China Offers Infrastructure Funding & Technology to Rebuild America Under Trump

While incoming president Donald Trump accused China of currency manipulation, among others, during the campaign, China is offering the necessary funding and engineering know-how to build bridges of friendship in America as part of its global New Silk Road and Maritime Silk Road economic outreach programs.

Yes, the offer does look like the absence of tit-for-tat counter-sanctions from Putin after Obama’s “kitchen diplomacy,” i.e. stupid kicking out of 35 Russian diplomats.
But fixing America, and make it great again, require Donald Trump to be bold. That’s because the Khazarian Cult doesn’t want to get any American leader to cozy up with Asia, as that would mean peace in the region. Very bad for the arms business.

Op-Ed: Fixing America will require Trump to be bold, and work with China

By Curtis Stone (People’s Daily Online)
In U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s book, Great Again, he said, “You go to countries like China…and you look at their train systems and their public transport. It’s so much better. We’re like a third-world country.” Despite his tough talk, Trump admires China for its GDP growth and for its infrastructure investment and engineering. He sees that, while America is aging and falling behind in certain areas, China is growing and moving forward. The U.S. can learn from China on infrastructure building, and benefit from its successes.

China is leading the world in infrastructure investment and engineering. China’s Beipan River bridge, which connects Guizhou and Yunnan provinces, is a 4,400-feet-long cable-stayed suspension bridge that hangs 1,854 feet in the sky. That is equivalent to 200 stories, roughly the height of four Trump Tower’s stacked.

Another example is Guizhou’s high-speed railway bridge connecting Shanghai and Kunming. This amazing achievement caught the attention of some foreign scholars. Duke University Professor Ralph Litzinger (@BeijingNomad) said, “Serious infrastructure investment in China. Makes the [U.S.] look like a backward country.” Kingston University Professor Steve Keen (@ProfSteveKeen) called it an example of China’s impressive engineering and said Trump “could learn a lot from [China] about infrastructure planning.”
America may be the contemporary example on building a great country, but China is the contemporary example on rebuilding a great country. The two massive bridges in Guizhou are a tiny example of China’s strength in infrastructure investment and engineering. No other country in the world has lifted more than double the size of America’s entire population out of poverty in such a short period of time. Since then, China has opened the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and is building the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. These are massive cooperation projects, and the hallmark of modern-day China. Meanwhile, America cannot even realize high-speed rail after years and years of planning. Rather than bash China, perhaps America should learn from and work with China.
Trump wants to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure upgrades in America to rebuild the nation and put people back to work. The problem is how to pay for it and how to do it. China knows how to fund and carry out serious infrastructure building, and deep-pocketed Chinese investors want to invest billions more in America. One way for Trump to realize his plan would be to use Chinese funds and technology. This would help return some of America’s investment in China back to America for the benefit of America, and strengthen the bilateral relationship. Trump’s plan to rebuild America is bold, but it remains to be seen if he will be bold enough to do what is best for America.


In addition to China’s effort to help the West economically, it has also launched a much bigger CCTV broadcast, now rebranded as CGTN, or China Global Television Network, “a multi-language global television network owned by China Central Television. The six television channels of CGTN aired simultaneously at 4:00 GMT, on December 31, 2016.”
This is to foster understanding of the Chinese culture, and effectively neutralize bad propaganda coming from the other side.

The broadcaster published a congratulatory letter from President Xi Jinping on Saturday, urging the newly launched CGTN to “tell China’s story well, spread China’s voice well, let the world know a three-dimensional, colourful China, and showcase China’s role as a builder of world peace”.


With Russian SputnikNews and Russia Today, and Iran’s PressTV, the China-Russia-Iran alliance in geopolitical and economic terms, should be more than enough to counter aggressive Western rhetoric which have nothing to do with our common progress.

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  1. And the NEW WORLD ORDER shows its face even more arrogantly and confidently; as China moves forward with its economical takeover of America’s Infratructure under the NEW WORLD ORDER’S ‘TRUMP’!
    Wake-up and smell the roses! They are poisoned with the very same agenda that was fed into America’s DND in the past! America is dying from a genocidal-toxin identified and documented as Lucifer’s new world … kingdom under the management of the freemasons, the bilderberg group, the popes of Rome, and the over 4,200 connected and affiliated entities that are > the ‘new world order’s foundations!

  2. The entire way the Chinese economic and financial systems are operated if adopted by the USA would end the “American system”. And what is the “American system”? It is monopolies. To get around the antitrust laws a corporation in its sector will allow smaller corporations to exist so long as they don’t compete.
    Second of all china lends itself money for infrastructure projects and doesn’t borrow money from abroad thus eliminating the payment of interest.
    Third under communism the consumer pays for what a product is worth and not the additional profit. Best case example is the car. A $40,000 driven of the lot have a blue book value of $20,000. Why? Answer: $20,000 to manufacture the car and $20,000 for profit. Then add the interest rate of an auto loan to buy the car and you can see why Americans can never save any money.

  3. Okay, this I don’t understand ..
    WHY, do we need ANYTHING from China?
    Do we OWE them something?
    NOT in my book ..
    “The problem is how to pay for it and how to do it.”
    Dear Mr. Stone, are you that — misinformed?
    Does the “People’s Daily Online” pay you to write this stuff?
    I don’t get paid a single “Singapore half-penny” to present the REAL truth of the matter ..
    Is that the PRICE of truth these days?
    This coming from a so-called “alt-media” portal ..
    What does it take to get REAL information here?
    Further amplification ..
    (With the “Michael Bay Effect” for younger audiences)
    And here be additionally informed ..
    The “Ambassador” is quite close to major Chinese warlords ..
    The REAL power behind the PRC/PLA …
    * CG, why do you print this tripe? These “false narratives.” What good does it serve the general public and greater good? Huh?

    1. What is causing your butthurt? You are just a US butt kissing Singaporean, speaking funny English. You are just a little pile of dirt with a little bit of lucky money. .

  4. Well as I beleive that we are capable of selfsufficiantcy I also would think that as long as china is doing this for the good of humanity great for them! Fact is there product sells well in this country if they want that to continue they may want to help with no cost to our people what so ever!!! PS. Mr President Trump Dont you dare fold to these people in the east we are independent and we the people expect you to sell that to the fullest!!!:) We except there help with planning ofcourse but i would think they own enough of this country as it is!!!

    1. Ahem…
      This misguided missive is yet another glaring example of why the USA is in the calamatous and dire straits it’s in.

    2. Maybe you need to do some homework. Back in the early 70s documents classified ‘Top Secret’ were acquired from within China’s, let’s say, official files, in which the CHINESE PLAN TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD PEACEFULLY AND ECONOMICALLY was laid-out clearly in one of the documents. I seem to recall 600 or 700 pages… Not to long ago, those following China’s progress on this World Domination Plan and Strategy stated that: China was on target! Most of China’s consumer products are toxic… slavery in the industrial and other sectors is booming… and abuses continue on well. AND YOU ARE HAPPY WITH YOUR FREE HANDOUTS IN THE STATES?

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