Bring Down Corporatocracy

On December 6th, 2011, Los Angeles became the first major U.S. city to call for an amendment reserving Constitutional rights solely for living human beings.
“Politicians and policemen love to use the phrase “rule of law” when they argue for their positions on certain issues such as criminality and economics.
Ordained by God, the Rule of Law is supreme and it should be the binding force that unites civilized men, we all are.
The problem is, rule of law does not always mean social justice.
Most of the time, the rule of law only masks the tyranny out of the moneyed class for they have the monopoly to hire “experts of the law” to defend them in times of aggression, i.e. their own aggression against the poor.
Therefore, in the end, the rule of law only favors tyranny and oppression, it is a sheer delusion to think otherwise.
The rule of law that we are subjected to is called commercial law, the Uniform Commercial Code, that kind of rule set which gives the semblance and color of law, i.e. those rules and statutes crafted by our representatives without our full approval.”

Under this representative government which provides the illusion of freedom and self-determination, through the deception that the rule of the majority equates wisdom even when that same majority are held in abject ignorance by the Few, our collective advancement is effectively retarded.
The pyramid of control that they made immune from the same rule of law that they had formulated is proof enough that the whole game is rigged to the core.

There is so much in store for humanity once those self-appointed rulers of the planet are brought down from power. We all have to take actions anywhere we can.
Corporations are not humans, and those who are behind corporate crimes must be brought down hard.
The action shown above must be replicated worldwide, and  Corporate Agents of the Crown lurking in government must all be removed.
Corporatocracy is socially corrosive and downright obsolete, only slaves need to participate in it.
If possible, the very foundation of corporatocracy that is the Satanic Vatican Church of Lucifer must be burned down to the ground so that true spirituality will rise again.

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  1. I look forward to the coming announcement that U.S. Inc died and the Republic of the United States of America has, like the phoenix,, risen from the ashes heralding true freedom for all. I further look forward to a world movement demanding that the Vatican have a clean up and a clear out and that it be turn into an international university devoted to the study of consciousness in all things.

    1. Dear Helena M Jordan
      It is a strange thing, to fair minded people, that a whole population namely the citizenry of the United States of America, can be alienated from their own country even whilst living on their own land. Now where else has that happened since the end of WW2! Here’s a clue for those among us who are unfamiliar with world history, modern day Israel.
      Yes indeed the United States, like the former incarnation as The United States of America, has suffered a theft of identity not too dissimilar to the post WW2 population of Palestine. It was newly named Israel.
      Mind you, we (humanity) can not accuse The United Nations of acting without precedent, when their predecessor The League of Nations handed over the South Pacific remnants of the old German Empire to the (guess who) the Japanese.
      The inhumanity of The United Nations, on many a warfront, such as Palestine and Africa, has much to answer for. For all of its NGO fronts, The United Nations has collectivised war on a global scale.
      Anthony P Healy.

  2. on his way to the hangman’s noose, the Italian dictator Mussolini made a public declaration-a death bed confession–he said “corporatism IS fascism”.. Problem is-people were too busy enjoying the spectacle to HEAR THE TRUTH…and how we have suffered for our hardness of hearing. All Corporations are by definition Satanic in form and function and may work for reptilians stuck for eternity in the lower 4th dimension of nightmare ally-BUT IT IS NOT FOR HUMAN BEINGS who are multidimensional beings WITH AMNESIA for who they are are what all they mean and can do…due to genetic enslavement by the Draco reptilians.

    1. Hello Pat
      I walk along the streets of madness, on the edge of reality. Sure enough if there are alien reptilians and they are out for our (humanities) bloody destruction. Then they are an inept bunch of old so and so’s, because after millions of years we (humanity) are still here. Away with them all peacefully say I.
      And still there is the more immediate problem of the willingness of human beings to slaughter one another. Oh I could blame my bloody mindedness and cruelty on someone else, anyone else in fact, but in truth Pat, my behaviour, in thought, word, and deed, all comes down to me!
      Anthony P Healy.

  3. Hello Folks
    Corporations are not human beings, seems obvious enough, but then I ask myself, what is a human being. Surely Humanity in all of its diversity is a biological species that derived from the line of the great apes. Even this simple statement is argued over by Darwinists, Creationists and Creationists by Design. Lets not go there.
    One thing they all might agree on is, a human being is a biological entity that belongs to an earthly line of development.
    Can a non-human entity, comprised of human beings lay claim to equal rights with a flesh and blood human being. I would think not. But then its claims aren’t centred on the flesh and blood component of what it is to be a human being, born with inalienable rights granted by God. (And By God Alone).
    Rather its a question of equality of rights before the Law. Who’s Law. Mans Law.
    Corporations are not in themselves a bad thing. In that human constructions and human interests are served by corporate bodies such as the City of Dublin, Ireland. When one has planned sewage, gas, electricity, roads the society works efficiently, and to the betterment of its human element. But of course a City must be, by definition, more than
    its human and or animal population. Are the human being any the less human for living in well kept Cities, I say no.
    Cities as corporate entities, such as the City of Dublin, are a hybridised or symbiosis of Human being and infrastructure that supports human life.
    Anthony P. Healy. PS War is mostly aggression against human populations that are housed within Incorporated Cities. For verification of such check out You Tube.

