Mass Arrests vs. Deep State Operatives Imminent

Various events leading to the US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw an estimated 2,000 US troops from Syria and at least half of the 14,000 from Afghanistan are creating a very positive picture about the long sought mass arrests of people involved in the systematic destruction of resource rich countries, and the overall deterioration of the quality of life all over the planet.
The rest of these current events are merely smokescreen to “stabilize” the long and precariously untenable situation that the Deep State is in, ever since the internet infrastructure came online.
If one remembers a post on this website that the “intel cowboys” worldwide have integrated their efforts to undermine the abusive Elite’s unwarranted power to subjugate all of humanity, or at least what would remain of it after a Great Holocaust via mass vaccinations and the elaborate poisoning of the food systems, under an AI-based slavery known as the Technocratic dictatorship,

… there is now a conclusive body of evidence that Donald Trump was indeed hired by these intelligence cowboys to take on their battle right into the open through the White House, while they remain under the cloak of what is now known as the QAnon revelations, which are now being actively suppressed by tech giant Google and even the Mozilla Foundation[?].

Snapshot of Google’s suppression vs.

Kinetic WW3 Averted?

On January 13, 2018, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency system sent out a message about an incoming missile…

… which plunges everyone there in panic. That was just one of many attempts at starting open WW3 this year alone.
All throughout the early part of Trump’s term in office, he was always fee with false information about chemical attacks in Syria, yet all Trump did was to give instructions to bomb specific targets in the country with the least damage. Such measures, of course, raised all defense related stocks in various exchanges.
But, for the first time in the US Naval history, all US Aircraft Carriers are now docked at their home ports [here].

Snapshot of the US Aircraft Carriers current location, as of December 19, 2018.
This runs counter to the constant shadow skirmishes in the South China Sea during the time prior, and into the first few months of the Trump administration.
So, what is really the reason behind the recent Canadian arrest of a Huawei CFO all about?
If we closely examine the Chinese response to the event, they are hitting hard, not on the Americans, but on the Canadian operatives right inside China instead, and this fiasco was initiated right after Xi Jinping and Donald Trump had a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 Summit 2018 in Argentina, where Macron and his much older wife descended from their plane without the courtesy of a proper welcome except from airport ground crew.
Yes, there’s still the issue of the “Chinese hackers stealing US tech,” but then again, all of these are merely smokescreen as there are no arrests made against these so called hackers. Not to mention that everyone is continually spying and stealing from everyone else, a standard staple since war was turned into an art form.
Indeed, the ongoing US-China trade war is sending the Deep State global stock markets in tatters.

As the Dow Jones Industrial Average confronts its ugliest December loss since 1931, the time of the Great Depression, there is another notable way to put the severity of this persistent bout of losses into historical context.
If current conditions hold, it would mark the worst average daily moves for the Dow DJIA, -1.81% the S&P 500 index SPX, -2.06%  and the Russell 2000 index RUT, -2.56%  since October of 1987, according to Dow Jones Market Data.
In market lore, October of 1987 is a period that remains infamous. On Oct. 19, the Dow sank 22.6% in a single session, marking its steepest percentage drop ever, with trading during that period under pressure all month until the final crash.
There’s a similar downtrend that is taking hold in December, despite the seasonal tendency for that month to enjoy a pre-Christmas updraft, typically known as a Santa rally, with institutional investors finding the month a good time to buy looking ahead to the new year.
Here’s how the December moves have shaped up:

  • The S&P 500 has had an average daily move of negative 0.80%
  • The Dow has had average daily move of negative 0.78, as of 2:30 p.m. ET trade Friday
  • The Russell 2000 index has had an average daily move of negative 1.05%

For those equity benchmarks, that is the worst performance since that dreaded month more than 30 years ago, based on market levels at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

In that regard, Trump is reportedly contemplating of firing Federal Reserve Chair Powell, another Deep State stooge, for being “too aggressive” in hiking interest rates that are causing the market’s recent slump further. This is a complex issue for the White House, of course, considering the historical foundation of the entire Western financial system.
Aside from the well-documented historical assets of Indochina being used to constantly prop up the Deep State banking system, the Chinese may be impatiently holding the $1+ trillion bag for the Americans, but it is the Philippines, which is unwittingly foregoing its rightful place in the sun when it lent to the Vatican and the US its historical assets primarily in the form of gold under the threat of force, more than a hundred years ago.
It was too painful indeed for Sec. of DOD Mattis to accede to the instruction of President Trump to finally return the Balangiga Bells where it belongs, and to acknowledge the genocidal action of the US against the inhabitants of Samar Island, Philippines, at the turn of the 20th Century.

