Putin Prepares for War, Medvedev Dedicates Himself to Science

To the deep consternation of the West, the Russian economy continues to grow amidst Western sanctions. Its scientific community and military sector continue to advance even after the massive plunders against the former Soviet Union.
Its agricultural sector, on the other hand, is poised to become the global superpower in terms of non-GMO food production.

The simple answer is that Russia is a real federation of states populated and run by people who truly love their motherland that is a far cry to the United States run by Corporatists whose only aim is to maximize profits in everything they do in the realm of banking and finance, civilian infrastructures, military and medicine, etc.
This is the reason why the US continues to spend billions of dollars on faulty F-35s, or on the pyramid warship which could not fire a single shot without the naval organization getting broke due to its super expensive ammunition.
The $6 trillion defense budget remains unaccounted for even today. The US economy is bankrupt with a $222 trillion standing debt.
These are the bases why the Khazarian military industrial complex need to continue its wars of aggression around the globe, and most specifically against Russia,

…  by dislodging the newly elected Donald Trump even before his  presidential inauguration through the Jill Stein election recount protests, and for which Vladimir Putin needs to prepare for in the next few months.

Russia is reportedly preparing to upgrade its Soviet-era T-80 battle tanks in order to bring them back into service.

Up to 3,000 of the tanks, which entered service in 1976, will be updated to bring their combat power closer to the current T-90 model.

“At present, the preparative works to start the modernisation of the first T-80BV MBTs are at a final stage,” a defence industry source told military magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly.

The “overhaul and modernisation” of the tanks “will be launched next year” the source added. They said the number of tanks to be upgraded will be determined by the military.


Russia SITREP November 24th, by Scott Humor
Earlier this week the German Stern asked a tongue-in-cheek question which I want to try to answer.
Was will Moskau mit so vielen Panzern?
I don’t know German, but this looks to me like they want to know why Moscow needs so many tanks.
Putin lässt 3000 Panzer aus dem Depot modernisieren
Wladimir Putin hat bereits 2500 T-14 Armata Kampfpanzer bestellt, nun lässt er noch einmal 3000 T-80 komplett modernisieren. Fragt sich nur: Was will Moskau mit so vielen Panzern?
Putin ordered to modernize 3000 tanks stored in the tank depots.
Vladimir Putin has already ordered production of 2500 T-14 Armata main battle tank, now he can get 3000 T-80 by completely modernizing them. Question: What does Moscow do with so many tanks?

Russia’s Ministry of Defense had  ordered 2500 T-14 Armada tanks, and now president Putin has ordered to modernize the 3000 T-80. Right now there are 550 T-80s tanks in use, about 3000 tanks are being stored.  T-80 uses a gas engine, not the diesel engines like newer  T-90 and T-14. That’s why T-80 perform better in extremely cold and hot temperatures.  The fire power of the modernized T-80 will be very close to the fire power of T-90 tanks.
And each tank Aramata will be equipped with a Pterodactyl drone . The drone is designed to follow the tank everywhere by being connected to the tank by a cable.  It’s made from the last generation of composite materials. Time of operation is practically unlimited.
The German magazine asks why Russia needs that many tanks. I think it’s a rhetorical question. Russia can never have too many tanks, just like a woman can never have too many pearl necklaces.
Here is an opinion of one of the Russian commentators:
“… if Germans insist on the detailed answer. Russia needs 6000 more tanks because…

  1. Genocide of Russians in Ukraine organized by Europe and AmericaExplosion of a Russian passenger plane over Sinai
  2. NATO tanks on the Russian borders
  3. NATO bases around Russia
  4. Occupation of the Baltic, Poland and Romania by the US, UK and Germany
  5. Economic and financial sanctions against Russia
  6. As an answer to the Russopbobic propaganda which is much larger that the Goebbels propaganda before the German and fascist European countries invasion of the Soviet Union on June 22nd, 1941
  7. Because of the multipronged hybrid war against Russia by almost 50 western countries
  8. For many more crimes committed by Western nations against the Russian nation, including the illegal dissolution of the USSR, pillaging of Russia and fifteen years of terror on the Caucasus.

That is why if the US and EU members will make one move, first they will be turned into a radioactive glass covered wilderness, and then Russian tanks will go over it reaching London and leveling the Westminster and the Buckingham palace to the ground and then they will do the same to Washington. Not because Russians are bad, mean, or evil, but because enough is enough.”
In essence, the sanctions have shown that Russia doesn’t need Europe at all. Europe with its internal problems, with its zombie monarchies, and endless demands for colonial rule, with its 500 year plan of expansion into Russia’s territory and forcefully converting Russia people into half-slaves. The fate of Ukrainians in Poland now is a bright illustration of the age of new slavery in Europe.  The West now tries to stall the development of the Eurasian science and technology markets. Europeans have to settle down and realize that they are just one of the guys, and not a shiny city on a hill surrounded by the sea of Russian, Chinese and Indian savages.
The West is currently unable to continue the centuries long rampage of the rest of the world and that’s why now it has resorted to the sabotages and stalling of every attempt to improve the lives of people in the world outside of the West.
How do they do it?

  1. US, UK and France blocked Russia’s initiative “to extend the UN SC anti-terrorist sanction regime to the groups Ahrar al-Sham and Jaysh al-Islam acting in Syria”
  1. Moscow hopes that no practical moves will follow after the EU Parliament’s resolution to counter propaganda of third countries, otherwise counter measures will be taken.

