Japan Is Investing 8 Trillion Yen In New Energy Tech; Oil And Nuclear Power Will Be Phased Out

The Fukushima nuclear crisis is turning out to have a silver lining because it has convinced the Japanese political and business establishment to phase out nuclear power and oil as energy sources. In particular, Japanese tycoon Masayoshi Son has teamed up with Prime Minister Naoto Kan to invest 8 trillion yen or about $100 billion to develop alternative energy technologies, according to Japanese government sources. Also, in yet another sign the old world order is ending, the US and European governments are having to dip into emergency oil stocks because their fiat currencies are no longer being accepted as payment for oil.

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This Dark Cabal frustration is the very reason that drove them to attack and pulverize Gadaffi stronghold to precisely milk the Libyans of their oil. Empirical data show that any country they tried to “liberate from repressive regimes or dictatorships” in the past never did get any better.

Take it from us, who after Marcos was removed, our foreign debt ballooned to stratosphere. Now, we are the poorest Asians alive, forced to leave the country to work as house maids and disrespected. We have been plundered by the very institution that we revere and worship. Shame on these animals. May their souls burn in Hell!

New Fuel Cell System ‘Generates Electricity with Only Water, Air’

Genepax Co Ltd explained the technologies used in its new fuel cell system “Water Energy System (WES),” which uses water as a fuel and does not emit CO2.

The system can generate power just by supplying water and air to the fuel and air electrodes, respectively, the company said at the press conference, which took place June 12, 2008, at the Osaka Assembly Hall.

The basic power generation mechanism of the new system is similar to that of a normal fuel cell, which uses hydrogen as a fuel. According to Genepax, the main feature of the new system is that it uses the company’s membrane electrode assembly (MEA), which contains a material capable of breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction.

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Inventor X Releases Waterfuel Technology

One of those who successfully perfected the method of fracturing water molecule into its component atoms, i.e. hydrogen and oxygen, “on demand” and literally, run cars on water is our very own, Engr. Daniel Dingel, who discovered this technology in 1969. Marcos then denied any government support for the inventor and instead built a Nuclear Plant to please Western Powers. The same Nuclear Plant was moothballed just before it is switched on by the “revolutionary” government of Cory Aquino in 1986. We are still paying for this white elephant until today.

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Here’s Wikipedia Debunking Waterfuel Technology

A water-fuelled car is a hypothetical automobile that derives its energy directly from water. Water-fuelled cars have been the subject of numerous international patents, newspaper and popular science magazine articles, local television news coverage, and the Internet. The claims for these devices have been found to be incorrect and some were found to be tied to investment frauds.[1][2][3][4] These vehicles may be claimed to produce fuel from water on board with no other energy input, or may be a hybrid of sorts claiming to get energy from both water and a conventional source (such as gasoline).

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List of Murdered Scientists

#54:  Dr. Eugene Mallove, age 56. Died: May 14, 2004. Autopsy confirmed Mallove died as a result of several blunt-force injuries to his head and neck. Ruled as murder. Found at the end of his driveway. Alt. Energy Expert who was working on viable energy alternative program and announcement. Norwich Free Academy graduate.Beaten to death during an alleged robbery. Mallove was well respected for his knowledge of cold fusion. He had just published an “open letter” outlining the results of and reasons for his last 15 years in the field of “new energy research.” Dr. Mallove was convinced it was only a matter of months before the world would actually see a free energy device.

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2 thoughts on “Japan Is Investing 8 Trillion Yen In New Energy Tech; Oil And Nuclear Power Will Be Phased Out”

  1. New Technology, Molecular Impact Energy Technology.
    We have proto-type steam generator,that shatters water clusters by surface impact heating. Using
    only 5% of the energy used by coal fired plants.
    See Patent App Pub. No. US 2010/0293949 A1
    If you can’t understand how water clusters explode of surface impact, I recommend Shock Wave Reserch Center.
    Tohoku University.
    The measurment of impact pressure and solid surface response in liquid-solid impact up to hypersonic range.
    You can eliminate both coal and nuclear power plants.
    I have proto-type in my plant, that uses kinetic energy to transform liquid water into high pressure steam, with our a boiler, without boiling.
    Nobody believes my new technology, but at least you can go to Tohoku University, and they can explain.
    Thank You
    Richard Aho
    Molecular Impact Energy

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