Sanders’ False Political Revolution Provides A Glimpse to Trump’s America Great Again Rhetoric

In a saner democratic society, the range of choices should be clear cut, rather than limited and ambiguous.
Yet, we can see that the two major political parties in the United States, i.e. Democratic and Republic, are not behaving as expected they should, but more like the proverbial two sides of the same coin.
sanders betrayal in a relationship

Bernie Sanders betrayed his own “political revolution” by supporting Hillary Clinton after a carefully choreograph FBI absolution. This betrayal lends perfectly to the FBI analyst’s leak of a bigger scandal involving the Clinton Foundation.

For the last several decades, both political parties kept on pursuing the same externally and domestically regressive policies which ultimately favor a very small, specific segment of the society.
Most of the time, the establishment knows exactly how to dampen a growing dissent by just appointing the right president at the right time, polling directly from its own cadre of well trained “leaders”.
That’s how they picked up the “unknown” Barack Obama just in time when the country was agitated by the false patriotism of the “war on terror.”
Knowing full well that the Americans will never fall for another “unknown” Obama again, they went shopping for an “outsider,” in the persons of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.
Who cannot dismiss Trump as nothing but an establishment stooge, just like Sanders, and in spite of his rhetoric, when he is currently running under the banner of the Republicans which produced George Bushes?
Do you really think that the narrative that Republicans are now supporting Hillary Clinton rather than their own, partymate Trump is real, and therefore, Trump must be an authentic anti-establishment presidential candidate?
Isn’t that how they promoted an Obama before, i.e. for being non-white?
In hindsight, may be we can consider that Sanders’ false political revolution” which quickly transformed into “forget the past” move on line does provide a glimpse to Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rhetoric, i.e. false revolution.
Clinton and Trumpbill and trump party
The real antidote to the two establishment parties is to consider those leaders from the grassroots movement that America has plenty of, and being careful not to fall for another George Soros’ Open Society affiliate anymore.
Those who have joined the Sanders campaign understand this, and are now contemplating of shifting their support to Green Party’s Jill Stein instead.

To them, a Jill Stein vs. Donald Trump slugfest is much preferable than a Clinton vs. Trump “choose the lesser evil” corporate formula.
Can you feel the Bern now?

Do you have a better idea for America?

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

7 thoughts on “Sanders’ False Political Revolution Provides A Glimpse to Trump’s America Great Again Rhetoric”

  1. Nice tie , trump. Notice even stien(((( ))))) wears the standard blue/white garb. It is symbolical; the way they communicate. I must wonder if all of those in halls of power purchase their attire from the same monopoly hehehe. Nahhhh, must be my conspiratorial mind at work here. Everyone just believes they look dapper in a blue and white outfit. Why do I not think that? I do not own one blue tie much less wear one everyday! Why can people not see this?

  2. “Bernie Sanders betrayed his own political revolution” – he betrayed nothing bc he was a shill right from the get go. Anyone that supported sanders is clueless bc What do you expect from a communist jew? A tiger never changes its spots.
    And Trump has become suspect these past few days as he has changed his slogan from “make america great again” to “make america SAFE again”, which is NOT what we bought into. We’ve had enough of “safety and security” which amounted to nothing but nazi checkpoints and higher taxes.
    I also am very anxious about trumps commitment to increasing nuclear power stations, which i am completley against. Nuclear anything is never the answer and should be banned forever, like a lot of europe already has after fukushima.
    So if trump does a 180 on the above two points, then I’d still vote him as the lesser of the two evils. If he continues down this new path he’s suddenly appearing to be on, then I say sit back and hope for a meteor strike to finally end this madness. MeteorStrike2016!

  3. I would prefer a Gary Johnson vs Jill Stein race. Two people who aren’t being accused or charged with a felony.

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