Protests in France and Venezuela – Spot the Difference

The ‘Yellow Vest’ anti-government protests in France is growing, but have received limited coverage in Western media and what coverage there has been has been quite hostile to the protestors.
by Neil Clark
In Venezuela though it’s a very  different story. Here the street demonstrations are a major news event, despite the country being thousands of miles away. Furthermore, the coverage is very sympathetic to the protestors and extremely hostile to the government.

Why are angry street protestors in France bad, but in Venezuela very good?
The answer has to do with the stances and international alliances of the respective governments. It’s inaccurate to call President Emmanuel Macron of France the President of the rich. He is, as his predecessor Francois Hollande admitted on French television, the President of the very rich.

Macron is an unashamed globalist, committed to carrying out neoliberal reforms at home, and following a ‘liberal interventionist’ ie imperalist foreign policy abroad, which means keeping French forces —illegally- in Syria.  No wonder the elites are mad about the boy.  The toppling of Macron, in a French Revolution 2.0, would be a huge blow to the most powerful people in the world. It cannot be allowed to happen.

The French authorities have responded to the street protests with force; one activist was even sentenced to prison for six months — but this has largely been ignored by Western ‘liberals’ who would be so quick to denounce similar actions in other countries, whose government they don’t approve of. Instead, the message is ‘law and order must be maintained’.

The Yellow Vests protestors have been relentlessly traduced. We were told they were ‘far-right’ and ‘racists’ and even ‘anti-semites’. The conspiracy theory that they were part of a sinister Russian plot to sow division in Europe was also promulgated, by those who routinely attack others for being conspiracy theorists.
By contrast, the anti-government protestors in Venezuela can do no wrong, even when they commit terrible acts of violence. Those who falsely accuse their Gilets Jaunes of being motivated by ‘racism’ were silent when a black man, the 21-year-old Orlando Jose Figuera was burnt alive by anti-government protestors in Caracas in 2017.
Imagine the outcry if the Yellow Vests had set fire to a black man in Paris. But it’s anti-Chavistas doing it in Venezuela, so let‘s close our eyes and pretend it didn’t happen.
While there is absolutely no evidence of any foreign involvement in the Yellow Vest protests, the US and its allies have been openly backing the anti-government protests in Venezuela.
Trump has even recognised Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido, as the leader of the country. Again, imagine the headlines if Vladimir Putin recognised Marine Le Pen or Jean-Luc Melenchon as the leader of France — or said, as Trump has said about Venezuela, that Russia could invade France if the government didn’t stand down!

The US move has already been endorsed by EU  bigwigs, like Guy Verhofstadt, reminding us that for all their criticism of Trump, these virtue-signaling politically-correct European ‘liberals’ are on the same page as the US when it comes to imperialistic regime-change operations. It’s not just Venezuela, it was the same in Yugoslavia in 2000 and Ukraine in 2014.

It’s a crowded field, but the prize for the biggest hypocrite of all goes to Emmanuel Macron.
The man who has been clamping down on legitimate street protests at home, and whose approval rating slumped to just 21% earlier this month, published a tweet in which he praised ‘ the courage of the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who are marching for their liberty”.
For the Yellow Vests protestors, and indeed for anyone else who genuinely supports liberty, that really is one sick joke.
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The people of Venezuela are not really leaving the country, but only those who are not Venezuelans who have the options to do so. The increasing inflation of the currency was brought about by outside forces, and not by mismanagement of the Maduro government. In fact, all socialist infrastructures are still functioning, e.g. health clinic per block, food supplies, etc.
The real reason why Venezuela must be conquered is its vast resources like oil and rare earth minerals.


10 thoughts on “Protests in France and Venezuela – Spot the Difference”

  1. WHAT I See here is just more Proof WHY “Governments” do NOT work for ANY of their so-called “Citizens/SLAVES”…on BOTH sides of this equation.
    1: FRANCE is run by an Ex-Banker…Very Much a NWO proponent/Supporter, and doesn’t give a “Flyig-Phuck” about his slaves.
    2: Venezuela’s Government COULD help Their Slaves, but are being controlled by the SAME Type Self-center/Greedy people, only its over an OBSOLETE Form of Energy called OIL…That the OTHER Banker controlled countries Want too.
    There are No Such Thing as so-called “Shortages” of ANYTHING…Governments use “Created shortages” to keep their slaves under Control.
    THIS is just a case of the “PIGGY-FAT Bankers” trying to get ABSOLUTE Control over EVERYTHING on Earth…by the NEW-WORLD-ORDER.
    Using of Course their two favorite tactics of “Divide & Conquer” and “Problem-Reaction-Solution” to get thing done.

  2. The answer why governments do not “work for the people’ is because Macron represents the corporation that is currently France, not its people. The corporation is his boss, not its people,

    1. AND, the MOTHER of All Corporations is the VATICAN…and this mother is a Luciferian/Satanic creation that is “Attempting” to “RedefineGod” as IF God made a few mistakes during “Creation” (LAUGH!!!) and needs Lucifer’s help to correct Its mistakes!?! (Laugh!!)
      Just LOOK at Lucifer’s so-called results around the whole Planet….WHAT DO YOU SEE??? (Rhetorical Question) LAUGH!!!

  3. There appears to be some misunderstanding as to what legal entity the Papal Bulls profess the Vatican to be – Cestui Que Trust, not a body corporate, nor a Corporation, nor an incorporated association, public authority, crown instrument etc.
    Accordingly, the Vatican is not a corporation.
    I don’t live in a Luciferian dimension, but I imagine that those who do may be suffering from extreme brain-washing via religion and other associated forms of mind control. Emancipating oneself from this mental slavery is critical.
    Moralising negativity is not the answer, IMHO.

  4. Listening on the mainstream news today it is for sure that the deep state do not want this man in that position any longer. A climax is building up worldwide.

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