Why the West Will Not and Cannot Let Syria Live in Peace

For all those who have become awake and conscious or otherwise put; have escaped the western media pit of lies and brainwashing, the six year long resistance of the Syrian people in the face of the US Deep State and its terrorist proxy troops ISIS, Al Qaeda et al has been a deeply tragic but historically heroic inspiration to us all.
They survived four years almost totally alone until Russia entered to fight the US, EU, Israeli proxy terrorist fighters that were gaining ground on government held territory in Syria.
The Russian campaign has been exemplary, resulting in, at the time of writing in a total reversal for the aggressors. Many are rightly praising the the Heroic Syrian Arab army and its Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah allies. I have been saying all along however that this optimism is misplaced as the forces that actually run the western world simply cannot let Syria rise from the ashes.
A re-built Syria which controls it’s own central bank and can issue it’s own currency as it needs with no outside control and no debt to the International Monetary Fund or anyone else, (The most fundamental and essential of freedoms that most western countries have not experienced for at least a hundred years.) which, because of this, is able to offer its citizens, even during the war, free education and higher education, health care and extremely low or non existent utility charges is totally anathema to the real leaders of the western world. The fact that different branches of Islam and above all, the fact that the many Orthodox Christians in Syria live in peace with each other burns the western, fractional reserve, debt enslaving banking elites as holy water burns a vampire.
The neo-cons, i.e. the people who actually run the US Deep State are hell bent on total world domination and they are achieving this through control of every country’s central bank and their freedom to issue their own currency as they need and a ruthless war on culture facilitated by the ever increasing rate at which education is dumbed down with the help of main stream media. In just thirty years they have succeeded in turning the average westerner into a zombie who’s “understanding” of the world is completely founded on lies and often total reality inversions and who’s powers of thought and objective reasoning, as well as a sense of any meaningful self and a place in history have been reduced to almost zero.
A resurgent Syria will be a shining example to the whole world of what life can be like without the neo-con iron grip on the money supply, education system, media, sport, art and all the rest.
A resurgent, whole Syria will be a block to the much touted “Greater Israel” and to the western plans for gas pipes from Qatar to Europe (whatever may or may not be happening with Qatar right now). Last but anything but from least, is the fact that Syria’s survival will be a massive spanner in the works of their ultimate goal of subduing, conquering and dismembering Russia which is of course the number one reason why Russia came to Syria’s aid in the first place! That is why they will not and from their Satanic point of view, cannot, allow it to allow Syria to survive!
At the time of writing (evening June 26 in Europe) seemingly coordinated reports are coming in from the US, UK, France that another chemical attack on the Syrian people and “innocent little children” by its own government and president is being prepared and is due any minute and that the west will make President Assad and his military “pay a very heavy price” “when or maybe even before it occurs”. (preemptive strike)
Now all sane, informed, awake people in the world know that the government of Syria has never used chemical weapons on anybody and never will. We know that this was only ever western lies to help domestic public opinion accept yet another western destruction of free humanity and culture as with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and now Syria hence bringing them them ever closer to their absolute domination of the entire world and the enslavement of every human soul. Hence what we are seeing here is yet another attempt to use the same tired old lie to justify a western regime change action followed by the destruction of secular, civilized Syria.
Were a major western, Israeli attack on Syria to take place, that would put Russia in a difficult position which is precisely why some of the hotter heads in the western elite may just decide to risk it.
The Russian government and people absolutely do not want war and Russia has repeatedly shown a very “Zen” ability to dissolve all the aggressive provocations the west has thus far thrown at her in Ukraine as in Syria. One does not have to be a military or geopolitical expert to see that if Russia resists militarily, this could risk escalating very fast all the way to WWIII. This is something that Russia wants to avoid at nearly all costs but were the situation to become existential, that would be another matter and as many have already commentated, the Russians are informed and ready which cannot be said in any way of western populations.
The Russian campaign in Syria has resulted in a very low casualty count so far but a very high profile one. All deaths of male and female Russian service personnel in Syria (Except secret agents we may presume) have been publicized on mainstream media. All are felt as a great loss but some were especially moving. The young reconnaissance soldier who found himself hopelessly surrounded by ISIS fighters who called down a missile strike on himself to avoid being captured and to make sure the terrorists were all killed: which they were. The pilot who was shot down by a Turkish fighter and then machine gunned by western backed terrorists as he parachuted to earth hanging helplessly in the air. All Russia saw his legs kicking out as the bullets entered him. It would be very hard, maybe even impossible for Russian public opinion to except that all that heroism and sacrifice was for nothing. That Russia must just let the west and Israel overthrow the legitimate government, hand the country over to the Islamist terrorists and their masters and come home with her tail between her legs and start to reinforce the Russian borders.
The Russian government has always said that it is in Syria to defeat the terrorists rather than to “prop up”, as the western media likes to say, the Assad government. Recent poles say that if there was an election in Syria tomorrow, Assad would get close to ninety percent and the fact on the ground is that if he goes, the terrorists will win. A fact that is perfectly understood in Washington, London, Paris, Tel Aviv as it is in Damascus, Moscow, Tehran and Beijing. If that happens, next step, Iran!
If the west goes for an all out regime change attack in Syria and should Russia decide that its long term interests are best served by retreating, then this could be more destabilizing for Russia’s internal unity than any thing the west has thrown at her so far. The west’s use of so called “liberals” and “Clinton, Soros worshiping and funded dissidents” to effect regime change in Russia has spectacularly failed. However, if there is any undercurrent of doubt in the leadership of Vladimir Putin in the country it is among those who feel frustrated by his “Zen” way of dealing with the west and who would like to see a much more full on, robust countering of western aggression around her borders and protection of Russia’s interests worldwide.
These people would find it impossible to stomach a Russian defeat, retreat from Syria and internal tensions would certainly rise more than they have done to date. I would certainly not envy President Putin, his ministers and advisers given such a choice. True! A firm, decisive rebuttal of western aggression might cause the west to back down as it is in much more disarray than Russia or Syria itself for that matter. On the other hand it might not and then what?
Let us pray that such a decision will not have to be taken. That the few remaining non neo-con people in the Pentagon and the US administration manage to thwart this ridiculous false flag creation or: that as Alexander Mercouris noted, that it looks like a heavy handed attempt to distract public attention from Seymour Hersh’s devastating article exposing the last “chemical attack” false fag as a total lie!
The next few hours and days will be crucial! Someone recently wrote and I’m paraphrasing as I can’t find the original.
“The neo-con desire for world domination has zombified them to such an extent that they cannot stop on this path. Until someone shoots them in the head, they will continue moving forward”!