One of the Balangiga Bells was rung as a signal for the Philippine patriots to start the ambush against the American occupiers, which led to the latter’s deaths that precipitated in the countermeasure aimed at turning Balangiga, Samar Island into a “howling wilderness.”

The Philippines fought the Americans after the latter immediately assumed occupation of the islands when the Spaniards were losing their battle against local revolutionaries.
Duterte’s specific request for the return of the bells was delivered in his State of the Nation 2017, to the shock of the US Ambassador in attendance.

To see and administer the ending of American occupations worldwide is too much for Mattis to bear.

What’s behind the latest accelerated scramble for disclosure and the end of US hostilities worldwide?

For almost two years, US President Donald Trump tried to use conventional methods to deal with the Deep State Congress and State Department, but all he got was constant failures and the now infamous Russiagate.
The latest decision for a complete withdrawal from Syria by Trump was brought about by the direct confirmation of Turkey President Erdogan that ISIS is already 99% neutralized, a fact reluctantly admitted to by Bolton, Pompeo, and Mattis — the threesome insisted that US forces still needed to prevent an ISIS resurgence in the region.
It must be said that the US withdrawal from Syria is inevitable due to the US bankruptcy, and obviously was also part of what was agreed upon by Trump and Putin during their “candid and useful” one-on-one meeting in Helsinki last July 16th, 2018.
Another turning point for Trump is the California Wildfire, which was very unique in its speed and coverage, prompting those who have a functioning gray matter to doubt the mainstream narrative of just another proof of “global warming.“

The directed energy weapon’s attack on Paradise, California, is now reported as a desperate Deep State attack on off-world beings, who have been living among us for decades in order to guide humanity in the proper use of nuclear technology, immediately in the aftermath of the last World War where several atomic bombs of increasing intensity were detonated in some Pacific atolls and inland elsewhere.
Trump was made aware of off-world technologies very early on from his own uncle, John George Trump, who was a known physicist in his time.

John George Trump (August 21, 1907 – February 21, 1985) was an American electrical engineer, inventor, and physicist. He was a recipient of U.S. President Ronald Reagan‘s National Medal of Science, and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.[3][4][5] John Trump was noted for developing rotational radiation therapy.[3] Together with Robert J. Van de Graaff, he developed one of the first million-volt X-ray generators. He was the paternal uncle of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.
The National Academy of Engineering described Trump as “a pioneer in the scientific, engineering and medical applications of high voltage machinery”.[4] James Melcher, Trump’s lab director, is quoted as saying: “John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons – death rays. … What did he do with it? Cancer research, sterilizing sludge out in Deer Island [a waste disposal facility], all sorts of wondrous things. He didn’t touch the weapons stuff.”[10]

So, when Trump peppered his inaugural speech with “technologies of tomorrow” he does know what he was talking about.

We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.

As for the Russia-US “deteriorating” relationship due to the unilateral abrogation of the INF treaty by the US, it’s just another smokescreen to feed the warmongers and the military industrial complex one last time, before it is transformed into an agent of positive, significantly advanced infrastructure churning out free energy and gravity defying transport systems that will end the petrodollar/perpetual war-based economy.
The US military withdrawal from Syria will turn out to be the watershed event that will pave the way for lasting peace worldwide, where not a single element of the Deep State can have a piece of the action.
The sealed indictment for the month of November alone totaled 5,233, bringing the overall figure to 66,568 between October 30, 2017 and November 30, 2018, according to data.

No, it’s not 2 months from now, but on New Year’s Eve, Trump wants Mattis to go…
… and the White House expressly underscored the point that it’s not going to change its decision to pull out from Syria.
The Syrians are already celebrating the good news…

Another tsunami attack against Indonesia should grab the headlines, at the very least, away from the US pullout in Syria.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

50 thoughts on “Mass Arrests vs. Deep State Operatives Imminent”

  1. Thumbs up! Enjoyed and relished every word … Good will overcome evil at long last, because its time and nothing can stop it.
    Thank you all for your dedication and hard work and warmest wishes for a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a joyous festive season!
    With God’s grace, mercy and endless love, maybe next Christmas, bells will ring out across the World in celebration of peace and unbridled happiness … pray Lord they do!

