Divided America: Trump’s New Deal vs. Soros’ Open Swamp

In every big protest rally, there’s always the passionate protestors and the well-funded rabblerousers. Under-funded demonstrations are usually quite small, and boring.
The rest are anomalies from which arise real and meaningful change. The rise of Donald Trump to the presidency is an anomaly for the establishment, just like Vladimir Putin and Rodrigo Duterte before him.
America’s situation is very complex today than during the days when they were still chasing the natives, who until now have remained silent about their true hereditary rights over the lands where the women march against bigotry and racism is held.
They are deeply divided, not just in politics, but in multiple social issues. Indeed, the Khazarians have succeeded in destroying the country from within, as a payback to its anti-imperial decadence, more than two hundred years ago.
The people of America have also endured decades of neglect, not because their own government cared for other peoples around the world, but to make a pretext for their own resources to be redirected towards the earthly satisfaction of their own oligarchy. They continue to doubt, as everyone else, the motives of their own leaderships and the integrity of their own institutions, in general.
For decades, the government of the people has been absent. In its place is a Cabal of well-trained technocrats and orators ready and able to pull the people by their noses. They have completely lost the memory of what was it then when the Republic was born, and before this Corporatocracy forced itself through fear and outright malevolence that still continues even today.

Donald Trump’s a ‘would-be dictator,’ says George Soros

British Prime Minister Theresa May won’t last long in office and US President-elect Donald Trump is little more than a “would-be dictator,” according to billionaire George Soros.
… the entrepreneur saved his harshest words for Trump, saying his fellow tycoon is no more than an “impostor and con-man” who is already “gearing up for a trade war” which would almost certainly have “a very far-reaching effect in Europe and other parts of the world.
He called Trump a “would-be-dictator” who was himself surprised by his win in the presidential race.
I personally have confidence that he’s going to fail … because his ideas that guide him are inherently self-contradictory,” Soros predicted.
Soros was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Soros truly believes that his ideas are the only ones that work, and they did work for him.

George Soros lashes out at Trump and his ‘self-contradictory’ ideas

The gray eminence of US politics, billionaire financier George Soros, criticized President-elect Donald Trump, calling him a con man and would-be dictator. A supporter of liberal causes, Soros donated generously to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.
“I have described him as an imposter, a con man and would-be dictator,” Soros, the chairman of Soros Fund Management, told Bloomberg at the World Economic on Thursday. “But he is only a would-be-dictator because I am confident that the Constitutions of United States are strong enough, the division of power, is in operation.”
Soros said that Republicans have a unique victory by taking control of the presidency, Congress and the Supreme Court. He remarked that Trump has greater powers in foreign policy than domestically, but he thinks Congress will “be a bulwark protecting its rights.”
“When Trump oversteps the mark they will fight back and if they have a bipartisan coalition, they will actually succeed in limiting him,” stated Soros.
The Hungarian-born US citizen, who made his fortune on currency speculation, grew close to Bill and Hillary Clinton after Mr. Clinton became president. He was a generous contributor to Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign ‒ contributing nearly $11 million ‒ and was said to have backed three Super PACS: USA Action, American Bridge 21st Century and Hillary for America.  Soros-affiliated groups supported Media Matters, MoveOn.org and the Center for American Progress. MoveOn organized many anti-Trump rallies.

The Trump era is expected to be of division not because some of the people don’t support him, but there are people who simply can’t understand what love of country and true nationalism are They have fully acclimatized themselves in the swamp for far too long, they are thinking it’s the only reality that exists.

Let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that we are capable of loving the rest of the world much greater than our own family — that would be hypocritical.
If they really care for the world, where was the massive protest against the endless wars fought by their own foot soldiers, which only serve corporate interests rather than provide and enhance national security?
Don’t these people know what’s going on outside of their own box?

Or, are they just forming their values out of that same box that the fake news sewer system is feeding them, because they’re too lazy to investigate the truth for themselves?
That same laziness that drove them to protest, instead of working on the actual solution which addresses the problem by its root, just because joining the march is more fashionable as some celebrities are going with them?
Yes, she is speaking about some truths against racism and all, but are these all faults of the new administration?
The incoherence is glaring, the logic — illusory, and these are noticeably pervasive among this type of movement, i.e. organized mass protest, as opposed to a spontaneous and organic expression of dissent, where everyone is ready to die for their own convictions.
Make no mistake, we are taking no sides here. Objectively, Trump did not start racism in America, so much so that Trump himself denied categorically that he is affiliated with the KKK leadership, as the mainstream media had been parroting to demonize him during the campaign, with the full connivance of the real racist group KKK.
Racism is not inherent to man. It’s being peddled on by organizations, and institutions like the mainstream media, which are all under the full control of the few who seek to perpetrate power through our division. These well-off actresses and actors should have known better. But they are all used to reading scripts.
Notably, and although he is in the best position to do so, racism is something that even the black president himself did not even try to mitigate during his 8 years in office.
On the other hand, Trump’s hyperbolic, nationalistic rhetorics are meant to ignite patriotism and a more inward-looking America, something that is all too common character with all leaders who truly love their motherland.
The last 24 hours is still too premature to criticize the man about something he hasn’t done yet. If the rest of the world are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, why can’t these people do the same?
Aren’t they barking at the wrong tree?