Marcus Godwyn is a British musician and amateur essayist. The original source of this article is Oriental Review. Copyright © Marcus Godwyn, Oriental Review, 2017

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13 thoughts on “Why the West Will Not and Cannot Let Syria Live in Peace”

  1. To confirm what we already know: If you go to the ‘neoconservative’ page on wikipedia, this exact quote comes up:
    “The movement had its intellectual roots in the JEWISH monthly review magazine Commentary, published by the American JEWISH Committee…The major group of intelectualism surrounding Neoconservatism draws on the political science of Professor Leo Strauss (a JEW)”…(the other main influence) Jeane Kirkpatrick is a “staunch supporter of Israel”.
    So the solution to all our problems is clearly:
    2/ Put economic sanctions on usa to make it collapse and be forced to change or die
    3/ Nuke Israel again just to be sure (double tap)
    Side note: all this provocation of russia is done by PATSIES so if Russia does retaliate into ww3, they hope russia will strike the patsies like america or uk or germany. Israel is counting on nobody ever suspecting or attacking israel. I hope if Russia does retaliate, its on ISRAEL and israel ONLY. Stop beating round the bush. We know ((who)) and ((where)) all this shit is coming from.
    And America wont back down from retaliation from russia, but the good part is, that Russia would whoop america’s ass. America would get destroyed and would eliminate THEMSELVES from the equation. But then, it wouldnt matter/count for anything becuase usa is just the guard dog. The saruman behind it all is ISRAEL. You can shoot every neocon on the planet, but if Israel still exists, there will always be a safe space for evil to regroup and remultiply and stage another offensive eventually.

    1. Israel and the Rothchilds. Their family emblem /flag is the same as Israel’s, the only difference being the colour of the star.

  2. My views entirely from day one. Thanks for shedding light on the genocidal Neocon’s plan that totally hijacked that simpleton Bush’s government. To say GWB was naive and simpleton is to make light of the immense criminal acts of Neocons. Perhaps one day the world will bring those culprits into the human rights court. Wake me up when that happens.

