If in any event we could not post any new article within days from now, know that power failures, internet outage are just some of those that we need to endure.

This is after they have injected more than 7 on the Richter scale that killed hundreds and destroyed the whole tourism industry in that island where even countless Europeans have adapted their home for decades now.

Category 5 typhoon “Haiyan”, or “Yolanda” locally, is estimated to have landed last night but not yet. We are still on alert for a direct hit.

Know that this will never be natural but manmade…

“From maximum sustained winds of 215 kilometers per hour, Yolanda intensified with maximum sustained winds of 225 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 260 kph. The state weather bureau said it was moving west-northwest at 39 kilometers per hour.”

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The island of Bohol is on the same path as we are. The people there are expected to suffer even more now that they are just living on makeshift shelters after the earthquake few weeks ago.


More info on weather modification as a weapon here.

11/6/2013 — Super Typhoon “Haiyan” at Category 5 — heading towards Philippines main island

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Asia has been under a steady series of Typhoons.  In the past month.. PhailinFranciscoLekimaWiphaKrosa… now Haiyan.

This current storm, “HAIYAN” ,  like the previous storms, is now at a Category Four (going into Category 5) status as it heads for landfall.  Category 5 is the strongest designation for a Typhoon / Cyclone / Hurricane, sustained winds topping 150mph+.

The storm is forecasted to weaken, only slightly, before coming ashore near the center of the largest of the Philippines island chain. Currently this storm is being called a Super-Typhoon by the main stream media.


“Super Typhoon Haiyan Strengthens, Threatens Philippines”

“While the Atlantic hurricane season may have taken its last breath, that is certainly not the case in the western Pacific Ocean.

Forecast Path

Super Typhoon Haiyan, roughly 177 miles southeast of Yap, is gathering strength in a favorable environment of light winds aloft and warm sea-surface temperatures. A typhoon is considered a super typhoon when maximum wind speeds exceed 150 mph.”

image below from CIMSS / SSEC 130am CT , November 6 2013:

haiyan typhoon nov 6 2013


Here are two must have links for monitoring this very strong storm:


The animated images below are .gif files — if they do not load (moving) on your PC, tablet, or phone, click the picture to open in a new window.















taiwain typhoon



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