Did Obama Sign A Presidential Transition EO Specifically for Gen. Joseph Dunford?

The White House website has been hosting an interesting Executive Order – Facilitation of a Presidential Transition since May 6th.

EO Facilitation of Presidential Transition

A presidential transition or presidential interregnum refers to the period of time between the end of a presidential election and the inauguration of a new President of a country. During this time the incoming President usually designates new government personnel, including selecting new Cabinet positions and government department or agency heads.


This early publication of the EO is said to provide the mechanism for the transition of power between US, Inc. President Obama to the reconstituted Republic of the united States of America that is said to be under Gen. Joseph Dunford.
Whether the issuance of such an EO can be considered “too early,” or just the normal protocol is also not so clear to us.
Nevertheless, the video below showing Obama saying “Obama Out” is said to confirm this, especially the two fingers on his sealed lips and the raised drop of the microphone at the end of his speech.

Some more proof being offered is that:
“Pentagon sources tell us that the White House was under lock-down April 26 and 27th “as Special Forces led by (General Joseph) Dunford entered via tunnel to demand resignations.” We can confirm there was a lock-down on those days; “officially because of a fence-jumper”.”
This stretching of fact is what cast this storyline to doubt.
We are now very skeptical on how these things are developing right now because:

  • There’s no need for this transition to be secretive at all, in fact it would be better to do it as transparent as possible to educate the people about the real story, to defeat the secretive Khazarian Mafia once and for all;
  • Of the possibility that the Asians are being swindled one more time, or at least in the process of being so, of their historical assets that’s been used to back up the fiat financial system ever since. The repeated claims of disappearance of Keenan’s funds, whether given to him by the Dragon Family, or the Indonesian Elders, or his own, we’re not sure now, because the narrative keeps changing;

To do this transition to a constitutional republic, if indeed that’s what’s going in the US, in secret leads only to the notion that everything is still the way it used to be.
Secrets always feed the hegemonic and eugenic appetite of the Cabal. In fact, that’s how the Asian Swindle known as Collateral Accounts started in the first place.
In short, we should not be sensitive about any parties asking the normal question about why all this cloak and dagger operations when beaming a strong light about these financial crimes would far better serve the purpose of the people.
Only scammers would want to do otherwise and shut down those people asking for clarifications, i.e. those same people who are the direct victims of the aforesaid crimes.
Of course, if our skepticism is unwarranted then thank you for making this world a better place. As far as we could understand, this is not a contest for credit about who exactly changed this world to be so.
But the Asian experience dealing with the West has been truly one sided, catastrophic and genocidal in several instances until our leaders began to assert our inherent rights to peace and economic freedom.
Again you can take all the credit all you want, if that’s what makes you happy. We just want to have peace, no more foreign interventions, and no more looting of our natural resources by vested interests from the other side of this planet.
As to your transition to a republic once again, congratulations! We hope that you’re not just fooling your own people.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

25 thoughts on “Did Obama Sign A Presidential Transition EO Specifically for Gen. Joseph Dunford?”

    1. If the following turns out to be a stupid question I won’t mind, but hopefully I will learn something. If we (Americans and Westerners), are fighting ISIS in Syria, and they (Russians), are “doing the same”, then, this is not exactly the usual “proxy war” between us and them. Are the Russians also actually “fighting against ISIS”, or is some sort of propaganda?

      1. The US isn’t actually fighting ISIS. We are fighting different factions of ISIS. But, we also, arm, pay, and control, factions of ISIS. We have our own terrorist involved in the fight. Russia is just fighting terrorist period.

  1. As an Hawaiian born outsider Barry Soetero has ….NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY…..to sign anything.
    Dunford appears to be an associate of Anna von Reitz who is a Vatican stooge,
    As for Christianity and the Bible………………….
    It looks to be little more than a….. “jooish” scam…AGENDA….concocted in the Library of Alexandria by means of utilizing the myths and legends of the world in a …cut and paste fashion…..and presenting them to the world as the …..THEFT & CON-TROLL…. deVICE …known as RELI-GION….and the ….BIBLE.
    “Egypt Knew No Pharaohs Nor Israelites”
    If I was a gambler I would bet this… Dunford/von Rites …THING…..is an attempt by…… “jooish” & BANKRUPT……Federal Reserve and Wall Street to ….LOCK DOWN the impoverished people ….in order to save the necks of the BANKSTERS.
    I suspect …THEY are SCARED ?
    The people are coming for them.

