The Lies We Believe In


The true power of the myth did not stop at your church. It vanquished your government, too.

In Washington D.C., you will find this…

The Washington Monument is a phallic – a symbol of male dominance. Phallic signifies an erect penis. Don’t forget the pyramid shape at the top, and the water pond after the Washington Monument, which symbolizes feminity. This sexual implication will have its inevitable climax at the Oval (Ovum) Office.

Even our own national hero wasn’t spared from this bastardry after they murdered him…

This same symbol of male domination can be seen, too, at the heart of the New Roman Empire… The Vatican. … as seen from the sky…

The Phallic is at the center of the Vatican Square which is actually an ellipse (oval, ovum) with a double cross on it. Yes, we have been double-crossed – just like the Brits. Also, at the left side is the Clitorean Dome. The whole structure is perfectly align from East to West (the exact path of the sun god – Horus) and is shaped after the female organ. The word organ, by the way, comes from the male organ which is a pipe, as in pipe organ of most churches.

Of course, if you like one like this in your front yard, you might say, “Can you erect a phallic by my front yard, please?” Surely, there would never be any miscommunication.

As it was in all churches of earlier times…

The god Shiva proudly standing in front of a male phallic. Phallic symbolizes an erect penis, and in this case, it does look like one.

A pagan Hindu Priestess giving the mark of Shiva to Pope John Paul II… This proves another undeniable link between Christianity and all other religions on Earth.

Click image to view article about this Hindu-Christian connection…. »»»

Here’s the god Shiva in a very respectable position.

Sex is replete throughout religion. Could be the reason why it has been, not only tolerated, but sanctioned.

Listen to Sister Charlotte’s Testimony.

Below, Shiva is depicted holding a pointed spear.Much like Poseidon…

Why three, and why spears? The number 3 represents the Holy Trinity. Spear means weapon. The Holy Trinity is a weapon – a weapon against whom? That’s what we’re going to find out.


In the beginning, money is used as a mere tool to facilitate the exchange of goods and services in a more efficient manner, as it is harder to pay for these economic activities using heavy pieces of metals (e.g. gold, silver). Hence, it was necessary to establish a bank for these gold bullion, and receipts were issued for every deposit which eventually become the money that circulated around.

Banks earned by charging for its safekeeping, which storage could span in months or years. This considerable length of time the gold is in their vaults allowed the bank operators to lent out a fraction of the value of these gold deposits just by issuing loan certificates against them, and earn additional income by charging a percentage interest on top of the principal amount of the loan. This was the birth of “fractional” banking.

It would only be a matter of time when they couldn’t resist the urge to lend more than the actual total value of all deposits in their banks – the printing of money or receipts without the bank actually receiving anything to back it up. This non-transparent paper-shuffling allowed the banks to offer interest to our bank deposits instead of the old practice of charging the depositors instead.

Today, the US dollar is being used as the currency standard for foreign exchange. First of all, one must know that the US dollar is backed-up with nothing. It has no value apart from the ink on a piece of paper. It’s called Fiat Currency or legal tender. Legal is different from being lawful (i.e. constitutional).

from Wikipedia:

Fiat money is money that has value only because of government regulation or law. The term derives from the Latin fiat, meaning “let it be done”, as such money is established by government decree. Where fiat money is used as currency, the term fiat currency is used.

Today, all national currencies are fiat currencies, including the US dollar, the euro, and all other reserve currencies. This trend began with the Nixon Shock of 1971, which ended the backing by precious metal of the U.S. dollar.

Not surprisingly, it is being traded as it is, just like any other tangible goods, in a legalized casino we called Stocks Exchange, the consequence of which is the bypassing of actual economic production of physical goods. And worst of all, the Federal Reserve can print fiat money at will, without congressional approval and subsequent audit. Federal Reserve is effectively higher than your government.

Your access to the dollar determines your ability to live. The control of money is the control of you. Yesterday,  slaves are fed and housed, and herded to work every morning. Today, slaves are allowed to fed and house by themselves if they can afford it, and will carry themselves to work voluntarily. The same end results, but the method is more than sophisticated you can’t feel that the system of total control is there.

Now, let’s examine closely who the real controller of the dollar is, i.e. the controller of the world of finance, and by consequence, the controller of you.