Every woman everywhere can do whatever she wants if she puts her mind to it, except only in the reservation areas where phallic worshipers converge (read: Wahhabists).
If half of America is not willing to allow the new government to prove itself worthy within the next 6 months, then what is the alternative other than more of the same filthy swamp?
Or, do they honestly believe that a person who never had any experience in management by running an enterprise, can run an entire country more effectively?
We ask this same question because that is the most practical issue during the entire campaign year, i.e. what to do with the American economy which incidentally plummeted heavily under the Obama presidency.

US debt soars 86% under Obama presidency to nearly $20 trillion

The United States national debt will have grown by about $9 trillion to over $19.6 trillion under President Barack Obama, according to the website USdebtclock.org.
The site tracks how much the US debt grows in real time. It shows that when Obama entered the Oval office in 2008, the national debt stood at $10.7 trillion. Thus, the increase is 86 percent.
By the time Donald Trumps is sworn in, the debt will have grown to almost $20 trillion.

No, not one of these actresses were protesting against this non-performance, and their collective silence was greatly rewarded with the same accolade that they were so accustomed to.

They are all more concerned about the preservation of their loyalty to the club, their own megalomaniac “way of life” and vanity.
They should have looked at, if they truly care hard enough for America, and evaluated the performance of lawyers and actors who turned themselves into politicians, only to leave their constituencies more dependent on food stamps, student loans, the unresponsive, expensive, or outright non-existent healthcare system, and effectively rendering even the most basic infrastructures in utter ruins than during their first day in office.
More than that, they should have looked specifically at the track record of the Clinton couple and the Clinton Foundation in order to see how exactly they have developed a sordid profile through all these years that the fake news media continue to ignore. If they did otherwise, the Sheeples should have conquered their tunnel vision and see the whole truth about the Clintons in all its glory…

… and the man behind the Women’s March in DC.

Just like any other crossroad, America is now torn between Sheeplehood and subversion.
There’s no middleground here, or it loses its own identity, i.e. that of being the conquered (by financial oligarchs,) or as the beacon of hope within the fabled American Dream mantra.
Inasmuch as we don’t fully agree to this man’s deliberate omission of the Jesuits culpability in all that’s been happening around the globe, he does talk with more sense than all the marchers combined.
If there’s any middleground here, it’s probably the position of the silent majority within the confused Democrats themselves, who are willing to give this new administration a change to prove its worth.
And mind you, it’s very easy to spot the difference between a blind whining protestor, and someone who can potentially change the world for the better…

Yelling against any perceptible social disease is like praying to a deity for somebody’s cancer to get away by itself. Both routines feel orgasmically good in the interim, and sometimes they worked, but most of the time the crying can only get louder.
Caring for women doesn’t need a march. Real healthcare could not come from medical insurance companies and the pharmaceutical industry. Real healthcare comes only from self-studying other modalities which can be implemented right at the comfort of one’s home. No corporate government surviving on taxes will ever provide these options for them, and no Hollywood celebrity will ever teach them how to do it because they, too, are dying out of their sheer ignorance about these common sense approaches.
Upholding the welfare of immigrants doesn’t need a protest. Each immigrant must contribute constructively, or creatively to the country he chose to live in. no sane businessman will ever throw away a full functioning asset of a company. Everyone must work their way up through meritocratic deeds.
if the ballot doesn’t work anymore, removing the businessman, because he is racist, is more efficient with a bullet to the head, than through a fractured larynx.
Demanding solutions from a completely dysfunctional government is the most idiotic path any activist could take. The dysfunction must first be removed by external action, and not by those same people causing the dysfunctionality.
The people of America arrived at this juncture not by Trumpian “racist” rhetoric, but through racism encouraged and perpetrated by the “Chosen People” of the Rothschild Dynasty, with the able assistance of its conscripts in the media, entertainment and political elite.

The crimes of genocide committed by the phallic worshiping conscripts who built the Washington Monument should be the ones being condemned, and not the imagined misdeeds of a patriot.
The persistent barking at the wrong tree should now end, and it should begin from each of us.

