2012 : A New Beginning?

In our desire to inform the public about what’s going on behind the scenes, and in keeping with our Core Principle, we are running a series of articles that could blow your mind. This is just one of them… 


[UPDATED – April 12, 2011]

Hollywood and Mainstream Media – the ultimate tools for mass brainwashing have, in varying degree, been feeding us that the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. Among the wild theories they’ve been using are:

  • A rouge Planet X is going to hit us on that date resulting in a massive or complete destruction of this planet;
  • Solar flares are increasing in intensity to the point of boiling our ocean and possibly melting the Earth’s crust;
  • Extraterrestrial Beings will come to conquer this planet and harvest everything in it.

Movies like War of the Worlds and 2012 are among the top-grossers in their covert agenda for mass control by instilling fear among the Goyim.

However, our data gathering suggest that:

  • Planet X (Nibiru) will not hit us anymore. It happened before and resulted to the “creation” of our moon, but orbital corrections were already done in the past, and a possible collision at this point in time is very remote. There’s also an outright rebuttal that the planet itself does not exist, i.e. Sitchin is another Jesuit disinfo agent like Alex Jones;
  • Global Warming is a scam to implement universal carbon taxes paving the way for the New World Order. Not all nations concurred to this scheme and Al Gore is now facing a class suit from more than 30,000 scientists and weather experts around the world. Carbon emissions do not contribute to global warming. The increase in temperature is a natural cyclical phenomenon and there’s nothing we can do about it. The last time the sun’s energy increased, revolutions were spreading worldwide due to heightened consciousness, which is also what is happening now in Egypt, Yemen, Algeria and earlier in Tunisia. Update: Unrests have now spread to Libya, Bahrain, and Tehran.
  • Once a civilization achieves considerable advances in science and technology, the level of thinking of the masses also rises up. The natural consequence of this is a deeper understanding of their existence and the world around them. And when that happens, the desire for conquest on other inferior civilizations diminishes. ETs are already here, as they have been for aeons. They have been worshiped as gods, angels, prophets, magi, etc. – the main reason why they have to go “underground”. They want us to realize who we really are through our own free will. Now they are helping in the implementation of a worldwide prosperity program to defeat evil that have been dominating this planet for thousands of years.

Recently, this “end of the world” attitude of the mainstream media is gradually changing course. Last year, they started suggesting that alien lifeforms is highly probable, by showing us movies like The Event, and Ancient Aliens. But then again, an element of deception is still present. Sophisticated disinformation is 95% truth, and 5% lies. So watch them carefully.

They, thru NASA, have also sent a multibillion dollar space probe, Kepler, towards the Orion star system, and so far have seen 1,235 planet candidates as of 2011 Feb 2, as if they didn’t already know what’s out there. They already knew that there are 100 billion solar systems in our Milky Way galaxy alone. And each of those solar systems have planets that are habitable by humanoids like us – intelligent beings far more technologically advanced than we are. Some of them have visited our planet during the “biblical times”, and were worshiped as gods, angels, and prophets due to superiority in all areas, e.g. forecasting, defense, agriculture, magic and miracle (science).

They don’t want these to happen again and decided that we should go through the painful process of learning good and evil and all that life has to offer without their inteference. Fortunately for today’s generation, these highly evolved beings are now thinking that we’ve learned more than enough to allow us to take it to the next level of human progression. Insiders said that they are now assisting us in the global redistribution of wealth (NESARA) and in getting rid of all evils in our society in the form of disabling a launched missile, for example, in California late last year…



Our understanding based on facts we’ve gathered from very reliable sources suggest that the old paradigm will end, and a new way of thinking is about to begin. The old world, as we know it, will vanish like a long nightmare should and a new world of abundance and long lasting peace is coming.

Funding for the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) would come from several sources, some of those already identified are:

Each of these funds has its own glorious story. But be careful in your research, evil can create their websites, too, for purposes of disinformation. Look, at the top of the page, how they changed the definition of the acronym, i.e. from economic security to economic stability. Why do we believe in NESARA? Because it’s already a law of the land.