Left Side of the Dollar

Right Side of the Dollar

  • Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye, both symbols of Egyptian religion. Why are they found in an “American” instrument? Is the dollar really American?
  • Novus, Ordo, Seclorum, mean New, Order, World or “New World Order”
  • Annuit Coeptis means “Our Enterprise is Crowned with Success”
  • At the top of the bald eagle, is a group of stars arranged in Star of David configuration. What has Israel have to do with US Dollar?
  • Is it really the Jews, or is it the people that installed the Nation of IsRaEl, which could be traced back to the Vatican doors (if you understood what has been discussed above)?

The Great Seal of the United States. Where is America? Does it mean like United Airlines or United Parcel Service, both of which are private corporations? Indeed, this currency is manufactured by a private corporation known as the Federal United States Corp., based in Washington D.C.

In God We Trust – another religious intonation. Who is the god they are referring to – the All-Seeing Eye with sun rays in the background? Didn’t we agree that politics and religion should be separated? Is it a mere coincidence that the reverse of GOD is DOG as in DOGMA and DOG Star Sirius?

The United States of America. America comes from the word, Amaraka – the Land of the Serpents. We will allocate a page about this as well very soon.

The Federal Reserve was established by Rothschild and Rockefeller, it’s not your American National Bank. It’s a private Central Bank owned and operated by the same individuals that established the corporate United States. All central banks of the world are private banks, and therefore not subject to any auditing.

Why would you trust your hard earned money to an entity that is wiling to pay only a small fraction of your deposits in case of bankruptcy? Because they look very impressive…

… as impressive as The Rockefeller Center with the ancient god, Poseidon, to welcome you.

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine (he was the second richest man in Britain) will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.”

R Josiah Stamp (1880 – 1941), Governor of Bank of England 1920s. Quote from an address at the University of Texas in 1927


In the movie “The book of Eli”, which starred Denzel Washington (a Knight of Malta), it was all about the Bible, and it was describe as a weapon – a weapon of what?

Sun rays with beak of an eagle.

The  CBS logo with the All Seeing Eye of Horus.

Here, Spock makes a hand gesture “V” for Vulcan, and not…”May the Force Be With You.” Also, remember Captain Kirk? … as in Kirke (i.e. Church)?Capt. Kirk commands USS Enterprise, i.e. church  is an enterprise. The Church distributes its power in denominations as in banking notes, or currency denominations. The Lord of the Rings – Two Towers, has all the elements:

  • Reptilian Eye of Horus
  • Two Towers or Twin Towers (WTC)
  • Ring of Saturn (the Ancient God, El). Saturn is worshiped on Saturday or Saturn’s Day by Sabbatheans.


Nope, it’s not a pyramid. It’s Shell-Mex House, at 80 The Strand, London, was built for Shell-Mex and BP in 1935. During the war it was the HQ of the Petroleum board. When Shell-Mex and BP separated in 1975 the building became the HQ of Shell UK Ltd the UK company of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group. The building was sold by Shell in the mid 1990s and Shell now only leases a small trading floor in the building.

That’s not a sea shell. If it is, there should be a progression of arcs from the center to the edge. It’s a sun with its very prominent rays. Dutch Shell is majority-owned by Queen Beatrix – a Dame of Malta. Beatrix is related to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, who happens to be a niece of Hitler, according to MI6.

Have you seen the double cross on Exxon’s logo? Yes, you have been double-crossed again!

And the highlighted “O” on mobile… will it signify the sun? or the eye?


Today, Horus, who “made twelve steps across the sky” during the day, become “hours” in our watches. From El comes the words:

  • elder or the head in a community; each elder is chosen via election, i.e. a congressman is an elder;
  • elevated or being raised upwards by an elevator;
  • elated, spirit raised, etc.

Words don’t just happen. There’s even a Science for it – Etymology.

A hardcore believer may tell us that we are trying to twist the meaning of the words and symbols. No, we are not. We don’t subscribe to symbolism. We prefer the real thing. But why the church use symbolism in the first place? What was its intended purpose? Why are we required to perform rituals?

