Panic Among Oligarchs, Trump May Turn the Election

President Donald Trump is fully deployed to assure that the “Impeachment Party” — once known as the Democratic Party — is denied their effort to take over the Congress and launch an impeachment. He has held 12 rallies across the country in support of Republican candidates, repeating everywhere that a vote for Democrats this year is a vote against himself.
He plans to hold 10 more rallies in the final days preceding the election on Nov. 6. Although he seldom engaged the press in his first two years, in the past three weeks he has held numerous press conferences and interviews, fully confident and determined in his role as President. The LaRouchePAC-sponsored Independent Congressional candidacies in Texas and South Dakota of Kesha Rogers and Ron Wieczorek are rallying people around the country, regardless of party affiliation, to defend the nation against the British-orchestrated coup attempt, and organizing Americans to back Trump’s intention to establish peace and friendship with Russia and China, restore American System economic policies in the U.S., while calling on Trump to join in the new paradigm for global development represented by the Belt and Road Initiative.
The British and their assets in the U.S. are not pleased. In the past week we have seen the “caravan” of people from Honduras and Guatemala, openly mobilized and financed by George Soros’s NGOs, being driven toward the U.S. border, trying to force a showdown that they believe will undermine Trump’s resolve and public support. Even the Presidents of the these two impoverished nations have denounced the operation as a destabilization of their own countries, and created a “Safe Return” fund to entice the marchers back to their homelands. Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has offered jobs and work visas to the marchers if they would stay in Mexico.
And now we have the mail-bomb operation, with primitive pipe-bombs mailed to Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN and others — even George Soros himself — although they may have been so poorly constructed that they could not explode. CNN President Jeff Zucker immediately blamed Trump and his press spokesperson Sarah Sanders, claiming that their attacks on the press constitute an invitation for terrorist assassinations! Trump, in fact, strongly denounced the criminal acts and swore to catch the perpetrators. The {Washington Post} headlined an article: “Amid Incendiary Remarks, Targets of Trump’s Words Become Targets of Bombs.” They also denounced those who questioned the bombs as a possible “false-flag” operation, of the sort now widely recognized due to the fake chemical weapons attacks in Syria by the terrorist White Helmets.
The New York Times went so far as to publish a short story by a British pulp novelist about a Russian hit-man, with help from the U.S. Secret Service, assassinating President Trump.
These actions have a destabilizing purpose, but there is a process underway in humanity at large which can not easily be stopped. The British people have rejected the EU dictatorship, and now the same sentiment has led to a new government in Italy which is putting the health and livelihood of their citizens ahead of the unelected Brussels oligarchs. The elections of Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, and Donald Trump in the U.S.A. demonstrate the old Abe Lincoln saying: You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.
Most importantly, there is now more than one choice facing the citizens of the world. The “one game in town” era of IMF dictates, the “Washington Consensus,” is dead, although the dinosaurs have so far failed to concede their demise. The Belt and Road is being embraced across Asia, Africa and Ibero-America, and increasingly in both Eastern and Western Europe. This is what the Lords of the City of London and Wall Street fear most. When they heard this past week that Trump plans to meet Vladimir Putin in Paris immediately after the election, and that he is also to meet with Xi Jinping at the end of November in Argentina, all the King’s horses and all the King’s men have been deployed to prevent this affront to the British Empire’s division of the world by the upstart President of the breakaway colony across the Atlantic. But Humpty Dumpty is about to take a great fall.
It is the power of ideas which has created this mass strike ferment around the world, ideas conceived and set in motion by Lyndon LaRouche over the past half-century, finding resonance in the minds of creative people in nations around the world. These ideas have drawn on the rich classical culture of Plato and Schiller, the Confucian view of a harmonious society, the American concept of the general welfare, the scientific spark of Krafft Ehricke’s Extraterrestrial Imperative, among others. It is these universal ideas which must guide us in this moment of decision for the fate of mankind.


Sorry Khazarian Muppets, your false flag bomb scare is not working.

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  1. Already to go, EVERYONE votes Common Sense party line PRINTED on bottom Print names you wish to vote for in Row starting above Common Sense party, also in empty row PRINT ballot initiative example END FED print yes in that row on Common Sense part line. this is VALID BALLOT every one must be put in special bag and HAND COUNTED and they do NOT get counted as REPUBs or Dems.

  2. It’s evident that despite the nonstop anti-Trump war waged by countless forces, the President and his policies remain considerably popular. The public is largely aligned with his agenda, has become accustomed to his unconventional style and appreciates that he’s smashing the corrupt status quo, improving their lives and doing what it takes to enhance the nation’s security.
    Throughout Trump’s brief but stellar political career, one thing has held true: The more he’s attacked, the more he thrives, the more the public rallies to him, the more success he enjoys. Instead of damaging him as intended, the relentless attacks merely bolster him, particularly when joined with the public’s endorsement of his policies. This, of course, only generates even more fury from his adversaries, who know they’re stuck in the infinite purgatory of their futile resistance.
    Meanwhile, the great silent majority is pretty well satisfied with the direction of the country — and with the singularly unique President leading it.

