Venezuela’s Oil Enough for World’s 30 Year Energy Needs

The long bankrupt fiat financial system is pushing the Deep State to target Venezuela for the latter’s natural resources that dwarfs that of its satellite province Saudi Arabia. However, the age old pretext of “defending democracy” will not fly anymore as the rest of the world no longer tolerate any of these baseless external interference into peaceful countries, which eventually makes failed states out of them.
One can argue that both Russia and China are just protecting their interests in Venezuela when they expressly warned the US intelligence and military to not intervene in the domestic affairs of the targeted country, their mode of cooperation does benefit directly the Venezuelans and is still very much preferable over the many decades of one-sided Deep State plunder of Venezuelan resources, and Latin America at large, prior to the rise of Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela is still sitting in the largest recoverable oil deposit on Earth — much bigger than any of the members of the OPEC oil cartel.

Valuing Venezuela’s Orinoco Oil Belt

The Orinoco Belt: “oil-in-place” is estimated to be up to 1.4 trillion barrels, of which 70% might be extracted using the most advanced technologies.

“Let’s place 1 trillion barrels of oil in context.
Global oil consumption is currently 35 billion barrels a year. Thus, the Orinoco Belt alone could satisfy 100% of global demand for almost 30 years!
As for the Orinoco field’s dollar value. World oil prices are currently hovering near $60 … do the math.”
And these oil reserves belong to the People of Venezuela.
Heavy Oil and Tar Sands
While much is heard of “fracking” these days; steam-injection may in the long run prove to be the petroleum industry game-changer. Steam aids in harvesting heavy oils from sprawling oil-rich sand and clay formations where the oil is too viscous to be worked by conventional pumps.
Initially, all heavy oil (Alberta) was extracted via open-pit mines wherein giant shovels heaved mounds of oil-saturated sand onto giant dump-trucks for transit to separating vats filled with hot water. This method has largely given way to steam-injection. In Alberta’s oilsands, where much of this technology originated, heavy oil is now 80% extracted via steam; 20% via mining.
The simplest form of steam injection uses a single well. A hole is drilled down to a heavy oil deposit; then steam is pumped down the hole, sometimes for months. Eventually a blob of oil concentrates near the well’s bottom of sufficient viscosity to enable pumping to the surface.
Circa 1978 SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) emerged. With SAGD two lengthy perforated pipes are drilled into place horizontally through the deposit; one pipe a few metres above the other. Both pipes emit steam until a teardrop shaped oil bubble envelopes the lower pipe. Then the top pipe continues to emit steam while the lower pipe goes into reverse; drawing oil to the surface. In 2017 Alberta’s oilsands yielded 2.7 million barrels a day; mostly via SAGD.
Three additional innovations are coming to the fore.
Solvent-Assisted SAGD adds designer chemicals (solvents) to the steam-injection process to accelerate the loosening up the oil.
DHSG (Downhole Steam Generation) lowers small but mighty steam generation tools (furnaces) deep into the well. DHSG allows for greater heat conservation and improved fuel economy.
Miniature nuclear reactors are ready for commercial application. Toshiba has developed a prototype reactor specifically for heavy oil extraction. This 5 MW electricity generator simultaneously serves as the furnace for a 900 Celsius steam injection boiler. The reactor promises to replace the elaborate and expensive natural gas infrastructure presently required by oil-field steam injection facilities. Toshiba’s prototype needs refueling every 30 years.
Venezuela’s Orinoco Oil Belt
The world’s fourth largest river, the Orinoco, rises in the Parima Mountains along the Venezuelan-Brazilian border. The Orinoco engraves a 2,000 kilometre north-easterly arc through Columbia and Venezuela before discharging into the Atlantic Ocean off Venezuela’s coast. The Orinoco Heavy Oil Belt stretches 600 kilometres along the north bank of the Orinoco River’s easterly dash to the sea. The Belt is 70 kilometers wide.

United States Geological Service’s (USGS) Estimate of Recoverable Oil Reserves of the Orinoco Oil Belt (2009) is the go-to source regarding the Orinoco reservoir’s size. After describing how this oil-saturated bed of sandstone ended up 150 to 1500 metres below the surface of the East Orinoco Basin; the authors’ estimate “oil-in-place” to be up to 1.4 trillion barrels.
A comprehensive study by Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) established the magnitude of the original oil-in-place
The Feigned and Future Demise of Big-Oil
(OOIP) at 1,180 billion barrels of oil (BBO), a commonly cited estimate for the Orinoco Oil Belt (Fiorillo, 1987); PDVSA recently revised this value to more than 1,300 BBO (Gonzalez and others, 2006). In this study the median OOIP was estimated at 1,300 BBO and the maximum at 1,400 BBO. (quoted in USGS, op cit)
The Belt’s “technically recoverable” oil is estimated to be as much as 652 billion barrels. (see USGC below) Elsewhere, however, the report speculates that by fully exploiting SAGD, and other recovery enhancement processes, 70% of the oil-in-place might be extracted. Moreover, the report relies on studies published between 2001 and 2008 hence does not contemplate: Solvent-Assisted SAGD; Downhole Steam Generation; let alone the application of nuclear power. Tackling the Orinoco Belt with these technologies will yield a trillion barrels.

