Bold Historic Putin-Trump Summit Seals Deep State's Fate

The Deep State Old Media were not able to pin down both leaders during their presser yesterday. This is a positive sign that both Putin and Trump are decisive in their resolve to reestablish a peaceful cooperation for both countries, which is really what the world needs today.

Yes, there were similar summits before this many decades ago, but what makes this one totally different is that it comes on the hell of a successful global effort to pin the Deep State down financially and geopolitically via China’s Belt and Road Initiative spanning multiple continents, including Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, most of Eurasia and soon even the United States itself once it is fully restored as a constitutional republic.
Monday’s Helsinki summit will be based entirely on what the two Presidents discuss and agree upon at the outset, purely between the two of them alone, unaccompanied by any aides or officials whatsoever, in a one-on-one meeting with no time-limit, which is another indication that the Deep State is not in on this one.
Here’s the Deep State’s last ditch effort to retard the summit before this day…
(July 13, 2018) Desperate to head off a possible accommodation between President Trump and President Putin, which could result in a principled approach to a viable peace, the British, Robert Mueller, and the “resist” holdover forces in the U.S. intelligence community and news media have staged a trifecta of calculated information warfare operations within the last 24 hours to sabotage the summit.
In the United States, two interrelated events occurred. First, embattled FBI Agent Peter Strzok appeared before a joint House hearing on Thursday to claim that the Republicans on the House Judiciary and Government Oversight Committees were doing “Putin’s work” for him by continuing to examine the British and Obama Administration/Democratic Party origins of Russiagate. Strzok’s charge, obviously choreographed with Congressional Democrats, was greeted by them with Jacobin cheers and endlessly cycled in the news media. The Democrats otherwise sought to obstruct the discredited FBI agent’s testimony by any and all means necessary to the delight of the fawning news media and the “resist” social media universe. Strzok was the lead FBI case agent on both the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Trump Russiagate investigation. The Justice Department’s independent Inspector General found that Strzok’s prioritization of the Trump Russiagate investigation over the Clinton email investigation was not free from bias, an inconvenient fact largely glossed over in Thursday’s staged event. Strzok and his mistress, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe counsel, Lisa Page, exchanged daily texts vowing to stop Trump’s election, disparaging Trump’s supporters, and declaring themselves the saviors of the nation from the catastrophic danger they saw in Trump.
Less than 24 hours later, Robert Mueller today indicted 12 members of Russia’s GRU military intelligence branch for allegedly hacking the DNC, John Podesta, and various other Democratic Party entities, in order to interfere in the 2016 U.S. elections against Hillary Clinton. Russia’s alleged cyber activities are, of course, the central premise of Robert Mueller’s entire witch hunt against President Donald Trump. Democratic leader Chuck Schumer immediately demanded that Trump cancel his meeting with Putin based on the indictment.
Reached today, after conducting a quick review of Mueller’s indictment, former NSA Technical Director William Binney declared the document to be “a fabrication.” “The only actual forensic investigations performed on available data regarding ‘hacks’ of the DNC are independent investigations assessed and approved by a group of us at the Veterans Intelligence Professionals for Sanity,” Binney noted. (See, Intel Vets Challenge ‘Russia Hack’ Evidence, and A New Report Raises Big Questions About Last Year’s DNC Hack.) He continued, “the FBI never even bothered to examine the DNC computers, relying instead on the DNC and Atlantic Council cyber contractor Crowd Strike for its evidence. Our analysis demonstrated that the Guccifer 2.0 and DC Leaks personas were created inside the United States. Our analysis also fully demonstrated that the transfer of the information was consistent with a download to a thumb drive, not transmission over the internet. Separate and apart from the VIPS analysis, Ray McGovern and I have consistently said that available data surrounding charges regarding ‘Russian hacking’ suggest that the CIA’s Vault 7 Cyber weapons arsenal enabling false attribution and ‘tell-tale’ signs in Cyrillic and other ‘obfuscation’ may be at work in a least some of this. Former Director of National Intelligence and former CIA Director John Brennan’s benighted views on Russia seem also to be in play over the past several years. Suffice it to add that, despite our assessment of John Brennan’s cyberoperations and false attribution programs at the CIA, Brennan’s geopolitical fixation on Russiagate, and despite our work with independent forensic analysts (or perhaps because of it), we have never been contacted by Robert Mueller or any Congressional investigative committee.”
Since members of the GRU are unlikely to present themselves to the U.S courts, nothing in Mueller’s indictment will ever have to be actually proved in a court of law. The indictment does demonstrate that substantial time was spent in creating a “save the appearances” version of a crime for the credulous after the Obama intelligence community’s initial presentation of an “assessment” of the hack never achieved general credibility beyond very gullible and technically challenged members of the U.S. press corps and the U.S. Congress. Moreover, with all the hullabaloo attached to Robert Mueller’s stunt, the fact remains that the DNC and John Podesta emails revealed a stunning and irrefutable truth: Hillary Clinton and the DNC were rigging the election against her Democratic primary opponent, Bernie Sanders. So much for “interference.”
The third element of this coordinated assault on the prospect of peace was the discovery of a bottle or vial of the so-called Novichok nerve agent allegedly used to poison former British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. The bottle was discovered at the home of Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess in Amesbury, England. The British went on an international rampage around the March 4, 2018, Skripal poisoning claiming that it was Putin conducting a murder of a long-retired British spy on British territory in some form of retaliatory action, demanding war-like sanctions against Putin and Russia. When their claims failed to achieve substantive credibility, even with the British bioweapons lab, Porton Down, Rowley and Sturgess appeared as new victims of the nerve gas poisoning on June 30 and Sturgess subsequently died. The British press is filled with the imputation that the found vial will somehow be traceable back to Russia, a fact which eluded the original Skripal hoax.
These are desperate ploys and will not survive scrutiny outside their wave-like propaganda effect on the public mind. Strzok’s portrayal of himself as Captain America, hating Putin, hating Trump for being rational about Putin, hating the smell of Trump supporters, deriding the intelligence of every Trump voter, defending the country against the destabilizing destruction represented by Donald Trump, yet somehow able to “follow the facts, wherever, they lead” simply did not sell. As even CNN commented, his own texts, demonstrating both his overt bias and willingness to shape his official actions in that light, were fatally “damning.”