Symbols are used to make it easier to believe in something that isn’t there. Symbols are used to impart an idea. An idea that will be used to control you, once that idea is successfully embedded in your mind. Mind programming or mind control is accomplished through constant repetition – like praying with a Holy Rosary and all other rituals. A lie that’s periodically repeated and made big enough is easier to believe in the long run. That’s the reason why they must control the media, and major universities. They must control all book publishing companies. That’s why you weren’t able to study your history properly…

Note: Press Ctrl and + keys to enlarge the text…

Would they say now that this is just an isolated incident purported by some rogue elements within the church? Or is this, in reality a policy?

If all these are products of an elite conspiracy, why leave some clues in the open?

Well, not every evil is done in the dark. When you wield so much power, the best place to hide is in the open… The uninitiated will never suspect it, while the initiate can treat it as “bragging rights”.

For what’s the use of power if you can’t brag about it?

The Vatican Church is founded on the same roots as the Pagan Religion of Egypt - the Worship of the Sun.

The design of the altar reflects the satanic mindset of these Minions of the Dark… The Pope is flanked by two Jesuit Priests – the real controller of the White Pope is the Black Pope known as the Jesuit Generale. Yes, the Society of Jesus is a military organization…

Below are Jesuit Priests, together with Goebells, saluting the Führer of Germany… Hitler.

Germany’s Elite, including Goebells, at the Vatican.

And why the Pope and the Jesuit guarded by the Swiss Guards?

The Vatican owns the World Center of Banking – Switzerland. Maybe this is the reason why up to now, no wars were ever fought in Swisslandia. Of course, they’ll pass it as political and military neutrality.

It’s more obvious in her flag though…

Which is the same flag as the Red Cross… But to avoid semantic noise in the Arab world, they must use the Crescent Moon symbol. Don’t tell the Arabs that both are just godly the same…

Red Cross can serve both sides of the fence between two warring states. Why? Wars are introduced by the same people that created the Red Cross. Which of course the same as the Nazi cross…

Have you also noticed that actual territorial gains are never preserved after the war? And in almost every nation there are always ethnic divisions? This is to preserve conflicts – “divide and conquer” method.

The Spoils of War are also displayed most conspicuously…

These are no ordinary remains of ordinary people. Some of these races have achieved considerable economic development through science and technology. And if up to now, it’s still hard for you to understand the implications of the images you just witnessed, consider the fact that even Popes murder their own, too. And who is the real Pope John Paul II that is about to be proclaimed a Saint?

The Seal of the Society of Jesus or Jesuits.

These initials, IHS, are abbreviations for the names of the gods of the pagan Egyptian trinity, they being Isis (the Mother goddess and “Queen of Heaven”), Horus (the deified Child) and Seb (the Father of the gods or god of the Earth).

Notice the sun rays – the same sun rays you will find in the Holy Eucharist. There’s nothing holy about this symbol. The worship of the real God needs no symbolism, emblems, insignia, but deeper understanding about the true breadth and meaning of Life.

The Christian religion is a parody

on the worship of the Sun,

in which they put a man whom they call Christ,

in the place of the Sun,

and pay him the same adoration

which was originally paid to the Sun.

– Thomas Paine

If Hitler and all other Nazis were actually men so close to the Vatican Church, what happened to them when World War 2 was over?

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Presidential Candidates George W. Bush and Al Gore with their Master, Cardinal Egan

This one happy family murdered Dr. Nikola S. Tesla in 1943.

US Presidents, past and present, attended Pope John Paul II’s wake, kneeling as a sign of great respect to their Great Master – the “Ruler of the World”. Karol Wojtyla (this pope) was a former chemist and salesman at IG Farben which supplied poison gas to exterminate millions of Jews at Auschwitz during Hitler’s Third Reich. As World War II was ending, Hitler would later surface in Argentina and died of old age, in the care of Juan Peron, thru Operation Paperclip in which the Church issued fake passports to hardliner Nazis, some of whom became double agents of the newly created CIA. While Karol Wojtyla became Poland’s youngest bishop in 1958, and would later replace the papacy as Pope John Paul II after his predecessor was assassinated after reigning for only 30 days .

Prior to his election as Pope, Ratzinger issued an order to protect the Church instead of the victims of sexual abuses by phaedophile priests…

After the scandals began breaking a decade ago in the United States, that tradition was explicitly (if secretly) continued by an order issued in 2001 by Joseph Ratzinger, then the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Crimes “perpetrated with a minor by a cleric” fall under church jurisdiction, not civil law enforcement. “Cases of this kind,” Ratzinger warned, “are subject to the pontifical secret”—the violation of which is punishable by excommunication. When Ratzinger was elected pope in 2005, a Vatican spokesman was asked about the 2001 pronouncement. “This is not a public document,” he replied, “so we would not talk about it.” No way, no how.