USGS Report p. 1
The report does not discuss production costs. Canadian oilsands companies continued to produce in 2018 even after transportation bottlenecks tanked prices to $20 a barrel. These facilities, however, would not have been built had investors known this might be the price of their wares. The business press guesstimates the current breakeven price for an Alberta oilsands project to be around $35 a barrel.
While the Orinoco Belt is not as large as Alberta’s oilsands it has three advantages:

  1. its oil is not as heavy;
  2. its climate is far hotter; and
  3. it’s much closer to a coast.

The Orinoco Belt sits at 9 degrees latitude and its entire span is a few hundred kilometres from Atlantic shores. Orinoco Belt production costs will be noticeably lower than Alberta’s oilsands.
Let’s place 1 trillion barrels of oil in context.
Global oil consumption is currently 35 billion barrels a year. Thus, the Orinoco Belt alone could satisfy 100% of global demand for almost 30 years!
As for the Orinoco field’s dollar value. World oil prices are currently hovering near $60 …do the math.
Featured image is from Radio Rebelde
Copyright © William Walter Kay, Global Research, 2019

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  1. THEY talk about THIS as if its GOOD NEWS!!! DAMN!!! WTF!!!
    Doesn’t ANYONE realize that OIL is an OBSOLETE form of Energy?!?!
    These MAGGOT Governments will NOT Exist 30 years from NOW!!!
    So not only is it intolerable to discuss this crap from a Economical perspective (Money)…ITS CRAZY FROM AN “ECOLOGICAL” PERSPECTIVE!!!

    1. There are currently over 6,000 products that are made from petroleum waste by-products. It’s not just used to fuel and lubricate machinery. Its

      1. OIL was put here for the benefit of easing the movement of “Mother Earth’s” tectonic plates, so we won’t get those TITANIC earthquakes we feel regularly…NOT as an Energy source.
        There are MANY other sources for by-products besides Oil…NATURAL Ones that don’t Harm OUR Planet.

  2. One of the rivers that flow out from the Garden of Eden is now to be polluted, no doubt this is a planned assassination of the river of life. Can we wake or are we waiting until there is nothing left to fight for. What will kick us up the arse to finally get that grey matter focused on reality, what?
    The author further announces that the price of oil is currently $60/BO do the maths. We do know what is planned for humanity and we also know that these prices are manipulated.

    1. Fed to probe Deutsche Bank over Danske: report – MarketWatch (that´s from the americanlooted site linked above) and now i ask: who´s going to probe the Fed???

    2. VERY detailed Info about WHY Governments are WAY to corrupted to Ever be TRUSTED to Change Anything for Humanity’s Benefit…They Only FEED off US.
      They Already KNOW there is such thing as FREE ENERGY, Yet the refuse to SHARE it with US…and are “Currently” using it for THEMSELVES against US.
      This concept about Invading Venezuela PROVES Governments have NO Intention of CHANGING ANYTHING FOR OUR GOOD….ONLY TO ENRICH THE RICH.

  3. Just focusing on the Oil Industry, the Orinoco Belt is merely a drop in the bucket. It, and the Tar Sands of Canada, are heavier and costlier to produce, and best used for road surfacing and sealing your roofs. After the fear of “peak oil,” and a snapshot study ten years ago, it was realized that the US had enough oil – bitumen or sweet crude – in shale and tar sand products for a minimum of 1800 years at our current usage rate. That also does not include the extensive supply of Abiotic Oil in the North slope of Alaska, nor are the supplies of oil from “reserves” in Africa, Russia, and South America included. A supply for 5000 years can now be imagined.
    It has been published that Middle-East oil reached “peak” production ten years ago, and is declining. That supports the theory that the US and the rest of the “free world” intended to use up middle-east reserves before we pumped our own.
    New technologies are emerging for “free energy” using Tesla codes, which also promise healthcare products (voltage devices) and quantum theory utilizing fluid dynamics devices for cleaning the Earth’s waters.
    The Cabal has used environmentalism to blame the people of the world for contamination issues, when it has been the environmentalists (specially Maurice Strong of the UN) who have offered only political discourse with no real solutions. He’s finally dead, so where do you want to go?
    It’s much preferred to eliminate the the Cabal, the UN, and the Military Industrial Complex, thus the private sector will advance the sciences to assist humanity. Lets go here instead!

    1. BUT, First WE Must remove Their “Mother Corporation”…The VATICAN…She is the MOST Evil on this planet…Brought out VERY Clearly in their book that’s called “The Bible” at Revelation 17 – 18…”Babylon the Great” of witch the Pope (Both of them) wants to REPLACE God as needing to be “Redefined”???
      Government & Religion are Mind-Control and NOT about FREEDOM for US.

