Bilderberger Meeting Cancelled Halfway Through As Participants Flee To Avoid Arrest


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Sources in the BIS and CIA confirm the Bilderberger meeting held starting June 9th in St. Moritz, Switzerland was cancelled halfway through because prominent participants, including Henry (Heinz) Kissinger faced imminent arrest. Following this, two prominent Bilderbergers, Joseph Ackermann CEO of Deutschebank and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, contacted the White Dragon Society and offered to cooperate in setting up the new financial system…

The collapse of the Bilderberger meeting in St. Mortitz came about because the Swiss government ordered the meeting to be opened to journalists and the public, according to the CIA and BIS sources.

In addition, many participants decided to flee the country before Monday, January the 13th, when Swiss judicial officials, plotting Knights Templar revenge, were planning to arrest many of the Bilderbergers, the sources say. As a result of this fiasco, David Rockefeller, George Soros and their fellow Khazarian Satanists are now more isolated than at any time in modern history.

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Bilderberg 2011: The tipping point

Anonymity is for Bilderbergers, not for the public

The police and secret services keep the cameras at bay. The pegged-up shower curtain hides the hotel. Blackened windows and security escorts protect the delicate, quivering participants from the horror of being identified. The coyest are never seen at all, and never make the delegate list.

Hiding delegate at Bilderberg 2011 Now compare that with your life. CCTV cameras with face-recognition software scan your daily life. Travel cards log your journeys. And online, you’ll have noticed – particularly in the last year – how your accounts are all being linked, and how you’re having to constantly prove your identity. Anonymity is a sin. Anonymity is what terrorists do.

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Rupert Murdoch’s media empire reveals unprecedented $8+ trillion SEC scandal

Several days ago, Steven Jones of Dow Jones Newswires – a News Corporation company – broke what may be the story of the Millennium, literally.

According to 69 recent SEC filings that have now “vanished”, a Texan by the name of Johnny Earl Satterwhite claims to hold over $8 trillion in public companies like Microsoft, Exxon Mobil and City National Bank, among others.

Ladies and gentlemen, a scandal far larger than Bernie Madoff has just been uncovered and this is one element of a much crazier narrative.

Satterwhite told Jones he filed these false documents for a “group of individuals” that “don’t want it known who they are”. This is apparently no issue for criminally negligent officials at the SEC; Satterwhite said no one at the SEC ever questioned his blatantly untrue assertions.

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