Shockwaves Bring the New Silk Road into the Americas as Neo-Liberal Order Crumbles

Over the past several years Latin America has become a strategic battleground which involves much more than merely “geopolitical power plays” between the USA vs China as many commentators are asserting. Of course this is not to say that there are no geopolitical battles occurring. The entire western sponsored regime change operation in Venezuela couldn’t be understood unless one realized that China and Russia see Venezuela as a strategic ally in the Americas and a future zone for Belt and Road projects which are sweeping across the world… but something more is happening.

Over the past three years, over 17 Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) nations have signed onto the new operating framework of the Belt and Road Initiative which extends far beyond the limited China-to-Europe corridor which many presumed it to be when it was announced in 2013. With its focus on long term planning and interconnectivity, China is already number one in vital infrastructure investments globally and while not number one in overall trade in the Americas, has now produced over six times more investment into Latin American energy infrastructure than the World Bank.

This new paradigm has been a breath of fresh air for many nations of the south that have been gripped by Western drug money laundering, poverty, debt slavery and organized crime which has been kept in place by over four decades of IMF-World Bank dictates enforced by London/Harvard trained economists positioned as local governors over the bodies of nationalist leaders.

In spite of the 17 nations on board the BRI, the big four powers (Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia) have not yet joined, which has been a frustrating obstacle for the greater vision of integrated infrastructure to blossom. However, in the past few weeks, even this has begun to change.

Colombia and the BRI

At a July 29-31 state visit to Beijing, Colombia’s President Iván Duque embraced a long term perspective with China (though not fully joining the BRI) when he spoke to 200 Chinese businessmen saying that China could help “transform Colombia into a food basket for the world” and that Colombia should be China’s “golden gate” into South America. He invited China to help with projects to develop infrastructure, education and science calling for “a Colombia-China initiative for the next 40 years”.

The specific program to transform Colombia was outlined by Duque as a “productive corridor” connecting the Eastern High Plains with the Pacific Port of Buenaventura through transportation corridors across the Andes, and a Sea Motorway 2 connecting the Gulf of Uraba in the Caribbean and several oil fields. While only 8 million hectares of agricultural land are currently used, Colombia’s full potential of 24 hectares will become developed once this initiative is built.

On the BRI itself, Duque said that it should be “the conceptual umbrella for this project to materialize”.

As the infamous 1999 photograph of the President of the NYSC embracing Raul Reyes (FARC narco-terrorist leader) demonstrates, Wall Street and London financiers have literally kept Colombia under the clutches of narco-traffickers for decades, resulting in a culture of organized crime, terrorism, and impoverishment that only the BRI can solve. In the 21st century over two million Colombians have no access to electricity. With Colombia’s involvement in the BRI, every Andean nation in South America would be on board.

A Sea Change for Argentina

Since Mauricio Macri’s December 2015 victory, Argentina took a slide into insanity. At one time representing a powerful force of opposition to the international financiers and vulture funds under the Peronist government of the late Nestor Kirchner and his wife Christina, Argentina under Macri has once again become a bankers’ fiefdom which brought the nation slavishly back under the whip of the financial oligarchy. Under Macri, austerity became the new norm and payment of debts the new priority for Argentina, while the vast majority of large scale infrastructure projects begun by President Kirchner were cancelled or postponed.

Somehow Macri was surprised that his monetarist strategies failed to win him the love of the people as unemployment continued to rise, and inflation topped 55% with no hope in sight.

The effects of the population’s suffering under the IMF’s monetarist diktats resulted in a surprise August 12 pre-election vote which gave Macri’s opponent Alberto Fernandez 47% of the votes (compared to a mere 33% for sitting President). Although this was only a pre-election vote, Fernandez demonstrated that he will likely become the President in the November elections. What is also notable is that Fernandez (a former Chief of Staff to Nestor Kirchner) is partnered on the Front for All ticket with his Vice-Presidential running mate Christina Fernandez de Kirchner herself. Fernandez and Kirchner promise to re-organize the unpayable IMF debts and end the age of austerity. Of course, speculators showed their disapproval of this return to a national power by collapsing the Argentina peso by 15% on August 13 and threatening more punishment if the “populist Peronists” are elected.

With Kirchner’s immanent return to power, many presume that the burgeoning golden age of China-Russian relations will blossom once more. Under Kirchner’s leadership a powerful “Argentina-China Integral Strategic Alliance” was formed along with 20 major treaties between the nations.