  3. Geeeeee! How NAIVE can people get! TRUMP is “In Bed” with the FAKE JEWS Just as the RUSSIAN’S Putin Are…The CHINESE Too (Who OWNS Lots of RE Here all over the country!)
    Its Now Obvious That the IF, the so-called “Liberals/Left” is Destroying Itself…IT must be on Purpose simply because NOT ONE of the most TREASONOUS, have been even shut out from LIVE comments or free travel…Not to mention ARREST!
    This whole CIRCUS show is designed too FOOL the “Naive” into believing in a SINGLE party system of Government…Better know as a DICTATORSHIP.
    FACT 1: Trump is a Fake Jew Puppet
    FACT 2: Putin is a Fake Jew Zharzarian Puppet
    FACT 3: China is CONTROLLED by the SAME


  5. As I have mentioned in previous posts. The one belt project is part financed by the “Chinese Development Bank” Its headquarters are located in the Cayman Islands with all the other rip off artists.
    So one asks, if this is true Chinese entrepreneurship then why are they operating by way of deceit? This bank has undisclosed shareholders – so who are they really – chameleons come to mind…..

    1. CATCHING-ON to the BRICS Road Apples are ya…OooH I almost forgot…Its the ZRICS Alliace now (LAUGH!!!)…That;s ZIONIST Alliance…OooooopS!!!
      Lets NOT forget your POOPS in the shades!

  6. The book of Revelations rejects the seven religions of the world. Thus, it rejects Hindu, Bhudda, Islam, Roman Catholicism, Christianity, Shinto, Judaism, orthodox Christianity to name a few…

    1. @Bernard
      Have you ever read the BIBLE???…Because I used to be a EXTREMELY Indoctrinated MINISTER of th so-called “Christian Sect” of “Jehovah’s Witnesses” for over 47 years…and the ONLY group that Revelation described as REJECTED WAS THE “FAKE JEWS” (Revalation 2; 9)

      1. This information reveals a lot … check-out the book of revelations/ apocalypse if you want to understand the point I made. Your post seems to reinterpret/ misinterpret what others simply say. Is this caused by your indoctrinated past with the Jehovahs?

      2. Here is some info I got from a very quick search about the above referred quote from the Book of revelation/ Apocalypse, the one you appear to be saying you know extremely well, enough to impliedly discredit my observations:
        “Q – Who are the seven angels of the seven churches in Revelation?
        A – In an early part of the Revelation, on the Greek island of Patmos, Jesus Christ instructs John of Patmos to: “Write on a scroll what you see and send it to the seven churches: to Ephesus, and to Smyrna, and to Pergamum, and to Thyatira, and to Sardis, and to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea.”
        ‘ Nuff said me thinks!

    2. YIKES! Obviously You have been researching Religious information I USED to look at BEFORE I researched the ORIGINS of EVERYTHING…RELIGION BEING ONLY ONE.
      Wait till you research the OUR-STORY version of the LIE called HIS-Story…Do You know the difference???

  7. @Bernard
    I’m Sorry, I thought you may have don’t DEEP research about the bible’s content…I suggest that you FOCUS on the MISSING 75 books NOT included in the ORIGINAL bible. That simply means WHY are They missing in the first place???
    Try looking into the book of Enoch, for the CLUES of what is in the book Revelation, OK?

  8. Kenneth, I submit to your 47 years of hellish indoctrination and malevolent mis-information via the Jehovah’s. Funny thing is, ’bout 10 years ago I told two of their reps the same I just revealed to you ’bout Revelations/ Apocalypse and they left my home stultified, and could not answer cogently thereafter. The penny had dropped…
    I recommend watching Star Wars [first three episodes] with a deeply cynical and symbolic eye to get a gist for what revelations/ apocalypse might have to say about religion, as distinct from God.
    Yes, [of course] I am aware of the alleged lost books [66 versus 77, isn’t it?}, including Enoch, Esther and others but have no comment other than to note the number of references to items that simply do not bear reference in the established books.
    Some say the Bible is not historically accurate, for example there are no references to the great Pyramids of Egypt, when there [arguably] could and should have been? So it may be historically inaccurate, so what else might it represent?

  9. It appears to me that you have missed OUT of research of the ORIGINS of ALL “Religion”, because ALL of them are ROOTED from the VERY ancient empire of KEMET…Located in AFRICA…The Very origins of ALL “Hu-Manity”…Have You researched any of THAT info???
    Are you Aware of the FACT that the “Roman Empire” created what we falsely call “Christianity”??? That is was THEY who created MUCH of what is called “The New Testament” of the bible???
    Check out a DVD entitled; CAESAR’S MESSIAH (…and Understand that IT is only ONE video available on line that FULLY Exposes the very concept of a MAN called JESUS…Witch is NOT even His REAL name: YAHOSHUA.
    This should cause you to look into ALL “Religon’s Origins”.

    1. To ADD one more point about my research for TRUTH about EVERYTHING…I will OFTEN use terminology used by people living “INSIDE-THE-BOX” of FALSE “Christianity” so as to relate term ONLY “THEY” CAN UNDERSTAND.

  10. Why don’t we discuss the outcome of this election. Was it good or bad? For Trump, the deep state, and the rest of us. Is American deep state the same as the European deep state?
    Which one of the following are deep state puppets: Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Ataturk, Che, Mao, Gandhi, Kennedy. I believe , none of them is.

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