South Korea Rejects US Pentagon Provocation vs. China

The United States and Japan are planning to hold a military exercise together with South Korea in order to initiate another cloud of uncertainty in the region, in parallel with US beefing up of NATO forces near the Russian border.
As a backgrounder, the USS Ronald Reagan carrier group was being shadowed by a Chinese attack sub without being detected, back in the later part of 2015.

Chinese Submarine Stalked U.S. Aircraft Carrier

Bill Gertz, November 3, 2015 5:00 am

The USS Ronald Reagan / AP
The USS Ronald Reagan / AP

A Chinese attack submarine stalked the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan near Japan last month in the closest encounter between a carrier and a People’s Liberation Army Navy submarine since 2006, according to American defense officials.
The Chinese submarine sailed very close to the Reagan during the weekend of Oct. 24, said defense officials familiar with reports of the incident.
The incident occurred as the Reagan sailed from its home port to the Sea of Japan around the southern end of Japan.
Days later, in the Sea of Japan, the Reagan was targeted for a close flyby by two Russian Tu-142 bombers that flew within a mile of the ship at an altitude of 500 feet. U.S. Navy jets were scrambled to escort the bombers away from the carrier group.
The submarine encounter also occurred days before the USS Lassen, a guided missile destroyer, carried out a freedom of navigation operation in the South China Sea.
The Lassen’s passage within 12 miles of a disputed island in the South China Sea on Oct. 26 was fiercely denounced by the Chinese government. Chinese spokesmen, both military and civilian, said the passage was a violation of Beijing’s territorial sovereignty, a claim rejected by the United States, which said the ship was sailing in international waters.
Disclosure of the Chinese submarine encounter comes as Adm. Harry Harris is visiting China for the first time as the commander of U.S. forces in the Pacific.
Pacific Fleet and Pacific Command spokesmen declined to comment on the submarine encounter but did not deny that the incident occurred.
Additional details of the encounter—such as the type of submarine involved, whether it surfaced or remained submerged, and how close it came to the ship—could not be learned.
The nuclear-powered carrier is a symbol of U.S. power projection capabilities. China’s military has been attempting to drive the U.S. military out of Asia as part of efforts to assume the sole leadership role in the region.

This singular event in 2015 puts the US Navy in a very uncomfortable position, having realized that they could be sitting ducks against Chinese subs even with their advertised technological superiority, effectively rendering all “freedom of navigation” naval intrusions irrelevant.
Notably, the Russians also manifested its readiness to help China militarily, whenever the need arises.
The same Chinese stalking reoccurred with USS John C. Stennis’ task force group, about 7 months later.
To top it off, the Philippine government under Mayor Duterte has expressed, in more ways than one, that no more military exercises near the disputed area in the South China Sea will be allowed, effectively rendering the same naval intrusions geopolitically irrelevant.

With these unfriendly developments, the military industrial complex controlling the Pentagon is now relying other US allies in the region for another shadow war with China, under the cover of a trilateral military exercise.
Said planned exercise include a submarine hunting drill. No,  it’s not against North Korea, as the country is focusing more on increasing the reach of its ICBMs, i.e. just enough to reach the US mainland.
Understandably, with all its internal problems right now, South Korea rejected the idea.

Korea Rejects Trilateral Anti-Submarine Drill With US, Japan

10:05 AM, January 10, 2017

S.Korea and US Military during joint exercise in March 2016.

South Korea has rejected US and Japanese proposal to conduct trilateral anti-submarine warfare exercise aimed at countering North Korea’s submarines, Japanese media reported Tuesday.
South Korean side opposed the suggestion saying that it was not the right time for the drills, the Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported.
The drills were supposed to be conducted on the basis of the General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) signed by Tokyo and Seoul on November 23, 2016 to create the framework for both protection and sharing of secret military information.
The proposition to hold the submarine hunting drill was made in a meeting of senior defense officials from Japan, the United States and South Korea in Seoul on Dec. 16.
Japan and the United States accepted this response and the three nations agreed to come up with an outline for joint exercises involving all of them at some point.

This is not to mention the great divide between Korea and Japan pertaining to abuses against Korean “comfort women” that the latter has been accused to have committed during WW2.
It must also be remembered that the majority of South Koreans don’t want the installation of THAAD surface-to-air missile in its US military bases.
So, clearly, the military industrial complex continues to exert pressure on their high-value customers to buy some more war materiel even when the latter don’t need them anytime soon.
The conflict must first be created.

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