald Trump is assassinated, nothing he can do as President of the USA, will overthrow 7o years of dictatorship in the USA Democracy. Not even a third world war. Wake up USA, wake up humanity, reactionary wars are stupid… the way ahead is not by means of War.
    Anthony P Healy.

  5. My guess is that Rubio and Kasich will refuse to drop out until really late, Cruz will gain more anti-Trump votes and there will be a brokered convention. Cruz will probably get the nomination (after ludicrously being declared eligible), unless they’re brazen enough to give it to a loser like Rubio. The GOP will be forever splintered, and Hillary will win thanks to brain dead, slavery supporting Democrats. As much as I’d like to see Hillary in prison, I don’t see that happening until there’s a global roundup of the elite. Which, I don’t really see happening for another 5+ years, if at all.

  6. No one mentions how the new tactic airing ” Roots” on the Hitler channel ( history channel) will send droves of enslaved Negroes to the Democratic rescue.
    Will it work?
    Haley has been shown to be a Fraud, and His book,” Roots” a total pack of fiction yet the Negro will be out rioting and murdering for ol times sake, Hear Hillery triggering these riots With vocal key words from the series? Get ready…that’s the plan!

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