  2. Before I came across this article, I had already figured that something like this was going on, good to know I have some confirmation and good to know that Trump has trumped the bad actors in the military! They have no idea what he is up to and can only guess his next move but they are always wrong in those guesses. I do know that the objective of world peace is very much on Pres Trump’s mind and is one of his major goals. I’m elderly. and I remember the prez campaign between Nixon and JFK in 1960. Ive followed every election since then but I have never seen a president like DJT, I love this man he is amazing! Thank you President Trump for getting us out of Syria!!!! Merry Christmas to all! Thank you for this article!

  3. The puppet of the Khazarian fifth-column, Trump, is doing nothing except what he has been told to do.
    The withdrawals are an expected action in the lead up to the Khazarians’ planned war with Iran. Notice that the no occupiers from the Iraq warcrime and occupation next door to Iran, and right at the door of Iran’s oil and gas fields, are being withdrawn.
    It gets worse from here. Expect a horrendous blamed on Iran false-flag to rival the Z/11 false-flag–A sunk aircraft carrier; Bombed city?!
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

    1. I STOPPED listening or Viewing ANYONE who doesn’t have the COURAGE Identify by REAL Name when addressing US.
      Waaaaaaaaaay to MANY “Courageous Beings” have paid with their very Lives to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER…to bother listening to nameless cowards.

  4. I find it REDICULOUS that there are people who STILL believe the TRUMP isn’t PART of the so-called “Deep-State” (LAUGH!!!)

    1. That’s Ridiculous…. eh,
      I find it Ridiculous that anyone would think that Donald J.Trump WAS part of the Global NWO.
      He worked for himself until the day he threw his hat in to the ring to go the whole 12 rounds against the Tyranny of world dominance by any means at the hands of a few.

      1. @MarkJ
        Either You are Naive or “Still living inside the Box” of disinformation still being peddled around MSM sources.
        NOBODY,, ever gets ELECTED into the office President,..They are SELECTED into that office…By the so-called “Deep-State”.
        Don’t you Know about our Fake Political System, and HOW it Really operates???
        You NEED to watch: “Government is an Illusion”, OK?
        That’s just for starters!
        The guy is ONE, of the so-called “One-Percenter’s” (Billionaire)…THAT Alone Assures that he was SELECTED, Understand???
        There are pictures All Over the Internet PROVING he is an “Associate” of the Deep-State…Not to mention LOADS of Video evidence!

    Russell-Jay: Gould rendered all Vatican control obsolete as he captured the in the truth , NOW, jurisdiction from the Vatican in 1999 when the USA Inc came out of bankruptcy. Motu Proprio declared the pope in 2013.
    There are many, many intelligent people working at navigating through the maze of commerce that contracts connect with on many levels:

    1. Then NOW you can explain WHAT is going to happen with the VATICAN and its “Incorporated Religions and Government”
      I’M ALL EARS Darren.

      1. Within David-Wynn: Miller’s presentations are his claims of childhood ET abduction and his being a 90th degree Freemason. His mom is a member of Freemasonry’s sister organization of the Eastern Star. This is in addition to his dying for 9 minutes and having a code blue revival – so he was a walk in.
        You can watch Russell’s videos at War Castles where he visited military HQs as commander in chief and had people recognize him. Hey, the flags in Congress are not correct. So they are pirates. 85% of communication is nonverbal. So the Law of the Flag is very important. There are 11 systems governing flags according to Miller, Russell put this info into his Reno seminar videos.
        Miller claims his grammatical math interface is used in the upcoming judicial system of courts replacement by a computer. Just like banking.
        Honestly Ken I make no claim to being a Nostradamus I’m really just trying to survive – as many people are. I like the writings of Lisa Renee and I often cite the book series Anastasia from Ringing Cedars when exploring the question , What are people for?
        When people lose their function depression sets in . Happiness is found in activity.
        Even though we live in accelerating change people cling to what they’re used to – burning coal, fraccing for oil worshipping celebrity. 1.2 billion Roman $aturnian cult members. How to shift these structures?
        Russell speaks of a debt jubilee, we’re well overdue for it. Our global situation reminds me of a western movie. A frontier town without any law except might is right until some principled realists show up to set things right.
        Nature abhors a vacuum
        A movement will start.