Here’s the key statements made which confirm the close coordination between the two leaders even prior to this summit.

For Trump to admit that the US and Russia possess 90% of nuclear weapons on the planet, thereby acknowledging its insanity because the US could not fly each one of them anyway without being intercepted and neutralized either by Earth-based countermeasures or off-world, suggests that there will be an honest effort to shift away from war-based economy into making this planet conform to the Space Age of infinite frontiers from hereon, as hinted thereto during Trump’s inaugural address.
It is, of course, the American media that is still the problem, including the somewhat pro-Trump Fox News, where Putin is not allowed to enlighten its audience.

And it’s not just the media…

That’s a House Democrat’s call to a US miltiary coup against Trump after the former CIA director John Brennan called US President Donald Trump’s joint news conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin “treasonous.”
Assuming that this event is just one of those vaudeville shows to fool the uninitiated, then we are indeed cursed and only a real grassroots effort will rectify the world as it is. But are you ready and willing to put the bill for such a scenario?
The world is moving in for the better because the people wills it. The Deep State will do all it can to preserve its privileged position, but if we continue to enlighten ourselves and do concrete actions that would ultimately undermine its power, then we’ve won.
It’s what you do today that will make a lot of difference tomorrow. We may not live to see that day happening, but the next generation deserves none of what we’ve experienced most of our lives. So, the best time to do a little something is now when we can still coordinate our actions against a common enemy.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

19 thoughts on “Bold Historic Putin-Trump Summit Seals Deep State's Fate”

  1. What short memories the Yanks have if it were not for the Russians in the 1800’s the Americans would have lost the War and America would be owned by the British Empire. But then look how crazy they are now you have a USA President working towards world peace and is under attack from the gun toting War loving arseholes at home.

      1. For sure John and I am not even American. In fact this stands for every nation that has been colonised by Britain. AS John Perkins has said in his book, ‘The Confessions of An Economic Hitman” once a colony, always a colony. You are NOT free.

