Jeffrey Epstein is Dead, But…

Paramedics tried and failed to revive the convicted pedophile after he was said to have  hanged himself inside a closely watched prison cell in the Manhattan Correctional Center, FDNY and multiple sources said.

Jeffrey Epstein is wheeled into New York Downtown Hospital. William Farrington NYPost

The late Epstein was under suicide watch after he was found nearly unconscious in his cell, two weeks ago.

The multimillionaire financier was being held without bail pending a new trial on child sex-trafficking charges.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of speculations going around about the possible outcome of the cases filed against him and those other high-profile personalities involved in his Lolita Express business.

But the best so far is this…

That means it’s all go for the massive unsealing of indictments, if the US authorities are indeed hell bent on cracking down on pedophilia at all cost.

But wait!

Somebody just give us this…


I don’t have them on the front page right now because I am under relentless attack and can’t get them posted, but here’s what’s up:

They used a photo of EMT’s training in a NYFD garage, where they park the fire trucks, and spliced Epstein onto the gurney in place of what was probably a “resusci anne” doll that would be used for training. The photo has been positively identified as having originated in an NYFD garage, and not the hospital, where the New York post claimed he was taken.

i am under relentless attack which is forcing me to use only combat mode, which i cannot use to get the photos onto the site. This is fully confirmed and not going away, and eventually i will get the photos uploaded even if i have to go to a “totally random computer” to do it.

Bonus: the damning photo was posted by the New York post, and is obviously a resusci anne doll with Epstein’s head Photoshopped onto it. i will get it posted here asap, there is a war going on here.

GET THIS: Epstein’s death was not recorded because the jail had “camera problems”.LOVELY: As of 8:22 AM, got onto this, and said he’s dead from suicide. Looks like the chatter was for real


Update to below:

As of 8 AM, chatter appeared that ABC news did a sudden special report about Epstein killed himself. “Killed himself”. I can’t get ABC news live down here in Mex. So I have to go on the chatter. According to chatter, this news report broke at 8 AM. This was posted at 8:04 AM. So if he dies later than that . . . . . and this may be their solution to avoid having to go ahead with their terror attacks as stated below:

VERY STRANGE: RUMOR: New 9/11 on August 11

I do not make predictions like this, so don’t say I cried wolf when nothing happens. I hate predictions that don’t come true. However, there’s enough out there now to mention something:

I have noticed “chatter” that indicates something huge may happen on August 11. It first started with predictions that there would be huge terror attacks on August 10-11 and stuff like that happens so much I blow it off. however, something just surfaced that made me decide to mention this.

A landscaper who works on elite properties has noticed that MANY elite are holding parties on August 11. The post is extremely poorly written, so bad it hurts the message, but IF it is true it begs the question: WHY would they be holding parties on the 11th?

The following is not sourced, it is just floating around out there, and the nature of how it was written is spooky, this is NOT someone screwing around, this was posted by someone not very literate so it fits the profile perfectly as legit: . . . . .

“I’m a landscaper and I work on properties that are owned by billionares and millionaires that are oil company executives ceos of large investing companies s and p 500 investors basically extremely powerful people and like 10 different clients are throwimg a party on August 11th even tho its not necessarily unusual for some of our clients to throw a party every now and then its highly unusual for this many of our clients to throw a party on the same exact day and ive been hearimg about this date from you and many fish I think these people know about somthing everone has been really secretove about it I asked what the party was for and no one knows”

My comment: That kind of post actually scares me. I don’t know where it came from, just that it is getting passed around. SPOOKY. And it would not surprise me at all, THE STAGE WAS SET IN EL PASO, we know damn well the deep state did that, if they pulled their huge 911 this week end it would probably work.

There is another rumor going around related to Trump that I am not going to mention because it is not supported by anything yet, but I gotta say . . . . . that landscaper’s post has spooked me. No one posts THAT CRAPPY if they are into posting hoaxes, that one is probably legit folks.

This site is well traveled enough to possibly stop them from pressing forward if I mention this on the 9th, however, they have become so arrogant at this point that maybe even Alex could post this and they’d do it anyway. Heads up, if something happens over this week end, we were forewarned.


There is indeed some clues in support of the above JimStone’s suspicion, one of which is the disproportionately large Epstein head on the NYPost photo, below:

NYPost photo on supposed EMT resuscitation attempt on Epstein.

Also, the leg portion is disproportionately small, or short, for a man like Epstein.