    1. @James
      And that’s ALL They have doing for the last two decades…TALK A LOT…NO NOTHING.

      1. Even far longer than that Kennyboy as an extract from An American History below concludes;-
        Whether called the Doctrine of Discovery or Manifest Destiny, the principles that stimulated U.S. thirst for land have been disastrous for Native Americans, African Americans, Mexicans, and many others both in North America and abroad who lost life, liberty and property as the result of U.S. expansionism. The history of Christian law helps us to understand how our leaders-many considered heroes and role models today-undertook monstrous acts in the name of liberty. This insight into the prevailing ideas of the day, however, does not excuse their behavior. Some may have truly been misled by the ideals of Christian discovery, but others acted knowingly out of self-interest, greed and bigotry. Even as far back as Columbus, however, there were religious and political leaders, as well as ordinary citizens, who knew better and worked against racism, colonization and slavery.
        As far back as columbus there have and will continue to be those individuals dedicated to a free society for all. The resistance is in the brainwashed masses.

    2. @Darren
      A rather Long-winded answer that didn’t address the question I asked, but never mind…I already KNOW “Religions & Governments” Fate.
      They are NOT about ONENESS with the “Creator” Their very Story has been RECORDED as an Example of What NOT to become…In the “Cosmos”.

  6. If you go to the 3:15:00 mark in this lengthy interview you will see Keith Hunter show an image of the cube structure within Earth that the MIC has their facilities over top:
    Makes me wonder about past civilizations and their megalithic structures left, like these in Montana:
    Santa Satan $aturn, the $aturnalia. Forget the personality worship of the copywritten bible please. How come the US Treasury Dept building is just like Rome’s treasury – A temple to $aturn?
    and the USA Inc version:,_D.C.)
    The 8 pillars represent the 8 vertexes of a cube. That’s gnomonic projective synthetic geometry.

    1. If you thought THIS was Great, Wait till you SEE and READ about OUR-Story in place of HIS-Story…witch has OUR Origins based off the Ancient Civilization KEMET,Founded in AFRICA…55,000 years ago…Witch morphed into Egypt = then Ebo = Califian = Ancient South & North America =Ancient China & India!
      Its ALL available on line

  7. Maybe Trump is a good satanist, who is not religious and doesn’t participate in satanic events. .. Bad people are against him, which makes me think he is good. I assume Trump is good, and I don’t get a contradiction. If I assumed he was bad, I would be surprised why he bombs Syria without causing any damage. Most people in my current location, inlculding most of the best and smartest, think Trump is bad. Some think that way because he is leader of an imperialist power, others think that way because he is republician so he is wright wing. All total nonsense. “Trump is good ” theory is consistent, “Trump is bad” theory is not.

    1. The words GOOD being associated with SATAN are Opposites to each other, and SATANIST…Absolutely HATE Hu-Mans…What is GOOD about THAT???

      1. Satan means – the opposer.
        Our animus and the anima come to mind. Opposition only exists in duality grounded in 2D, black and white imagination. Sadly, our military institutions called schools only teach the zero centered masculine-Linear, left brain memorization system called hierarchical thinking. Look around, is anything flat???
        Or black and white?
        Only writing on paper.
        0 is a powerful lie to create separation. That’s why going to the Jesuit institution of Catholicism is called Separate Scool. I’m a protesting intellectual-a protest-ant.
        Nature means neter/number, there is no zero in nature.

  8. When a posting includes a copy of Contact, the Phoenix journals transcribed using some super resonant crystal communication system it brings in the off world, Pesh Meten, as the source is an 8 1/2 ft tall reptilian from the Pleiades – Commander Hatonn.
    Even Russell hyphenJayfull colonGould has info from Contact at his quantum Banking website. Donald Trump just committed 1.2 Billion to quantum computing.
    My one very awake friend new a previous transcriber/publisher couple from Canada. He swears he’s valid. My friend took David Icke on cross Canada tours numerous times. All I can say is look into Han Purple.

    1. I honestly don’t believe in this reptilian stuff Darren. I cannot believe how these creatures have built better craft, machines etc using their claws to hold screwdrivers etc. And if they were ‘mind’ powerful then why would they be even living in physical houses as we do?

