US, UK Gov’t Websites Downed by Anonymous

Update 4/16/2012, 8:21Pm GMT+8:

More US and UK government websites have fallen prey to DDoS attacks by the hacktivist group Anonymous. The victims now include the US Department of Justice, CIA and two MI6 sites.

The group claimed responsibility on their Facebook page, saying: “its [sic] all of us together. We are the “little people”, the hungry, the poor, the “manipulated”, and yet for all their power and might, these “little people” brought their pride down.”

Earlier, Brazilian hacker group Anonymous member Havittaja claimed responsibility for DDoS attacks on the US Department of Justice and CIA websites.

On his Twitter microblog he posted that the CIA site was offline for an hour and a half. He said it was done for the “lulz”, referring to the popular online abbreviation “for laughs.”

The rest of the group joined in to finish what their “Brazilian brother started”, AntiS3curityOPS wrote on their Facebook wall.


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As of 4/16/2012 GMT+8, 12:56PM: is subjected to DDOS attack.

The information came from the official OWS Twitter account. The site indeed appears to be down, however, there has been no information whether it is due to a hacker attack. The report cannot be verified at this time.

­Previously, US Central Intelligence Agency site has been taken down by Anonymous hacktivist group in February. The attack was directed against US law enforcement agencies and copyright holders.


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To some, DDOSing  or distributed denial-of-service, is not an effective tool for knocking down an agency of the government or the government itself. But, that is not the point. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate what can be done collectively. This is an exploration of the possibilities when two or more people decide to do something. Anything.

As opposed to outright hacking, DDOSing enjoys some form of legitimacy due to its inherent collective nature, i.e. it can only be successful when enough servers are requesting for the same web address of its intended target. Their favorite tool in this case is LOIC, or Low Orbit Ion Cannon.

When the critical mass is achieved, the next stop would be a physical action. That’s when the final objective is achieved.


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