      1. CALM Is an idiot. Too bad I won’t be able to see his face when he has to face the truth. Within these next 7 years he might be alive to witness real christians caught up to heaven (months or weeks away) and an immediate world catastrophe following. . Satan ruling in the flesh or within antichrist. God provided CERN for this purpose and fools think it’s their idea.The book of Revelation’s horrors literally come true. More than half the worlds population destroyed. every eye shall see the face of our Christian God peering at them from the sky even those in their underground fortresses (they’ll know it’s no hollogram – believe me). He’ll witness Jesus Christ’s return in the clouds and His conquest over all evil beings (Fallen angels ,demons, reptillians, giants, inner earth denizens, mankind, Hybrids –whatever) just by using His mouth . We’ll be back in the clouds with him to watch. Then a thousand year stay in a black hole in the earth prison called Hell will provide further proof – a great Judgement before God’s white throne and then He’ll stay eternally in torment in the super-massive black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy called Sagittarius a Star (by men) and the “Lake of Fire” by the bible. Oh they’ll be proof enough of the Christian God but it will be too late for him though. “Calm” will be in everlasting panic. He should look up my book at Amazon.com called “the angry eye of God”. That Lake of fire does exist! It’s proof enough.


  2. it would be a terrible thing indeed if the freedom of the planet were all a farce and the Cabal is allowed to continued its gross appetite to rule the world.

  3. The being secretive makes it hard to believe. I have heard they don’t want the mass population to panic. I think most halfway intelligent Americans could handle the truth rather than us living in the lies. What do others of you think?
    The shadow government will find it much easier to continue without the true facts of their crimes ( which are slowly coming out) . I am looking forward to a full Disclosure. I think a lot of average working people just go to work, come home watch the cabal controlled media ( or not, some don’t care about what is going on which is very sad).
    I feel as long as things are being done secretely it is not good. America needs a wake up call!!

    1. actually I think the whole thing is a charade perpetuated by this whole fake world we live in….now someone tell me where the heck Dunford is and the real truth of actually is going on…now tell me of l am wrong in thinking shouldn’t the military be trying to do something any all of the crap going on? something smells wrong in Washington DC….

  4. Sheldan Nidle has been updating & informing humanity about how this realm is going to be converted back to the heaven on earth. . look up his latest webinar 72 where he details all this NESARA & GESARA on behalf of the angels, the Galactic Federation Of Light & you & me.

  5. It was the beginning of March that the lockdown was!!!. This is old news. The intel was out then, Someones feeding disinfo

    1. Please, don’t just post this reply without giving where you got your info that it was in March. Thank you.

  6. With so much disinformation out there that it’s almost impossible to know WHOSE info may have ANY truth worthy of our consideration, if there’s ANY TRUTH to the chatter about this New ‘Republique’ allegedly being filed in France via other private entities, it’s frightening – to say the least.
    While we’ve all passed time in hopeful anxiety, the thought that we are being put in an even more tenuous position -duped once again, in fact – is very disturbing.
    That said, this entire situation needs to be scrutinized once and for all…if there’s ANY hope for us.
    There’s a number of entities sending formal letters to world figures and bodies portraying Dunford as the President of this so-called valid republic, trying to get someone to address this takeover/coup? for the sham it is.
    From what I have read, Dunford’s not the ‘savior’ type. We need real answers.
    Thank you.

  7. Dunford !!!! I feel is a Patriot . He has served the old u.s.a for many years.
    I’m sure he has seen things we hope we never have to see. An made split second decisions that have saved lives an cost lives. Things we hope we never have to see. He would have to be a man of integrity to be in his position. If it were easy. They would have a girl scout. To do it. Can you think of anyone more qualified pray for us. All.

  8. It would appear that the “Obama Out” comment was Obama spoofing Kobe Bryant’s last on-court post-game speech when he said “Mamba Out” with the same 2 finger gesture to the mouth.

    1. Thomas–thanks for clarifying that. Obama did allude to the fence jumper saying it was Michelle…he said something like “settle down, you’ll be outta here soon enough”. This was quite hilarious.

  9. As much as I’d really very much like to believe this is so, not a single site also noting the same have had any real solid sources-not to mention we’ve all heard this tune before. One was supposed to have been announced at the 2016 inaugural.
    Also, I cannot find the secret significance of the two-fingers to the lips and mic-dropping. Both indicate a social norm for going out on a high note-or like a walk-off home run. That seems to be aligned with the general raised-nose speech he gave at the WHCD.

  10. If Obama is out & General Joseph Dunford is in, Praise God, America just might have a chance again to become that Strong Nation under God & our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. It’s only obeying the Word of God that this America will be free again, but those in power must do it God’s way, the way the Bible states so we once again will know Victory in America through our Lord & Savior Jesus the Christ.

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