      1. Sir, is physical ( that word means phi-cycle ) really solid?
        No, just standing wave patterns. Never trust ETs that fly heavy metal. The external light energy vehicle was central to the Luciferian Rebellion. Noah, a hybrid shocked his sons when they saw the scales on his chest. Nephilim means no phi in them – their DNA is not fractal. Repetitious Tiling is a math function just as serpentine describes a mathematical curve. These characters use our collective attention to birth stars in our cosmic drama. Right in the Orion Nebula the most productive nursery in our galaxy.
        Sir, please do a Black’s Law Dictionary on the word belief or believe. It is synonymous with suspect. Second hand info that is heresay.
        There are so many stars that the possibility of evolved advanced biology is very real. Maybe all the Dino’s didn’t perish 60 million years ago. Maybe some went underground and went through an evolutionary jump. People have claws we just call them nails. My own physiology changes depending on the work I’m doing and the environment I’m doing it in. I used to commercially dive for octopus ( sold for halibut bait ) . They are incredibly intelligent. Two hearts. Huge optic nerve. Shapeshifting camouflage control.
        And you already have DNA modification going on in our world. Spider goats for kevlar is old hat.
        Elizabeth means from lizard born. We live in a big experiment of multiple ET involvement to stop a lengthy cosmic war. Read your Dan Winter please. Shapeshifting has always been possible.

      2. Darren
        Thank you for your reply, It all is very interesting indeed and I will follow up on those leads that you have kindly shown me. I have noticed in another comment on this post that you may ‘believe’ that you swum through the waters from Saturn? Do you believe in the flat earth theory?

      3. Darren
        Online etymology has this to say about belief(N) and obviously believe is the verb of this…
        belief (n.)
        late 12c., bileave, “confidence reposed in a person or thing; faith in a religion,” replacing Old English geleafa “belief, faith,” from West Germanic *ga-laubon “to hold dear, esteem, trust” (source also of Old Saxon gilobo, Middle Dutch gelove, Old High German giloubo, German Glaube), from *galaub- “dear, esteemed,” from intensive prefix *ga- + PIE root *leubh- “to care, desire, love.” The prefix was altered on analogy of the verb believe. The distinction of the final consonant from that of believe developed 15c.

      4. Darren,
        If reading about Thoth’s inception onto this wonderful planet it will be noted that the peoples were put under a vibration. This same ‘demon’ had slaughtered the giants of that time. Giant people’s and animals. Of course there is the belief that these giant persons were the fallen ones, the Nephilim that co habited the planet before the deluge.
        Going on that theory Thoth’s head is representative of an Ibis whilst the body is human in form – no claws as such. The wisdom or mind feats that are displayed by this individual show how much can be achieved by the use of one’s mind even if the head is portrayed as being small.
        Many believe that we the human race actually has 12 strands of double helix’s to our DNA make up. We are still educated to the two strand chain. The full working compliment would enable us to venture into twelve different dimensions, however it is said that on the fourth there is an UNNATURAL seal?
        There are many false teachings that continue and should be stopped in its tracks and that should also be our jobs.

    2. @Darren
      Seems You are still going over some of the stuff I USED to look at until I found out HIS-Story is almost ALL LIES.
      That is another version called OUR-Story where in the TRUTH is being told about OUR Creation.
      I no longer TRUST the White man’s version called “HIS” Story…WAY to MANY Lies and distortions in it.
      I’ve since learned WHERE those Stories Really came from…The “Fallen Ones”, or Luciferian/Satanist.

      1. Dear Ken, Sir I realize fully that the black Al-Khem-ical origins to Egypt and the Americas is fascinating. htm
        I have Scandinavian roots , I’m a blue eyed blond and I can’t go out into the sun. Melanin. Maybe I swam in from Saturn in the water?:
        The Old Testament is not nearly as old as the stones. I strongly support Michael Tellinger and the UBUNTU movement. I post to this forum with a majority black membership too:

    3. Yeah…I USED to read all the “Phoenix Journals” years ago…Hanton BS too…I even like David Icke’s views for a time too…UNTIL I LEARNED about “OUR-Story”!
      I’ve since found evidence that those “Creatures” calling them selves the “Pleiades” are the SAME folks working for the so-called “SECRET Space Program” and their so-called “Alliance”, witch seem to NOT able able to FIND or Terminate all the Evil going on Here …Even with Their “ADVANCED” Technologies??? Its like an old quote made in an old Movie: “THEY couldn’t find a Hooker in a Whore House”!
      AND!..My Gosh THEY seem to NEED “Weapons”?! as Tool?! Turns out the whole batch is all working for VATICAN interest and the NWO!
      By the way Darren, It seems you must know Santos Benacci???

