7.2 Earthquake Hit Us Again

Aftershocks can still be felt as I’m writing this.

Reports from friends on the area: Several buildings, houses, churches are fully damaged.

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IF this is pure intimidation on the part of the enemy, who have been doing this everytime a major offensive is being carried out against them, we are not afraid anymore.

The people here don’t even know if there’s a war going on. They just think your mindless crap is an act of their god. Your purpose is being defeated even before the attack is done.

So get over it, and start packing for a long vacation.

7.2 quake area map

1 hour, 14 minutes agoLocation: 13 miles (21 km) NE of Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines; 36 miles (58 km) S of Cebu, Cebu, Philippines; 58 miles (93 km) ENE of Dumaguete, Negros, Philippines; 394 miles (633 km) SSE of MANILA, Philippines Source: U.S. Geological Survey

7.2 quake hits phil

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6 thoughts on “7.2 Earthquake Hit Us Again”

  1. This natural because our planet is already started it magnetic field changing to reverse. It normal for our earth to change as a being and only a little time before a total magnetic reversal for us here. It will intensify especially the volcanic eruptions in the future.

  2. Just happen to listen to your self within. If you just watch T.V. and read the news without any listening to your self within, you will going the wrong way.

  3. I am 100% certain this was an act of H.A.A.R.P. or a possible depth charge nuclear weapon on the Ocean’s floor…Too many disasters in recent times, yes we have magnetic change but not sure if this plays any role but we all must still keep in mind when Edward Snowden came out and said something in our solar system will kill millions and the USA has not told anyone the full truth at all, it is quite possible that this thing whatever it is in our Solar system may play a future disaster role like never seen before! Things are happening it could be possible that Volcanos are all connected and waking up in the earths crust but I still feel these events now are man made to a jump to New World Order control!! Sincerely Aidan G Walsh Southampton, U.K. p.s. God bless all of you there and help each other out especially the sick, injured and homeless…Stop believing in t.v. newspapers they are one huge controlled lie…blesses to everyone of you there!!

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