Tactical Green Light is Officially On; Mass Arrests Imminent; End Game Commences

We were told to expect at least two “green lights”, i.e. financial and tactical. And we were waiting for the tactical for some time now. That time has come and officially we are now in Tactical Green Light!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 – Drake’s Mid-Week Update [MP3]

Drake Said:

  • To perform arrests: Study the Insurrection Act (1807). Study Article I, Section VIII, and the Citizens Arrest doc from Drake’s website. Charges of treason must come before Congress. For a treason charge you must find a Judge Advocate (military) who is brave.
  • There is a huge team of military flag officers and retired inactive officers supporting our movement. The inactive ones have been recalled to duty; This is the first time in history that this has happened. Troop and equipment movements are for our protection. We are now in the End Game. Troops have been issued live ammunition.
  • The California tank movement is to seal our southern border.
  • The Tampa GOP Caucus Aug 27 – 30th this month will be different than expected. News media will be open and truthful. Someone important will make an announcement there that will change the game.
  • Militias will be contacted by the military. Get your stuff together now. We will probably not be using our arms but will support in arrests.
  • The Cabal has lost.
  • We are close to the financial relief we are all looking for. TPTB have been afraid we were coming to shoot them.
  • All of the information above is an OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.
  • Minuteman says: If you are not in a militia then prepare to assist your local militia, law enforcement authorities and neighborhood.
  • Drake says: This is the first time this announcement has been made.
  • Make sure you do not violate any laws with your weapon.
  • This is the Tactical Green Light.
  • The Russian troops here for training will be leaving in two weeks.
  • Russia and China are our allies.
  • First the government will be cleaned up, then the financial industry will be cleaned.
  • Do not fear flooding on either coast – its fear porn.
  • Neal Keenan still has not submitted his lawsuit.
  • Drake will continue to broadcast until the news media is revamped and free.
  • Medical miracles will occur due to new technologies; replacement of lost limbs, etc.
  • The technology exists to fully suppress earthquakes so don’t fear them. TPTB were supposed to have blown up the Olympics but that has been prevented. There are counter measures to HAARP.
  • Our planet is shifting on its axis, but it is a good thing.
  • To locate a militia near you, go to WRAM, http://wramsite.com/ , Well Regulated America Militias.
  • ETs did show up at the Olympics on the 4th. They will show themselves more as we get comfortable with them. They are here to help us in our transition.
  • The first couple of weeks of September will be a fun period with extraordinary things happening.
  • NESARA will be implemented by the end of the year.
  • Stay away from Prosperity Programs at this time.
  • There will be a need for anyone familiar with Common Law.

Drake | August 9, 2012 at 12:14 am | Categories: News | URL: http://wp.me/p2tRr3-jv

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10 thoughts on “Tactical Green Light is Officially On; Mass Arrests Imminent; End Game Commences”

  1. we will see….your past predictions have left me skeptical of anything you say or do.

  2. vowwww,the Iceland people,arrested those Bankers,who want them even more enslave,this must happen here,we dont owed them nothing

  3. I do believe that you are getting a little ahead of yourself. Making predictions that seldom fall into place is a self defeating practice. And the ET thing,….not happening.

  4. The one thing I’m having trouble understanding is why the Fed is holding Japan hostage over several trillion dollars (Japan threatened with HAARP attacks, pays ransom to Fed.) when I thought that it was understood that they had already surrendered…

  5. One issue I am having is, if the “Cabal” has lost, why are they still spraying chemtrails, why do we still have GMO’s? I read two days ago they plan to make a blue strawberry from fish DNA. GROSS. Anyways, I want so much to believe that this is happening, but I plan to use my critical thinking skills that the “Source” of all gave to me and everyone else.
    We also have to understand the amount of chaos (which still will be good, if the end result proves to help the earth and humanity) when things start going down. We see the bankers getting arrested, we see all of the scams from the major corporations showing the light in MSM.

    I do believe things will happen, but I don’t believe they will happen in the way that we want, it will be done in a way that is right for humanity as a whole. So I will pray for the best results, not to the “hurry up” ideals I once had.

  6. I honestly dont know whether to believe any of this or not…But do wish i knew whether to or not…

  7. Guys use some sense. If the cabal were beaten would USA send the navy to straight of Hormuz? Furthermore would the all mighty cabal just sit down and wait. These are the guys that have effectively enslaved all and yet we expect that they were too stupid to have back up plans. Moving right along if this was a real event then would it be broadcast as to make the cabal aware? Stealth would be key in such an operation. I wish these guys are right but the facts just don’t add up.

  8. Here the US government is planning on what to do with Syria at a time when they are about to be arrested. If they are not running and hiding (which would be normal in these circumstances) then either this is fake or they have a trick up their sleeve. Here we have some people that are supposed to be undercover making 3 hour phone calls (and they say that everything is monitored) and recording and posting radio shows online (they must be at their local libraries as you would not want to do such a thing from home). Here the cabal is supposed to kill anyone that messes with them and yet these people are so open about what they do.

    1. I believe that it’s possible these people are safe because they are out in the open. If one of them were to mysteriously disappear or die; they may be a mortar. Mortar’s are powerful. Probably more powerful than what these guys are able to do in the open. Just a thought…

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