  4. Does Anyone REMEMBER the True “Origins” of the CORPORATIONS??? The Vatican…Is “The Mother of ALL Corporations”! So WE can start eliminating them by shutting IT down…RELIGION = “Mind-Control” and has its origins in ancient “Atlantis” Where WE ALL went wrong long ago creating “Separation” from OUR true “Natural State of Be-Ing” at ONE WITH ALL THERE IS!
    Until WE start REMEMBERING WHO WE ARE…We will Never become FREE.
    RELIGION was created to DIVIDE US against each other…Thus the origins of the term “Divide and Conquer” was born…which in turn created a “Supposed”, need for GOVERNMENT and so-called “Royalty”.
    The Vatican CONTROLS ALL RELIGION starting in the Roman Empire, which is WHY most of this planet is governed by “Canon Law” (Roman Law) instead of “Common Law (Natural Law/Universal Law)…for THIS to happen, the Poop’s (Pope) MUST set ALL Mankind FREE from RELIGION!

  5. The Way of the Serpent or Dragon, a symbol for groupism or collectivism by various names, deceives humans by overriding their individual natural perceptions through word-control over their original free will and free choice, and this covert process turns them into monstrous, fictitious, group quasi-organisms with pseudo-morality.
    The best known analysis and history of this ancient process is a book entitled Word Controlled Humans: A Brief History, by John Harland, 1981. The “civil” and “religious” groups (church and state) are merely two types of fronts for the same serpent culture and serpent system that has spread everywhere on earth. Harland offers a practical, active solution to the problem, and by cooperation that transcends human divisiveness, it can save our souls, our inner still small voice, from total loss.

  6. The ultimate in corporatocracy, criminal acts of terrorism, bioterrorism, mass murder, and genocide, is used as the financial motive for the Vatican UN and WHO to intentionally create fear and trick billions of people into being sterilized and poisoned by UN WHO marketed “ethnic” bioweapon vaccines. The true purpose of eugenics vaccines is profiteering (a $100 billion marketing goal). A pdf file that exposes this threat can be downloaded at the beginning of this article:
    The ruling Illuminati of the Vatican does not serve the human spirit or humanity, and now appears to desire the destruction of the physical body. All in the vile name of profits. What else can they desecrate?

  7. Hello Folks
    My heart is warmed to read the comments on the Corporate-Ocracy article. But no solution is on offer, apart from the book written by John Harland circa (1981). Folks we (humanity) have globally tried Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism, Communism even Fascism. Sadly in a global sense, all of these efforts at forming human societies, have been accompanied by the wish to dominate others and the development of the war machine (the military industrial complex).
    And see how willingly we human beings followed the following psychopathic leaders into wars, namely, Pol Pot, Mau Zedong, Hitler, El Duchi, Winston Churchill, Lindon Johnston, Robert Menzies, Gengis Khan, Caesar, and or Alexander the Great. And all the while these same psychopaths were bent on the destruction of our fellow human beings. Humanity collectively, as yet, suffers from a strange strand of virus associated with an uncivil barbarism, and murderous immorality.
    There is an answer of course, and the answer is to abandon war. Local wars, regional wars and global wars.
    We have yet to learn the non-political practicality and virtue of sharing.
    Anthony P Healy Lol 🙂

    1. Anna von Reitz
      In a letter written the …18th July 2014 ?… to the Archbishop of Chicago……. Anna von Reitz writes……
      “My dear Archbishop George…..
      My Blood Seal stands upon the record of the Vatican Chancery Court.
      I am from a family that has served the Catholic Church since the first Holy Roman Empire….I have myself served …in service to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis …”
      There are those who perceive a…CONFLICT of INTEREST…. between Anna von Reitz “allegiance” to Vatican entities and her so-called “assistance” to …….MANKIND.

  8. Hello Folks
    It true as the writer of the Judgeannavon comment writes. Corporations are an aspect of Sea Law moved on to Land, as is Commercial Law in the area of International Trade or Admiralty Law.
    All of which are Human developments.
    Local Trade, Regional Trade and International Trade are not bad things in and of themselves, nor are the means of payment in return for the various levels of Trade.
    That such a thing as Fair Trade and or Free Trade, has not yet become a global reality, has naught to do with The Law of The Land and or The Law of The Sea. It has to do with the human element engaged in Trade.
    Trade like Diplomacy, is War by other means. And therein, I suggest, Lies the truth of it; it is the hub of our collective problem. Collectively as a species, we human beings continue to think and behave as we are at War with a collective rival. A rival which is in fact, non-other than ourselves. We are our own rivals!
    How to move beyond violence, as a means to short term problem solving, has as yet to dawn within our collective human consciousness.
    Anthony P Healy Lol 🙂

  9. Even if somehow, the Cabal or the Vatican is taken down. There is no guarantee that something good will come out of it. Nothing will change. As long as humans exist, true peace is unattainable.

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