The video begins with a scene of anti- and pro-Trump supporters facing each other, before the anti-Trump supporters break out in a chorus of chants: “This is what Democracy looks like,” “Love Trumps hate,” and “No justice, No Peace.”

Where to go from here?

The future needs smart thinking and persistent hard work which directly addresses the very root cause of society’s ills. That’s the America that the people of the world have known, and missed.
The change in the current paradigm will occur organically only as the direct consequence of people waking up, and taking concrete actions beyond street protest.
The corrosive elements must be neutralized first. How fitting would that be than to do it with the very same people who know it all, i.e. those who know the inner workings of the Deep State?

The swamp must be drained of its filth and slime, and the mainstream media sewerage system must be flushed out completely by the fast expanding decentralized, independent media.
The leader in charge must be an expert in driving people to work, and work they must. Everyone must be fully aware of where precisely the whole journey is heading. Like the seed must die first before it can sprout from the ground, America will experience a massive social unrest first due to sheer ignorance, misunderstanding, and external interference. But America won’t be alone in her journey, if she is pursuing the same direction as the rest of the world.
Already, countries have expressed their willingness to help America get back on its feet. Once again, China has offered its resources and technologies to build new roads and bridges, as it did during the early years of the American republic.
The great history about this expression of goodwill might have been expunged from the books written under the sponsorship of the Rockefeller Foundation, and only a few may have known the full story by now, but the truth will always find its way to the present consciousness, that those were not slave Chinese who were there building the railroads much faster than the Caucasians.
To put it simply, China has achieved her economic prosperity today because she was willing to sacrifice her giant labor force in exchange for technology transfer from the West, while Western companies were happy to relocate into China for higher industrial profits, both allowed by Western governments that the people did not care about until all jobs are gone.
It’s everybody’s fault, but certainly not China’s. Otherwise, the above, protesters should have marched all across America like they’re doing now, and should have removed already all those who are directly responsible for their sad fate.
What China is doing for the last five decades is to show all of us that it takes creativity, patience and perseverance to get to where they are today.

After having been offended by the West when it called their railroad workers as slaves and denied the latter’s contribution to American industrialization for centuries, in much the same way as the West are criticizing China for the welfare of their own factory workers now, the Asian dragon is yet again offering to help America under Trump…

… all in exchange for peace in the South China Sea and around the world. They believe that America’s success is everyone’s success, too. This is the motivation behind the Eastern Alliance’s offer to help. But, does America really learn anything from its own past experience by now?
We will know the answer to that question in the coming months.
In the meantime, as the battle for American hearts and minds continues, we are more than happy to contribute our own proverbial two cents along the way.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

7 thoughts on “Divided America: Trump’s New Deal vs. Soros’ Open Swamp”

  1. A great article from a real thinker. The world is a closed system all created equal to serve one another. Trump will fix the cancer that has befallen America. As a Kenyan, we are better of with Trump at the helm. Africa is growing through Chinas help.

  2. Pardon me, but are the women of Iraq and Libya, and Syria and Yemen to get no consideration from these women? Do these American protesters know how ridiculous they look…able to afford childcare and travel expenses and time off? The real women of America, the ones holding the country and families up from penury and dangers, have no time or money for such a display.
    These are a joke.
    As for the right wing pro life people…do they know how many unborn babies were destroyed in the wombs of their mothers in the regime wars? Or how many Chinese women had to abort to keep their jobs making the clothes and toys and office supplies in their Shopping carts?
    The hypocritical nonsense these days is such an embarrassment to my country! A 3 year old can spot it!!!

  3. These protesters, base their “Claims: in my view it seems, on the taped words Mr Trump said about grabbing women< NOW I,m not a fanatical religious person, but Honestly, have these "WOMEN" (Never) said Anything derougatory to "MEN" In their lives ??? A drink with the girls, a ego outburst ?? Have they not said these things "EVER" Well I believe they have, but was someone @ that MOMENT Recording them ?? Think about it to these protesters. Can you think outside the corrupt media that fuels conflict?? CAN YOU ?? You are soo locked up in your mental prison that you are fighting the person, who is offering the KEY to free you!! Look past the Media, and Think, THINK. How is your family?? Who promotes division, Divorce, Drugs, Depravity< How is your country & your children fairing?? You are condemning a man on a silly statement said years ago, that you are "ALL" guilty off & you are sabotaging a whole future on "THAT" Give Donald a chance I think you"WILL" be presently surprised ! Jesus said let he who is without sin, "CAST THE 1ST STONE" !!

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