Here’s how they enforce their will on whoever stands on their way…

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At 1:17 or frame #312 of the Zapruder Film above, Secret Service Agent William Greer, the driver, fired the fatal shot on JFK that day in 1963. Who’s behind his murder and why?

Prior to his assassination, JFK:

  • disclosed the existence of secret societies controlling global affairs, 2 weeks prior to his death;
  • was taking measures to dismantle the Federal Reserve, CIA, and other institutions run by the Dark Cabal;
  • was about to disclose the reality of Extraterrestrial Lifeforms that are working even in the halls of the Pentagon;
  • took concrete steps to end the Cold War, and all wars around the world.

Now, there’s only one man that stands between humanity and freedom – Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the Black Pope. If you want to know exactly the methods used and the people behind the plan to depopulate the planet and plunge it back to the Dark Age, please read “How The World Was Brought Down To Its Knees”.

The Dark Cabal controls, not only the way you live, but even in the way you think. It would require a great deal of effort from your end to correct it. Educate yourself away from the system. Use your internet access and time wisely. The moment you stop believing in everything they say, the moment you wake up from all the lies, artificial boundaries and imagined limitations will come crashing down, and their power crumbles and will cease to exist. Otherwise, you will remain a Slave forever.

It can also help you decide whether some changes must be made if you consider that religion is going extinct in a number of countries, mostly progressive or at the top of the most liveable regions around the world.

Economic systems are not just about capitalism and socialism. Those systems are designed by the same cabal (Karl Marx was Jesuit-trained, too). There is a far better and saner economic system that conforms to the laws of Nature.

Yes, we are not only into exposing Evil, we are also looking for the best doable solutions. And since we fully understood all about suppressed technologies, it has been very easy for us to completely grasp the whole concept of the Venus Project: Future by Design of Industrial Designer / Inventor Jacque Fresco and the advocacy of the Zeitgeist Movement headed by filmmaker Peter Joseph. As a proof that we walk the talk, we are implementing some of these non-invasive, non-chemical, non-radioactive technologies in the decisive fight against cancer and AIDS, and all other parasitic diseases.

Through careful analysis we found that when these technologies (e.g. free energy) are fully released, the inevitable consequence will be the obsolescence of money and religion, hence, its perpetual suppression. We are inviting you to explore them.

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Next: The Lies We Believe In [2]

This article is dedicated to my cousin, Roland, who was recruited, a long time ago, to join Opus Dei – another branch of the Society of Jesus. May he finally see the light.

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  1. zeitgeist is hardcore satanic too, just like those peeps you are ranting against (and God bless you for that btw). Look into it, very antiChrist newagey religion dressing itself up as politics…same double tongued shit that you get from the fanatics in any religion, the greedy money hungry materialists.

    1. You’re welcome, Trinity Seven!

      Don’t worry too much. Soon, the world would know who the real evils are. In the meantime, keep spreading LOLs, i.e. lots of love.


  2. The new Catholic Church stained glass window, which is situated across from the altar in new churches, is a very prominant Orange pyramid with the eye of Horus. I saw this for the first time in the new Catloic Church in my town during Easter 2011. I am returning to take apicture because no one I told belives me. The signs are right infront of our faces. I cannot believe that people decide to ignore.

    The IMF wrote their July paper on how to run the US monetary system. It is right on their website. Yesterday I heard a sound bite of Mr. Obama’s and he stated that we need to rid the tax code of the mortgage interest rate deduction. That is one of the IMF’s stated objectives. I presented the paper to my friends and family in July. Again, no one believed that it was relevant.

    At the beginning of the week I walked into the local pharmacy and the clerk asked if I had had my flu shot. I said, “No.” Now, pharmacists can administer the flu shot. Nurses from insurance companies are placed inside of Wal-Marts to admnister the shots to Senior Citizens for free.