  3. May I? I liked the devastating article by Seymour Hersh telling the world what a certain white guy sitting in the oval office is doing or not doing. That man does not read, does not understand anything in the world except making money for himself, the AMERICAN DREAM. He leads the number one nation in the world. What world are we living in, if he can do what he wants, if we let him do what he wants, including destroying life on earth through nuclear war?
    We are a world divided in those who believe him and those who just follow. They believe that they elected him when he promised those things they wanted to hear. Now he does the opposite but still tells them what they want to hear: make America great again. B-S! When was America great before? Can someone give me a time frame of 5 years when America was not at war and not killing people?
    Congratulations, Marcus Godwyn, you got it so right: “The neo-con desire for world domination has zombified them to such an extent that they cannot stop on this path. Until someone shoots them in the head, they will continue moving forward”!
    Wolfgang Struck

  4. The coup has happened. There are TWO White House (s): the one at 1600 Penn and the one in Kalorama. Trump was at dinner with the Chinese president when the Syrian strike happened; however, Hillary already knew where the missiles were going to land. Obama has been subverting Trump from the very first moment he realized Hillary had lost. He and Hillary have NOT lost their security clearances and Obama has established his own policy from Kalorama, stalking Trump on his tour of Europe. The US Prop Media are his vassals and loyal worshippers.
    Maybe Hersh can look into the Kalorama White House next time he does an expose. Tell us why it is not treason.

  5. Hope Russkies in what could be come hugely hostile countries, have been or are returning home to Russia… I read sometime ago that there are many Russians and in particular– Russian Jews. resident in Israel — This must surely pose a problem for Putin– after all, these Russian Jews have relatives in Russia and vice versa? Its complicated when war rears its evil head.and brings about tragedy for all– hardly ever that even one remains untouched.
    The Russian president cares for all of humanity– yet his country and his peoples, naturally remain his first priority … Living up to his name, he will do his damnedest to lead with greatness and in peace — as the ultimate worthy president of Russia. May God give him ongoing inspiration!
    Interesting though, that Kissinger for once, spoke sense during his recent visit to Moscow: https://www.sott.net/article/355195-Kissinger-Global-leadership-part-of-Washingtons-DNA-while-Russia-has-been-defender-and-advocate

  6. BTW, don’t know where Kissinger gets the ‘Marxist principles’ from — complete BS– sorry, but really the arrogance which always seep into their speech is the ore remarkable for it, because they are completely unaware of it … while its in the face obvious to common sense people all over the world …

  7. Former USAF colonel, “Fletch” Prouty, was assigned the duty of instigating support for the CIA within the USAF. He subsequently wrote a semi-autobiography, “The Secret Team the CIA and Its Allies In Control of the United States and the World,” 1973, which contained the details of the subversion colonel Prouty was ordered to carry out. Only a few copies of the original printing escaped confiscation by the CIA. A reprint in 2011 contains the original information, plus a foreword by an additional American hero.
    Funding ISIS via the CIA black budgets, documented by former USArmy PsyOps officer, Scott Bennett, http://armypsyop.wix.com/scottbennett#!my-story/cf5l , while simultaneously ordering American soldiers to kill the CIA/MOSSAD mercenaries is evidenced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most notably, the psychotic pattern of destruction continues in the SOVEREIGN NATION of Syria. The terrorism of “Israel”, via CIA/MOSSAD and their proxy army, ISIS, continues to be supported under president Donald Trump.

  8. I do not understand why everyone is quick to point the finger at a particular individual usually The president of the United States this is all of our problem not just point the blame it is time we all take responsibility for being human there is way to much division in the world and it is disgusting we need to come together and love one another because guess what we are all human we all bleed red so stop pointing your fucking fingers and start loving one another there will only be peace when we can come together love one another and stop with the divisions I am an American yes so automatically I am privileged? Bullshit my government is completely screwed up and the federal reserve has been robbing us for ever so stop pointing your collective fingers and start love start peace start to being human again then we can all ascend into a better reality where there is no war no hate no poverty no bullshit I apologize for the language but I am tired of all the hate The president of the United States is doing more for his people then any other president in US history so please come together for all of mankind because if the bombs drop we are all gone think about it …
    God Bless
    Rasher Asher is the all seeing all believing ultimate if you believe you can perceive…

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