Some of the projects begun under Kirchner which Macri wasn’t able to kill involve the $4.1 billion Patagonia Hydroelectric project where two dams are being built on the Santa Cruz River, and also the $8 billion plan to build two nuclear power plants (one Canadian CANDU and one Chinese design). The dam represents the first hydro project built in over a quarter century and even thought Argentina was the first Latin American country to go nuclear with the Atucha I plant in 1974, very little was permitted since then.

Neo-Liberal Fractures in Brazil

While the current right wing regime under Jair Bolsonaro has turned away from a friendly relationship with China on orders from Washington, Chinese-sponsored projects begun under Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff were not so easy to kill with Brazil still receiving the second highest investment of Chinese capital amounting to $54 billion. Some BRI-related projects underway currently involve the Ultra High Voltage electricity transport system under construction since 2011 by China’s State Grid subsidiary in Brazil. This incredible project also known as the Electricity Superhighway carries high voltage electricity with very little loss of power over 2000 km from the northern Belo Monte Dam to the impoverished and populated southeast providing cheap electricity to 22 million people.

In agriculture, China imported 50 million tons of soybeans (80% of Brazil’s soy exports) and 560 tons of beef (40% of total) in 2018, and this is only expected to rise.

The New Development Ban is also setting up operations in Brazil and will begin emitting funds outside of the control of the IMF/World Bank shortly and Brazil’s hosting of the 11th BRICS Summit on November 13 is sure to dovetail with Chinese and Russian investment strategies in the South. Under a re-organized financial system, such new institutions as the New Development Bank, the Silk Road Investment Fund, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank would take on leading roles in providing long term productive credit for projects globally.

When responding to Bolsonaro’s attacks on Kirchner and Fernandez of Argentina, Fernandez responded saying “with Brazil, we are going to get on splendidly. Brazil will always be our main partner. Bolsonaro is a passing phase in the life of Brazil- just as Macri is a passing phase in the life of Argentina”.

A Word on Mexico

Mexico gained a huge victory with the election of nationalist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in 2017 who has fought for a Mexico/Central America Development Plan since his election as an alternative to the current IMF/World Bank paradigm. This plan which is very much in harmony with the Belt and Road model involves southern Mexico and the “northern triangle” of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras which would see the construction of a cross Isthmus and North-South railroad system and ports along with a new electricity grid and agro industrial developments for all four nations.

Although AMLO’s impulses favor joining the BRI, immense pressure has withheld this leap from occurring to this point.

Green Depopulation or a New Growth Paradigm

After Panama became the first Latin American nation to join the BRI in 2017, Uruguay followed suite, and was quickly joined by Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Chile, and Costa Rica. Caribbean nations on board involve Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic and Antigua-Barbuda.

Western assets embedded in the LAC political structures are not only easy to identify due to their rejection of the BRI and embrace of Wall Street, but also for their blatant support of “green” energy strategies which seek to shut down carbon emitting oil, coal and even nuclear power.  An example of this hive was made evident by coalition of former energy secretaries of Argentina that wrote a memo calling for a scrapping of nuclear in preference to a total wind/solar strategy in obedience to the oligarchs that wrote COP21 and the Green New Deal. For any thinking citizen, this is merely another name for depopulation.

Accurately capturing the principle of what is happening across South America and the world as a whole, Costa Rica’s ambassador to China recently said that China is “creating a new paradigm for development which may be as important perhaps as the Bretton Woods was after World War II” and that China is “calling upon the whole world to design together what the New Paradigm is going to be”.

Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review. He is also the co-founder of the Rising Tide Foundation.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

8 thoughts on “Shockwaves Bring the New Silk Road into the Americas as Neo-Liberal Order Crumbles”

  1. This Artical has some fact but telling us that Kirchner coming back into power in Argentina is a good thing sheds allot of doubt you know anything about anything . Argentina was destroyed by this criminal . the present priedent was just trying to fix the mess Kirchner made

  2. I watch Mexico like a hawk.

    1) In the last 6 or so years Mexico has tried to cozy up to China at least 3 times. Each time the US Tyranny has come up with backdoor threats to Mexico. A few years ago China made attempts to offer up funding for Mexico’s bankrupt national oil firm, Pemex. Almost immediately Pemex was denationalized and now several Western firms sell fuel in Mexico. Most of theat fuel is trucked down from Houston.

    2) Mexico will be slowly integrated into the US Tyranny, or at least what’s left of it. The first shoe to drop will be the soon permitting of Mexican visa free travel and residence in the US. The Southern border will become much like the Northern one with Canada. I sure hope no one believed the puppet Trump’s “wall” and “anti-immigration” malarkey?! Always amusing how many continue to fall for the Jew-media’s distractions only to be surprised when they pull another terrible rabbit out of the hat.