  4. Oil, gold, and banking independence not part of the grift-machine. That’s antisemitism.
    Not hate. Just unacceptable.

  5. “OIL was put here for the benefit of easing the movement of “Mother Earth’s” tectonic plates, so we won’t get those TITANIC earthquakes we feel regularly…”
    Let’s see what other people’s opinions on this specific theory are:
    The oil and other organic carbon deposits are not that deep in the Earth (compared with the thickness of the continental lithospheric plates), and are normally not involved with plate movements.
    There has been some evidence that water and clay layers have been involved in the subduction zone.
    This was observed in the 2011 Fukushima earthquake.”
    And another:
    For one thing if oil was lubricating tectonic plates then removing it would lock those plates up producing fewer (but larger) earthquakes.
    For another thing oil is not normally found near tectonic plate boundaries, so there is no oil to remove from those areas.
    HOWEVER, there are places where some sort of lubrication is going on. Take, for example, Hollister, CA. A branch of the San Andreas Fault (SAF) , known as the Calaveras Fault, runs right through the middle of Hollister. Unlike on the rest of the SAF, the fault trace through Hollister creeps slowly over time. It slowly bends, offsets, or rips apart everything sitting on it: streets, buildings, homes, sidewalks, curbs or whatever. But there is no earthquake.
    Take a look at these photos of a curb in Hollister taken over time. No quakes there since the curb was built, but it’s moving. The fault line is very straight there so you don’t have rock crashing into rock. But something else is at play, probably there is some very soft rock ground up between the two sides of the fault and lubricating it which allows the fault to slip “easily” without a detectable quake.
    But if you remove whatever is lubricating the fault there then it will lock up making the undetectable micro-quakes there cease but causing a felt or perhaps damaging quake in the future.
    So, again, no. Removal of a lubricant stops quakes. For a while.”
    And another:
    “Oil is usually found much shallower than the tectonic plates sit, especially on continents. It’s lighter that the water that is usually in the gaps and fissures in rocks, so it tends to rise up, not flow down.
    So – no, this is entirely due to the motion of the plates themselves, not the presence of oil.”
    And another:
    “Nope. Neat question, but nope. Oil only forms when there is a permeable layer of rock (or sand or salt) to hold the oil, and an impermeable cap-rock on top (such as granite) to hold the oil in place (otherwise it rises to surface and is gone). The oil stays in the reservoir, not moving for hundreds of millions of years.”
    And another:
    “I think this question practically answers itself. Earthquakes are caused by the motion of tectonic plates. If oil were a lubricant facilitating that motion, which it’s not, then removing it would cause less earthquakes, not more.
    Separately though, removal of oil actually CAN cause earthquakes in some instances, just not as a result of an effect on tectonic plates. After fracking, when rock is hydraulically fractured by pumping a high pressure “special mix” into oil bearing rock layers, cracking them and improving the extraction of oil, waste water used in the process is disposed of deep underground. This also happens during oil extraction that does not include fracking. Areas where this is common have experienced small earthquakes, postulated to happen due to lubricating local fault lines. Fault lines are everywhere, not necessarily near current tectonic boundaries.”
    PS – Pacha Mama {Mother Nature) is a Humanist concept, Humanism is another name for Luciferianism or Satanism. Hmm?

    1. JEEPERS! (Laugh!!!) Bernard I already KNOW about YOUR Fate…Its been recorded in the SAMBO accounts, which record the PAST – PRESENT – and FUTURE.
      Your kind will no longer be around AFTER the Melanin Energies Return…Your Kind will become Obsolete once that happens.
      YOU do Know about WHO “Sambo” IS, don’t You???
      I have to say this, Your Kind did an EXCELLENT job, at WHAT your Kind was ALLOWED to do.
      Take soulice in the fact that you MAY be ALLOWED to return in a GRADUAL “MATTER”.
      PS: Actually…I already KNOW you have this knowledge…Just “Playing-Out” Your part.

      1. It would be good if you tried to defend your hypothesis regarding Oil, but instead you simply try and attack peoples character in an attempt to distract from your theories failure to save face from promoting a losing argument. Indeed, I note the response above simply contains more [desperate] attempts at moralising, instead of addressing the claims YOU made about Oil.
        Given the failure to respond to the alternative views that challenge Oil [isostatics] theory, I will take it that you concede, again, and that you now withdraw from these claims. As the opinions provided demonstrate, its a matter of depth [among other things] that undermines such a theory.
        I also note that there is no challenge to the statements made regarding the fact that Humanism is Satanism.

  6. Just STAY in “Your-Box” bernard…I wouldn’t waste time responding to you about ANYTHING, because I already the REAL truth about “White Supremacy” and WHAT’S About to happen to THEM…UNDERSTAND???
    Your “Kind” (ManKIND) was only “Allowed” to exist to “Refine” The Member of the FAST coming “Golden Race” of witch I am a Member.
    So I need not address anything you may post anymore, I just sadden at your belief of matters that ONLY exist INSIDE THAT BOX YOU LIVE IN.
    Good-By bernard.

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