BRICS Consider Setting Up Gold Trading System

The highly anticipated global reset is about to be formally introduced. This includes the shift of at least 60% of the global economy to the gold standard and other asset-based currencies.  This is the first time that they’ve announced their intention as a group.
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) are discussing the possibility of establishing a separate gold trading system, according to the First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov.
“The traditional (trade) system based in London and partially in Swiss cities is becoming less relevant as new trade hubs are emerging, first of all in India, China, and South Africa,” he said, adding “we are discussing the possibility of establishing a single (system of) gold trade both within BRICS and at the level of bilateral contacts.”
BRICS countries are large economies with substantial reserves of gold and an impressive volume of production and consumption of the precious metal, said the official. According to him, the new system may serve as a basis for the further creation of new benchmarks.
The Bank of Russia has already signed a memorandum on developing bilateral gold trade with China. The regulator plans to form a single trade system with the People’s Republic of China in 2018.
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“We assume that trade and clearing links should be established. The point is that gold buyers should decide on the place of purchase,” Shvetsov said, adding that trade links will enable market participants to make deals on international exchanges via the central counterparty.
Last year, the Bank of Russia and the People’s Bank of China announced plans to create a platform that would unite gold trading by the world’s two biggest gold buying countries.
According to the World Gold Council, Russia is the largest official buyer of gold and the world’s third-biggest producer, with the central bank purchasing from domestic miners through commercial banks. It has more than doubled the pace of gold purchases over the past decade, adding more than 1,250 tons to its gold reserves. In the second quarter of 2017, it accounted for 38 percent of all gold purchased by central banks.

The $300 billion China-US economic deal sealed during Trump’s Asia tour will surely provide the necessary mitigation for the American economy.
In line with this, it is very visible by now that the dark side is in panic mode while being exposed to the light.
“The election of President Trump […] evoked a response. So many women who’ve had a bad experience are now saying “I’ve had a bad experience and now [the] person who [had been] possibly engaged in that activity is the President of the US. I am speaking out!” Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said in her interview with NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday while commenting on the sexual accusations directed at leading US politicians and public officials.
There shouldn’t be any let up on the pressure against these rotten geopolitical drones. Even better, let’s pester them wherever they go until they have no recourse but to hang themselves in shame, if there’s still something like it left in them.
They must pay for the destruction they’ve done worldwide.

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  1. INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “DIRECT MARINE CONTACT @ LANGLEY” 11/27/17
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  2. THE HEAD OF THE SERPENT. Punishing the bribed/blackmailed puppets and mind-controlled figureheads will not solve the problem, which is the puppet master (handler/programmer) hiding in the dark behind the curtain and the puppet-theater owner who is never named or seen or revealed. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Sauds, Windsors, Soros, Popes, and other visible bad actors on the dark side are following their prepared scripts.
    The only way to stop the global chaos is to identify the Head of the Serpent System and decapitate the beast like the fabled Jabberwock.

    1. Psalm 37: 10, 11…And just a Little While longer, and the WICKED ONES will be NO MORE; and you will CERTAINLY give Attention give attention to His Place, and HE/HER WILL NOT BE.
      But the MEEK ONES themselves will POSSESS the Earth….And THEY will Indeed find THEIR EXQUISITE Delight in the ABUNDANCE (And)of PEACE.
      This will ONLY happen when the REAL TRUTH is exposed, about WHO the “Anti-Christ’ is…WHO is the ONLY man claiming to be God’s representative on Earth???

      1. As far as King Henry VIII was concerned, he was. If the royals have followed in his tracks then we are certainly looking at P Charles or William stepping up to that mark.
        On the other side of Europe we have of course the pope – they are both fakes to any titles as far as I have read. So both are deceivers then?

  3. What will happen to gold stolen from East Asia by Yamashita and burried in Philippines, gold stolen by Nazis, gold in Vatican and Switzerland. Have we decided who owns them. It looks like this will be trade standard, and not a wealth standard in the short run. If gold in global collateral accounts are salted with radioactive material to prevent theft and for easy tracking, then holding gold may be a health risk. Gold is rising gradually nowadays. I suspect this is done intentionally, they allow it to rise, but not parabolically.

  4. Once ALL the LIEs are exposed about FAKE Markets and Kryto-currencies all that will be left is PM’s
    This is the REAL reason for “Physical Possession” of them…THERE IS WHERE THE REAL POWER IS …FOR NOW.
    I wished the sheeple would “Awaken” to THIS Fact!

  5. Folks the “Bankoholics” are SCARED CHIT-LESS OF Physical possessor’s…BECAUSE THEY ALREADY KNOW THIS FACT!

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