White Hats Report #42

Frustrated and Desperate – Cabal Tries to Kill The Messenger, and FAILS THREE TIMES!!!

The Ed Falcone affair is akin to a Hollywood movie, only much more bizarre.  It’s bizarre because the players involved are the highest elected and appointed officials in America.  And it’s bizarre because the level of corruption includes treason, monstrously huge theft, bribery and attempted murder.

This plot includes the current and past Presidents, the current Vice President, the current Secretary of State, the CIA, a presidential contender, a German banker, a German bagman, and a Lt. Governor. It also includes bank trade programs, and attempted murder, or better yet, let’s call it like it is, an assassination attempt.  There were multiple attempts.

To recap a prior White Hat Report, Ed Falcone attempted to invest funds in a private placement program which would have benefited those Katrina victims who had lost their houses, and it would have provided help to an urban renewal project in Miami.  Mitt Romney, yes that Mitt Romney, introduced Falcone to former President G. H. W. Bush, Sr. who then orchestrated the theft of Falcone’s funds utilizing the nefarious talents of Dr. Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette.  When Falcone couldn’t find help anywhere else, he reached out to Vice President Joseph Biden for assistance. Bush Sr. then reached out to Biden as well. He bought his silence to the tune of $200,000,000.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered the bribe.  Since then, Falcone’s initial funds have been traded numerous times with Romney being paid in excess of $900,000,000 for his part in the plot.

After the fiasco in London with Dr. Herzog and the Global Euro Fund, Falcone was summoned to Europe to meet with Prosecutors and Police in Germany. He brought evidence against Dr. Herzog and other Bush Sr. associates. After arriving in Germany with evidence against Bush Sr. associates and Dr. Herzog in hand, he got word that an assassination attempt against him was in progress.  He survived by diverting to another hotel, and successfully delivered the damning documents to German prosecutors.

The second attempt on Mr. Falcone’s life occurred on the return Lufthansa Airlines flight. During the flight, a flight attendant offered Mr. Falcone  a bottle of water that he had not requested.  She also told him that they had a special meal request, which he had not requested. The bottled water was kept unopened and tested later at a lab. The water had contained enough poison to kill Mr. Falcone.

After the first two attempts failed, it has been reported to us that Bush Sr. then contacted President Obama to engage the CIA in another attempt to silence Falcone. We were told that Obama issued orders to the agency to carry out an assassination against Falcone, a citizen of the United States of America. At this time, it’s unclear whether the President was aware of the two failed attempts to assassinate Falcone as ordered by Bush Sr. and carried out by rogue agency operatives.

A third attempt was made on Mr. Falcone’s life at the Four Seasons Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. Falcone had discovered an article of clothing missing from his room and so the hotel staff offered to pay for dinner and drinks for he and his wife in the hotel’s restaurant at their expense.  When Falcone refused the offer, they sent a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon wine to his room with an apology from the Hotel.  Mr. Falcone again did not open the bottle but instead took it to a laboratory to be tested.  Again, the wine was poisoned.  The results of these tests are being held by the attorneys representing Falcone and are being heavily considered by the prosecuting authorities.

One of the owners of the Four Seasons Hotels is Microsoft.  At present, we are unsure whether Bill Gates knew of the details of this operation but we DO know that he made introductions and handled arrangements between the agency and the hotel staff.  It should be noted that the staff was aware that Mr. Falcone preferred Red Cabernet Sauvignon and that the label on the poisoned bottle carried the hotel’s name.  Apparently the saboteurs surmised that Mr. Falcone would not suspect foul play involving an official Four Seasons Hotel bottle of wine.

What are Bush Sr. and the Cabal protecting? Was it their “sacred cow” Republican candidate for President? Or perhaps it was a failed attempt to eliminate the person who could witness to their vast international crime syndicate. Regardless, we now add attempted murder to a long list of international crimes.  The Cabal was attempting to silence a United States citizen who was planning to use his funds to help those in New Orleans who desperately needed housing. This is just another instance of justice long denied, both to the people of the world and to Ed Falcone.  Those stolen funds traded for profits went untaxed and were used for Black Ops.  In addition, those stolen funds paid off all the co-conspirators who participated in the crime and also those who assisted in the cover up.  As if all of this wasn’t enough to turn your stomach, the President of the United States gets an order by a former President to utilize the CIA to carry out an assassination attempt against a non-combatant, upstanding citizen of the United States of America because he had strength and fortitude to cause waves with the Cabal Agenda.  You would think that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Department of Justice would care about all of this, but it appears they are compromised to the fullest extent possible.

This whole situation not only illustrates the severity of the crimes committed by the Cabal, but also displays the lengths to which they will go to protect their criminal enterprise:

  • By usurping government assets when they need someone murdered.
  • By stealing massive amounts of money from Individuals and Countries with impunity.
  • By doing virtually anything else to stay above the law.

We’ve addressed a lot of issues in previous articles, but this is one of the most disturbing pieces we’ve ever released.  Threats are one thing, but actual attempts by the government at murdering an American citizen who had called on his government for help… business as usual for the cabal.

What really disturbs The White Hats is that the very people we elected to protect us from such events are now carrying out these crimes against humanity.  The concepts surrounding “The Rules of Engagement” have been a long term standard of this country’s moral compass and are now being circumvented by the very people we elect to protect us from such events.  To this end, we reject those leaders and their actions as unconstitutional, treasonous, and immoral against mankind.

Posted by The White Hat Reporters

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