    The plan is there. It is real. Anyone reading this should go to the IMF website. Go to USA and read the July report. The US could have decided for the IMF not to publish the program. THe US (Geithner) did not tell the IMF not to publish, and it is there for all of us to read our financial future. This is the only paper to read if you want to maintain your assets. By the way, as this website reminds us…US gold will be confiscated. So, for those of you bragging to your neighbors and frends, business associates and bankers about your gold coins and “collectibles” I say sell them now because you will be the first visited for confiscation.

    This was a great article.

  3. One thing I know for sure, and no one will convince me otherwise. God is real. If you know God, you do not feel the need to prove it to anyone, however, you deeply desire others to have the relationship with Him that you have, or better. There is no greater gift that you can give to your fellow man than a relationship with God. NOT RELIGION – as you have presented above – which is the co-opting and hijacking of an eclectic grab bag of pagan religions throughout human history. FAITH IS PERSONAL AND INDIVIDUAL. You can not study God, like you study the history of religious symbolism or man made religious institutions. Faith is a gift from God – if you genuinely pursue a relationship with Him, He will let you find Him. This is an eternal promise, as God is eternal. A parable – the wise men followed the star to where they knew they would find Jesus. Herod, who knew the prophecy about Jesus tried to co-opt the prophecy and change the destiny of Jesus by killing Him when He was an infant. Herod actually had all the children 2 and under there killed, in order to try to stop fulfillment of the prophecy. He lived. Jesus is real. The Holy Spirit is real, God is real. What you describe above has nothing to do with God. Except that they are all ways in which the devil has tried to rob man of the true knowledge of God by setting up false man made religions. God is not found in buildings, or in religious, political, symbolic or historical institutions. Every human being, poor or rich, male or female, old or young, simple or wise, sinner or saint, can meet God if they choose to. It is a simple matter of opening your heart to Him. Pursuing a relationship with Him. Having said that, it is very difficult to find a church today that actually leads you to have a personal relationship with God. Most are trying to be social clubs, or teach liturgy, religion or history. One way to find God is to get yourself a Bible, read it with your heart and your spirit, not your mind. Pray and ask God to open the meaning of the Scriptures to you and have an open mind. God loves a challenge. Ask Him all the questions you want. I did! Tell Him the things you don’t believe. He will listen, because He is not afraid of criticism. I am not an expert. I am learning too. But this I know to be absolutely true. Do I understand everything? No! But I know God loves me. Does that mean life is trouble free and sinless? No. That is an impossibility on earth for man. But it does mean that you try to become a force for good in this world according to God’s will, not man’s. It is not God’s will that America bomb Libya, or Israel gets some divine pass to oppress Palestine. No nation has the right to usurp the authority of God which commands us not to kill. Not even to kill criminals. We can imprison them to protect society. Every killing that was done in the name of God was a blasphemy. I am cheering Libya on in defending themselves against terrorist rebels killing civillians, including women and children. I believe God is on their side because their cause is just. They did not provoke or attack anyone. They are defending their women and children. They are the victims of theft and defamation and unprovoked butchery by NATO & Co. Self defence is not the same as genocide. Every religion has heretic extremists that have defiled themselves by adopting unholy customs outside of holy doctrine. Satanists have infiltrated society and religion and many people do not even know they are involved in it, or serving its purpose. God is love. He said you will know His people because they will have love for one another – meaning everyone – the golden rule – “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Including all foreigners. No exceptions. So do the love test. Do your thoughts, feelings, words, actions, etc., show love? If not, adjust them!
    The Jewish religious leaders and Roman rulers killed Jesus on false pretences. He called them hypocrites.

  4. The Catholic church or better known as “The whore of Babylon” who has always tried to associate herself with the name “Christian” in order to taint the name of true followers of Christ.
    She is neither a Christian nor a believer but a deceiver that is in bed with kings and queens of nation, the Illuminati’s satanic society, and the diabolical propaganda of one world order that only seeks to use her for the ultimate destruction and annihilation true Christ followers.

    The Crimes of the Catholic church to all humanity including the torture of Christ followers throughout history is proof she is not one of us, but pretends to be one of us in the efforts to confuse the masses, Illuminati style.

  5. Abigail, that was perfectly said. Thank you for reminding me that what matters in the end is our relationship with God. Religion has been corrupted and should not be the message we share, but instead share hope, spiritual freedom, and joy that is only possible through a personal relation with Jesus Christ our savior not religion.

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