    1. Ron Row they are still run by the British. That is exactly why the constitution has been put on the back shelf. Remember the Federal Reserve Bank declared the US government bankrupt in 1933. They are the ones who govern the US and who owns that bank?

  2. Are there still people that ACTUALLY Believe that BOTH Trump and Putin are NOT pawns of the NWO?!?
    Putin IS a member of the Khazarian Mafia…Trump SUPPORTS the FAKE JEWS “Occupying” the land call Israel (Isra-Hell)…Who aren’t from the ORIGINAL Jewish race (Black People!) Rev. 2:9
    There will NEVER be a “Political solution” to humanity’s problems, when in FACT are the very SAME folks that screwed EVERYTHING UP in the First place…REMEMBER??? “Problem-Reaction-Solution….Divide-&-Conquer???
    AWAKEN Folks!

    1. Why can’t these “leaders” just spill everything out to the public? Just now, Thump back tracks with regards to Russia meddling in US elections saying he doesn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia. Wtf?? All these stupid rhetoric between deep state and Thump only causes confusion, frankly I think they’re both deliberately doing it, dropping hints here and there so the public (left and right) will have they’re own respective fairy tale stories to believe in – and goad the little people to armed confrontations. Just one little spark and the real shit show starts.
      “By deception thou shalt do war.”

      1. @sentido kumon
        You just quoted MOSSAD’s favorite line about HOW they operate…and DECEPTION is exactly what they use.

  3. It’s evident that despite the nonstop anti-Trump war waged by countless forces, the President and his policies remain considerably popular. The public is largely aligned with his agenda, has become accustomed to his unconventional style and appreciates that he’s smashing the corrupt status quo, improving their lives and doing what it takes to enhance the nation’s security.
    Throughout Trump’s brief but stellar political career, one thing has held true: The more he’s attacked, the more he thrives, the more the public rallies to him, the more success he enjoys. Instead of damaging him as intended, the relentless attacks merely bolster him, particularly when joined with the public’s endorsement of his policies. This, of course, only generates even more fury from his adversaries, who know they’re stuck in the infinite purgatory of their futile resistance.
    Meanwhile, the great silent majority is pretty well satisfied with the direction of the country — and with the singularly unique President leading it.

    1. YES siree Bob! The SHEEPLE respond just as commanded…but NOT the “Awakened Ones” WE KNOW BETTER!
      WE also KNOW what is “Arriving” that will actually CHANGE things!

    1. I read and saw a LOAD of this info at a now “Removed” site call “…Did you know that it was Napoleon who blew the BLACK Face (Nose) of the Sphinx to HIDE the FACT that Humanity’s earliest Civilization was BLACK race beings…not WHITE…All Humanity came from AFRICA, and the proof is showing up all over the Internet…HERE is just ONE video proving this:
      Ever wonder WHY almost ALL Egyptian images have “Damaged NOSES and Faces???
      The WHITE race has been madly trying to ALTER OUR-Story by attempting to HIDE or REPLACE this FACT by trying to sell HIS-Story.
      Look up a whole series on line called: “Whited Out” on You Tube…along with LOADS of other TRUTHS about OUR-Story…THERE ALWAYS ONLY “ONE” RACE ON THIS PLANET…THE HU-MAN RACE!
      Man-Kind is a creation of the “Fallen Ones” (Lucifer/Satan) of which the “Poop”s” (Pope) is entitled “Pontifax Maximus” or the so-called “Vicar of God/Christ on Earth!
      SOON to be Removed FOREVER!!!

    2. Remember that King henry the 8th rose up against the vatican and declared himself head of the new church of england( protestants) Once this was achieved every catholic was converted or killed. Sure blood ties hold this family and other ‘well’ to do families together .i.e rothchilds etc. The queen is the richest person in the world and only thanks to the storm troopers of colonialism. Nowadays control is metered out through economic factors. If they still do not behave then force by way of military engagement is implemented.

  4. LOL How long is this farce going to go on for.. and did you see their main source was,and I put their spelling mistake right, was Luccifer 2.0 lol Honestly you cant make this tripe up that Murika the Insane continues to push on us mere mortals..

    1. LOVED, The way you Properly identified “Guccifer 2.0 to his REAL character…LUCIFER! (LAUGH!!!)

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