Where would these mind-bloggling financial assistance go?

Every country will forgive each other’s debt. Some funds will be used to buyout all oil and pharmaceutical companies. New energy and medical technologies will be made accessible. Income taxes are no longer deducted from your paycheck and licenses no longer required.

Every living soul on this planet will benefit from it.

This is 20+ years in the making. The White Hats and Asian Secret Societies are making it possible. Casualties on the good side are minimal, while the evil suffered a lot. Most of them are now neutralized or are on the run.

Majority may not be able to fully adjust to everything that is to come. The massive change that is to occur would be painful to those who have been for years unmindful about global concerns. That’s the reason why those who are implementing these radical changes are doing them gradually, and the internet infrastructure is facilitating that.

Here’s just the tip of the iceberg:

  • Federal USA is as federal as Federal Express – that is, it is a corporate entity based in Washington D.C., established, for profit, early last century or earlier under a treaty that is to be effective for 100 years. That treaty expired years ago.;
  • Obama would be the last president of that corporation, and he have no choice but to resign within this year due to disqualification case filed re his failure to present a valid Birth Certificate;
  • George Bush Sr. have been using this fact about Obama to blackmail him not to sign the release of funds for National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) thru the Bank of America of which Rockefeller and the Bushes “own”;
  • Gold bullions deposited at the basement of the former World Trade Center were transferred via garbage trucks in the middle of the night to a military base prior to the controlled demolition of the same buildings on September 11, 2001;
  • The same gold bars are part of the refunding of the new world currency to replace the Fiat Dollar which should have been announced to the world on September 11, 2001, but a staged terror attacks defeated it 10 minutes before.
  • In the 90s, Philippine Daily Inquirer came out with a headline “600 tons of gold…” which Marcos deposited in Swiss banks. This had been confirmed by an Enrique Zobel after having seen the actual Gold Certificates in Hawaii where the Marcoses fled after the 1986 People Power Revolution. This huge trance of precious metal is different from the Yamashita Treasure that’s being buried across the islands. The 600-ton gold was mined from Northern Luzon and other parts of the country. That was our gold being replaced with a piece of paper by the Jesuits.
  • Gen. Douglas McArthur fled to Australia after saying the immortal words “I shall return” with at least 50 tons of gold on board.
  • The Vatican Bank now owns the majority of gold hidden around the world including some in the Philippines. Remember Guisaugon Landslide 2006? Well, the word on the street is that: those several trips made by Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters were done to transport gold hoards buried near the landslide affected area. Do you really believe that US battleship would just park for a tropical vacation here, and a landslide was pure coincidence? Yes, they have the technology to induce earthquakes and manipulate the weather anytime and wherever they want.
  • Switzerland banks are owned or controlled by the Jesuit Vatican Church.
  • Presidents Arroyo and Aquino are both educated from Jesuit administered schools, Georgetown University, and Ateneo de Manila University, respectively.
  • Philippines, together with Guam and others, is part of the Federal US Corporation since the day these islands were ceded to by the Spaniards. All presidents serving thereafter have been working for a subsidiary corporation called Republic of the Philippines.
  • Filipinos are 90% Christians, mostly Catholics.

The Dark Cabal are now resorting to weather manipulations and injecting earthquakes on nations that stand on their way. They will not go quitely into the night .

You are henceforth encouraged doing your own research and verifying the information discussed herein , and forward them to other open minded persons within your sphere of influence. We can accelerate the implementation of NESARA if we do our fair share of informing those that haven’t heard it yet. The more people who are made aware about it, the bigger the chance it could be implemented within the first half of this year, 2011.

What will happen in 2012 and beyond is up to you.  But if you ask us, we’ll go for this one…


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  1. NESARA is nonsense, and I can remember back in the ’90’s old ladies handing out fliers with this disinfo scam. I guess that’s why you think AJ is a “Jesuit disinfo agent,” huh, because he has figured it out and exposed it regularly? The guy that singlehandedly woke up more people than anyone with his films, and who predicted 9/11? Yeah, right, he’s working for the dark side.

    Proof, please.

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