      1. Geepers Darren…I don’ t SEE a “Reply” icon after you make a post…WHY???
        I would love to reply IF you ALLOW me too, OK?
        You made a VERY interesting statement about “Melanin” and WHY you cannot pass through the SUN (Son)
        Please explain WHY?

      2. Ken I didn’t censor replies. I don’t know why the reply link isn’t there. I like Santos Bonacci very much!
        I also respect the contributers to this page:
        I have been anxiously waiting for Santos to post about his Promissory Note strategy to dismiss his $130,000 debt.
        The UCC came in in 1959 so there must have been remedies before.
        Ken, if you put some links to information about the ancient past or melanin I’ll read them.
        The melatonin serotonin melanin connection to the pineal is very interesting!

    1. JEEPERS! Darren…They have been writing about this so-called Quantum Financial System as if its already working for months…NOW you post THIS HIGHLY probable LIE here?..As if it hasn’t even STARTED Research YET???
      Write off the “Operation Disclosure” BS site!!! (Laugh!!!)

      1. The QFS will short circuit the holographic processor within $aturn that the elites feed through sacrificing 2000 people per day on the Military Industrial Complex controlled Earth Grid. Fear is what they feed into their control system. Our 60 Hz electrical system is not fractal. Neither is 50 in Europe. 55 is though.
        The masons perform their rituals on a 64 square, 2D plane of inertia. This is resonant to the legal land system of 640 acres in a section of land that is 1 square mile. A township is 36 sections . 36 factorial is 666.
        I’m revealing hyperdimensional physics so I’m very aware that many don’t like math.
        This website is called Covert Geopolitics so it is very important to grasp that whoever controls the Earth Grid controls commerce. Location, location, location.
        Why are churches built over temples from previous cultures. Location.
        Please check out the free Ebooks at and
        Geometry is the root metaphor to all subjects as the alphabeta we think with is geometric in origin. All letters are waveguides as the universe is mental and the letters are shadows of a torus. The quantum financial system used a double torus .
        Why is Apple hq’d in a torus in Cupertino? Why is MI6 listening hq in a torus?
        Why is there a dicone, the perfect merge of circle and square at the core of a double torus. used this geometry in his UFO.
        Remember, zero is the trick programmed into us. A zero is a mirror. A negative is a mirror reflection of a positive. The reflection IS there, but it is not real. Study your Vortex Based Math please. Our right brain is feminine-Nine and VBM is the math our right brain uses. 5 is how many feeder streams go into a Vortex as 5 is the Center of mine.
        I don’t mind people arguing with me , Occam’s Razor applies. Elegance is simplicity.
        Beauty is symmetry. Time is art.

  9. 117 years of friendship with the people of the Philippines? Is the secretary of defence living in a dream world? They took over ‘ownership’ of that place after the spaniards had a hard time milking it for everything they had and naming towns in honour of the american generals. And when the Filipinos had enough and wanted them out they were slaughtered on their own door step.
    It further amazes me how the colonialist turn the indigenous folk into allies to help their further conquest of the planet. The aboriginals never knew of the Japs before the world wars and nor did the Filipinos.
    Another part of the speech which I found absurd in this day and age was when he mentioned that he mentions that this convention took place in the great state of Cheyenne where the young folk built america and whereby the indigenous people’s are looked upon as equal citizen’s – WHAT???? To make a comment like that in the year 2018 shows that the USA is very much in a racial turmoil.
    This ‘retreat’ is just another disguise for a ‘new’ invention that is taking place. The puppets worldwide are in place now and a far more covert war is going to take place.

    1. The Syrians are already celebrating Xmas in their father Xmas outfits, surely this was a staged event to fool the rest of the populace there and the world. They have also been converted now.
      Jeremiah 10 ( About Gods and Idols)

      1. And jingle bells and silent night will be the new Xmas anthems that Syrians will be singing. The star of david will be put on the very top as they will now start to unknowingly worship satan.


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