If we look at this recent development in a positive angle, as could be reinforced by the post below of a Trump insider, Lynne Patton, then there’s a possibility that Epstein may have entered the Witness Protection Program, and what this Instagram post’s primary aim really is to pin down even further the Democrats away from any political advantage they might still have.

Patton posted this on Instagram as an administrator overseeing one of the largest regional offices at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Before joining the Trump administration, she worked as a senior adviser and liaison on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign; before that she worked for eight years as a vice president at Eric Trump’s foundation and as a “senior aide” to the Trump family.

Additional Resources: EIPSTEIN DUMP

NEW YORK CITY, NY – MARCH 15: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell attend de Grisogono Sponsors The 2005 Wall Street Concert Series Benefitting Wall Street Rising, with a Performance by Rod Stewart at Cipriani Wall Street on March 15, 2005 in New York City. (Photo by Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Although no charges have been filed against Maxwell — or anyone else in Epstein’s inner circle, for that matter — she has long been dogged by allegations that she played a pivotal role in procuring young women for Epstein, and has been named in numerous civil suits to that effect.

US Zionists Export Epstein, Squeezing Trump’s Balls

The rumor at the top of US Intel at the time was that Giselle Maxwell’s father’s drowning was faked too, using a similar person’s body obtained from one of many “partner mortuaries”. he was supposedly taken to a Swiss plastic surgery clinic set up and used by RKM for many years, sheep-dipped and retired very rich as a hero in Israel where there is no extradition treaties.

Watch Israeli TV for better info on this. Epstein is one of the Likudists greatest heroes since he provided very good human compromise materials in video form. On his island and ranches he also had occult child sacrifice (Baal/Moloch) worship ceremonies for the higher ups who need to be controlled more.

Epstein is alive, suicide faked. There were several video cameras and two 24 hour live watch guards at the most secure jail in NY, it couldn’t happen. The SSG is so out of control and blatantly aggressive that this could be expected. He was taken to the hospital and then left later. First report was that he was alive and taken to the hospital on oxygen.

His financier Wexler claimed Epstein embezzled his funds and now with Epstein supposedly dead, he can make big claims against the Epstein funds/holding so it won’t go to the USG. The civil cases can proceed and Wexler will get his money back afterwards while pretending that he never fronted it for the Mossad in the first place.

Epstein will be taken to a plastic surgery center in Switzerland run by Khazarians to have some work done on his ears, teeth and face. Wexler ran the op and Ghislaine was his handler of Epstein. This is a MEGA run op, one of many. Research MEGA and you will understand. Since MEGA has total control over US LE, the USDOJ, and the CIA and FBI, no real investigation will ever occur.

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  1. The Israeli MOSSAD SOP, when one of their own operatives is caught, is to eliminate the operative asap. The same thing happened with the ‘Washington Madame’, found suicided in a shed behind her mother’s home. So now the world is supposed to believe that a man who is on 24/7 ‘suicide watch’ has committed suicide on camera, blah, blah, blah. It’s all too obvious, no different than Seth Rich being executed, Assange and Manning imprisoned: these people knew TOO MUCH!

  2. I cannot believe these WHITE Supremest Think WHO they are Fooling! WE…Already Know they would NEVER Actually kill that “Peice-O-Chit” Mosad asset…Just like there will NEVER be a trail and “Mass-Arrest” of these Maggot “Avatars” slithering around this planet.
    The whole “Sha-bang” will be sweped “Under the carpet” just like “Pzza/Pedo Gate was…there be LOADS OF TALK about it over the SHORT time these Avatars have left, But NO-ACTION.
    Their WHITE god and their so-called “Alliance” are OBVIOUSLY powerless to arrest and Prosecute ANY of these Maggots.
    THAT will ONLY happen when the “Melanin Beings” Return (Divine Source Beings)
    Its also become OBVIOUS that “White Supremest” are SCARED CRAP-LESS ABOUT ANY “DISCLOSURE” Event.

    1. The so called Q of the Uk actually put a stop to all investigations concerning her son Phillip and possible pedophilia charges when they first surfaced over a decade ago. Note there has not been much coverage concerning the royal’s in this regard especially during Epstein’s arrest. Media has concentrated more on Trump’s involvement.
      This is just another way of moving people aside and replacing them with some other garbage whilst they spend the remainder of their lives in luxury in some other part of the world or not.
      As I have mentioned before on many other posts that this has happened throughout history and they constantly laugh at us and they will not disclose a thing as this will end their reign( mind most of us are so fast asleep now that even if he broadcast it on TV that he did organise and participate in these crimes nothing will be done about it.) prematurely.

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