    3) The puppet AMLO, just in the past couple months, has moved toward supporting the above mentioned integration. He is starting the dismantling, or at least shrinking, of the Mexican military. A new national guard has been created. The army and various police forces are being rolled in to it. This national guard seems to be the reason AMLO was selected. The puppet is moving fast setting this force up. So fast, that the national budget is being gutted to fund this new force, causing much chaos nationwide. Oh, but he now flies commercial?! LOL!

    The enemy the Jew fifth-column of the West created, China, is growing more independent and powerful. The Jew fifth-column is moving more production West to Latin America, especially Mexico, and Europe. Hence the NAFTA “renegotiation.”

    As for the rest of Latin America and their relations with China: “[Some Latin American Country] is harboring “terrorists,” possesses WNDs, has “mobile launchers,” and is a clear and present danger to the entire world. The Invasion will commence in…”

    “Don’t believe the hype. It’s a sequel.”

    “Ignorance Is Strength.” I’m weak.

    1. Chris,
      What is happening in regards to Mexico is exactly what is happening to Europe. You may have trump building ‘his’ wall and that is only so that the ‘right people’ remain in control of the drug trade, human trafficking etc. If that wall does not happen then it will be as you have correctly identified ‘absorbed’ into the rest of the US. Already the police force here in the UK is private with security companies donning the same colours as our ‘private’ force. The cabal are now moving swiftly.
      China is already part of the cabal. The investment that has been pouring into China since kissingers visit to it back in 1971 is enormous and even more so today. Do you think the cabal elite would continue this investment if they thought that they had indeed lost control of China?

      1. Land became demarcated when the white european decided to put up barriers and compartmentalise mankind.
        One must take note of Thoth’s emerald tablets and especially tablet eight. It is said that these creatures of the shadows can only exist as humans if they have humans blood – there is obviously a connection between wars, child sacrifice and their existence. perhaps we should retune to 432hz and expose these creatures.
        There is a long fight ahead of us and it has got dirty.

      2. Shapiemau……quote………

        It is said that THESE CREATURES of the shadows can only exist as humans if they have humans blood – there is OBVIOUSLY A CONNECTION BETWEEN WARS, CHILD SACRIFICE and THEIR EXISTENCE.
        You might be interested in the BOOK linked below…….

        The CURSE of CANAAN 💡

        A DEMONOLOGY of HISTORY by Eustace Mullins 💡

        About the AUTHOR
        In forty years of dedicated investigative research, EUSTACE MULLINS has drawn considerable return fire. He WAS KEPT UNDER DAILY SURVEILLANCE by agents of the FBI FOR THIRTY-TWO YEARS; no charges were ever placed against him
        After forty years of patient study of the crises which faces humanity, I arrived at a very simple conclusion-ALL CONSPIRACIES ARE SATANIC !
        The Book of Enoch says…. that Samjaza (SATAN), the LEADER OF a band of two hundred ANGELS, descended on Mt. Carmel. They had LUSTED AFTER the DAUGHTERS of MEN from afar, and now they TOOK THEM FOR WIVES.
        These fallen angels, known as the Order of the Watchers, taught their wives magic. THE ISSUE of these unions was a race of GIANTS, KNOWN as NEPHILIM.
        These giants later became known as “the sons of Anak.”
        SATAN, through HIS CHILDREN, the NEPHILIM, and also through Cain, had now ESTABLISHED A DEMONIC PRESENCE on the EARTH. HIS REBELLION AGAINST GOD WOULD RESULT IN CONTINUOUS suffering and TRAVAIL on EARTH FOR CENTURIES to come. The history of mankind since his rebellion is the history of the struggle between THE PEOPLE of God AND the CULT of SATAN. With this understanding, it is now possible to trace the HISTORICAL EVENTS which reveal the actual archives OF the TWO ADVERSARIES.
        The study of demonology in history discloses answers to otherwise inexplicable aspects of MAN’S, HISTORY. The TORTURE and MURDER of CHILDREN, obscene rites and MASS KILLINGS of innocents IN WORLDWIDE WARS, as well as other catastrophes, are phenomena which bear little or no relation to mankind’s day by day routine of tilling the soil, raising families, and maintaining the standards of civilization. On the contrary, these types of calamities ARE DIRECT ASSAULTS ON the normal existence of HUMANITY. Furthermore, they ARE EXPRESSIONS OF the REBELLION AGAINST God….AS ATTACKS ON HIS PEOPLE.
        A WORTHWHILE READ….Imho……..

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