Here is an excellent analysis of the role of Russia Today (RT) for the world with some very revealing info graphics. In just one week RT TV gets 1,823, 000,000 viewers and the RT TV Tube channel gets 4 billion viewers. It’s more than all the leading European and American news channels combined.

  1. Defense Ministry: US Department of State calls for hindering Russia’s struggle against IS. The US Department of State argues that other countries should refrain from providing support for Russian tankers that deliver fuel to the Russian aerospace group in Syria, Mark Toner said earlier

Russia’s defense Ministry states that the US’ calls for other countries to prevent RUAF fuel tankers from making port calls is the sabotage of Russia’s efforts to defeat terrorism in Syria. By now Russia has accomplish what all the Western coalition members couldn’t: after one year more then 2000 settlements have been returned to peaceful life with all the necessary government services functioning and providing people with necessary support. 80 terror armed band formations have been eradicated. Hundreds of thousands Syrians have returned to their homes and started rebuilding their lives, said spokesman for the MOD General Konashenkov.  But the Obama administration is calling the other country to prevent Russian fuel tankers from having free passage is a clear prove that the fight with terrorists has never been on the US agenda.

  1. Despite the Western countries’ efforts to support terrorism in the Middle East and in Africa, the Russian president’s special representative for the Middle East and Africa Mikhail Bogdanov and African Union’s Commissioner for Peace and Security Smail Chergui marked on Thursday a need to boost joint efforts in the fight against terrorism and extremism,

The Western sanctions, as we all know, are boosting Russia’s internal industry and agricultural production. The numbers are not out yet, but if I am not mistaken, president Putin mentioned that growth might be 2.7% for 2016.
2016 is turning out to be a record for the Russian economy in many ways.  Just to name a few, exports of made-in-Russia laundry machines reached almost one million units from January to September, which is 2.2 times higher than the previous year and being sold to Poland, Romania, Italy, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belorussia.

An amazing project KOSMOS 360 or Space 360 on RT
1957 – First Sputnik satellite goes into space. 1961 – First man lifts off into space. 1971 – First space station is built. There have been many achievements in the decades of space exploration. In 2016 RT, in partnership with Russia’s space agency Roscosmos and S.P Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, brings the cosmic experience to the next level – with the first-ever 360 content from space.
The first ever panoramic view of earth from the international space station
This is an absolutely new for humanity way to explore outer space by the means of a panoramic video. It means that people are able to see what the astronauts are seeing in real time.
Needless to say that the project is being completely ignored by the Western media.
Another unique comparative interactive map project developed by the Russian designer firm called Art Lebedev. This tool is capable to completely change the way you view the world.
Compare, for example, the territory of Ukraine and Russia.
This week Russian science received its most unexpected recognition in Russian politics.
President Putin has offered professor Dmitry Medvedev to fully dedicate himself to the science.
During the televised meeting with the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yevgeny Fortov,  president Putin turned to him and questioned the academy’s election of senior government officials as its members.
“Some of our colleagues from the Presidential Administration, from the Ministry of Education,  from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from the Defense Ministry, from the Federal Security Service FSB, and some other departments, took part in the elections to the RAN (Russia’s Academy of Science) and were elected themselves.
“I have a question to you and other representatives of the Academy of Science. Why did you do this?  Are they such great scientists that the Academy of Sciences cannot get by without them? And my second question: what should I do now?
“What was the second question?” asked Fortov.
“What should I do now?” repeated Putin.
A startled Fortov chewed on his tongue, and started mumbling that all those officials had permission from their bosses to run for the academy.
 “That’s not what I am asking. Are they such great scientists that they have to be academicians?”
When Fortov began explaining the officials had met the academy’s criteria for election, Putin interrupted him by saying: “You are not answering my question. But, I will do it for you. They are all great scientists…Yes?”
“They deserve to be elected.. [as the members of the Academy of Science]” said  Fortov.
“It means that they all are great scientists,” said Putin.
“Well… that’s what it appeared to be,” said  Fortov.
“Then I won’t torture you with my second question. I think that I have to give them am opportunity to dedicate themselves to science, because judging by everything   their scientific activity is much more important than carrying out some kind of routine administrative task within the executive branch.”
Talking to journalists after the meeting Putin said:  “It’s the element of discipline, or lack thereof. I would like to see the discipline among the government officials to be at the highest level.”
“This applies to all without exception,” Putin said, answering a question, whether this thesis will be extended on the governors.
You might ask what the prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has to do with all this.
Historical and medical facts about D. Medvedev
On October 2012, he has become a professor of the Dagestan Academy of medical science. In his acceptance speech he promised to teach scientist in Dagestan how to handle government subsidized projects.

The Khazarian age old obsession for the destruction of the Russian nation will continue until the last of the Khazars are defeated.

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  1. What a huge mistake…the US congress needs to turn around…there’s nobody behind them but the usual suspects, and they hate getting their hands dirty in public. And their kids won’t fight. They leave that to the working class and immigrants. I don’t think Our Lady of Guadalupe works for them any more than the Vladimir Mother of God does…they are one and the same lady. So that leaves the college kids at Ivy League universities. What are the odds on that?

  2. the emperor is naked, has been made fallen by russia between october 6. – 9. 2016.
    the war isnt over jet, rather we are in a phase similar to ww2’s stalingrad. with the vicotry of trump, the global elites lost control over usa. the patriotic elites have to clean up the country from the poisoning takeover of the globalist, i ll support them. merkel ll be next.

    1. The true victory of honor in the USA will be when war criminals and financial gangsters are indicted and put on trial. Until then things look merely different, not yet seriously improved.

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