The Dark Cabal’s plan to start World War 3.0 is still on course

The Dark Cabal’s plan to start World War 3.0 is still on course in spite of the downing of a highly sophisticated unmanned US drone last week, which was recovered in pristine condition by Iran. David Wilcock recently said that this particular drone was actually disabled by off-world forces to inform the cabal that they can’t do it anymore. However, alternative media like RT has these latest headlines…

Iraq Invasion Mastermind Prepares Attack on Iran


US Troops Surrounding the Syrian Border?

This post is not to instill fear but, on the contrary, to prevent it. “Anonymous” another guest at the Wilcock/Project Camelot latest interview specifically elaborated that they will stop this evil for good but the coming days will be rough as they take measures on the final taking down of the same.

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2 thoughts on “The Dark Cabal’s plan to start World War 3.0 is still on course”

  1. How sad it is that the world governments have got themselves into this mess with the outcome being the destruction of the planet and most of the life on it.The paramount thing to happen is that the people have to take back their home world and restore it to the pristine condition she once was and if that means the liquidation of all the current leaders as well as their associates, then so be it!
    On a side note, the daughter of Saddam said on his capture that that the man was not her father and seeing he had 40+ look a-likes it makes one wonder?

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