Full US Troops Withdrawal from Syria Underway

President Donald Trump just ordered full US troops “quick” withdrawal from Syria after having “won against ISIS”.

WASHINGTON — President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of 2,000 American troops from Syria, bringing a sudden end to a military campaign that largely vanquished the Islamic State but ceding a strategically vital country to Russia and Iran.
In overruling his generals and civilian advisers, Mr. Trump fulfilled his frequently expressed desire to bring home American forces from a messy foreign entanglement. But his decision, conveyed via Twitter on Wednesday, plunges the administration’s Middle East strategy into disarray, rattling allies like Britain and Israel and forsaking Syria’s ethnic Kurds, who have been faithful partners in fighting the Islamic State.
The abrupt, chaotic nature of the move — and the opposition it immediately provoked on Capitol Hill and beyond — raised questions about how Mr. Trump will follow through with the full withdrawal. Even after the president’s announcement, officials said, the Pentagon and State Department continued to try to talk him out of it.
“We have won against ISIS,” Mr. Trump declared in a video posted Wednesday evening on Twitter, adding, “Our boys, our young women, our men — they’re all coming back, and they’re coming back now.”
… The decision brought a storm of protest in Congress, even from Republican allies of Mr. Trump’s like Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who said he had been “blindsided.” The House Democratic leader, Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, suggested that the president had acted out of “personal or political objectives” rather than national security interests.

In short, the We in the “We have won against ISIS” may not include these warmongers working right inside the US Congress and the Old Media.
According to some reports, the White House ordered the removal of all troops deployed in Syria, and the Pentagon said they have already started the process of returning US servicemen home. All State Department staff will also evacuate from Syria within 24 hours, and the armed forces will be withdrawn in a period of 60 to 100 days.
Trump’s decision to bring the troops home is understandably the best gift ever given to any US soldier and his family just in time for the holidays. JFK planned the same measure for US troops in Vietnam, but did not live to see the day the US Embassy in Saigon fell to the communists.
It was, of course, the Russian coalition that neutralized the ISIS threat in Syria, when it entered the Syrian theater in September 30, 2015, and they are still waiting for the conclusive proof of the announced US troops withdrawal.

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28 thoughts on “Full US Troops Withdrawal from Syria Underway”

    1. GEEEEEE John…Think it will start on “Christmas”??? (LAUGH!!!!)
      Christmas is NOT KRIST….Jeepers! I HOPE you are AWARE, of the ORIGINS of so-called “Christianity”…RESEARCH THE ORIGINS OF ALL “RELIGION”…AND “AWAKEN’ TO “WHO-YOU-ARE”…of course you can.

    1. @depatridge
      This link you just posted (Matthew’s Blog)…Is it the SAME as the OTHER Matthew’s Blog with the Babyish looking white boys face?

      1. It’s not mine please. My blog is Matthews’ Blog. It is with s’ and not the one with ‘s. It is sad that that other blog was allowed to stand. Thanks for the concern and your reach out.

      2. @depatridge
        Yes, I even stopped reading that blog to once I learned about “OUR-Story”…Humanity’s REAL Story and NOT History, witch is MOSTLY Lies.
        ALL Humanity was Birthed in AFRICA, SOME 60 plus Thousand years ago, and I am a “Indigenous African American” who’s Roots are right here some 50 plus thousand years.

  1. What ever happened to the cleansing of militants from Doha? I thought that the US( Allies with ISIS) were standing in Russia’s way. So where is this raiding party heading off to now? IRAN? What part of the world do they feel like destabilising? Although perhaps physically not there I am sure that economically they will be playing hard ball. I wonder if they managed to erect a reserve bank there before ‘leaving’.

  2. LAUGH!!! LAUGH!!! LAUGH!!!…Did Everyone Forget that ISIS is a Fake-Jew Operation Funded By the USA…Heck their website existed on line way back when ALL the Middle-East BS began…REMEMBER??? LAUGH!!!

    1. It was conceived, created, trained, and is funded by the RKM’s CIA. It’s just good business. Everything they do is good business.

  3. Allies? Obviously when you say allies like Great Britain and Israel you are referring to the deep state factions within those countries. The people of the U.S. and patriots within those countries know what potus is doing. It’s over, done.

  4. From this point forward, the religious nuts of this world have no one to blame but themselves. They’re going to get exactly what they wanted… Throughout the upcoming centuries, this will become the greatest story ever told,

    1. I Believe WHAT is starting to happen, starting with France and Belgium might be a “Turning point” for Government Control, because they are “Awakening” to that government’s are WAY out of hand…AND THEY KNOW HOW TO STOP THEM IN THEIR TRACKS!…NON-SUPPORT OF EVERYTHING.
      Even Law Enforcement is on THEIR (People’s) side.
      I always believe once enforcement sides with Humanity, Government power will VANISH!
      “Government is an ILLUSION”

      1. I agree, if ONLY the Police sand military would THINK what or who they are really protecting and stop, then these Ziofreaks running the mad house would have absolutely no power at all, we need HUMANS to run this planet and our countries not psychopaths out for power and maji money.

  5. And people will believe this… but lets wait and see, I’m sure there will be ‘some’ made up aggression by the hidden mossad creeps, that will then STOP and indeed INCREASE the number of troops to enable the theft of the oil resources of yet another’s land, Similar to Afghanistan and their Opium fields which were brought right back up to maximum production after the increase in US Military to supply the JooSA BigPharma Cabal after saying that the troops were going to be removed… so you have heard this before so don’t think it wont be the same..

    1. You could be very right there Rodney as Putin has confirmed that he has seen no sign of any troop withdrawal from Syria….. mind they have up to 100 days to do it in 🙂

    1. Yaalon is back pedalling because the heat is on. If there continued to be victory after victory do you think there would be any resignations. Their time is coming, the lot of them will pay for their crimes against humanity.
      They were all crying wolf, from the wing nut blairs to the bushes etc. All of these evil bastards talked of WMD’s. And it gave them an excuse to ramp up the security within our own homelands. We have eyes that stare at us from all directions because of these deceivers and yet, the more sinister people behind these ‘front men’ are the true enemy of humankind.
      Their time will come too.

    1. How man can do this horrific act against another man is truly unbelievable, NATO’s favour headed by the Brits – well done, not. I read about the Bolshevik Uprising and it for me was the worst, to drive a people to starvation and watch them eat each other is beyond my capacity to understand.
      On a separate note the music to this video I loved. Powerful stuff!

    1. So he gave the order to bomb and fire upon the Serbian soldiers even though they had NOT fired a single shot at the Dutch infantry men. There must have been some invisible forces holding him back, that is all I can say.

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