“We’re gonna do it ourselves. There is no truth and reconciliation committee. We are taking them all down.“

These are the strong words from Neil F. Keenan that greeted us again. You may have noticed that they’ve been successful in knocking out our link to the Net for the last two weeks. We are happy to be back.

So, while Fulford is facilitating a safe passage for the Illuminati, Keenan is resolute in knocking the whole Pyramid down.

Be patient and ready. Active participation might be necessary.

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The aim is to make the subject of free energy more understandable for the layman so that anybody could replicate and install his own power plant and be completely living off-grid.

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3 thoughts on “WE DON’T NEED THEM ALL”

  1. wasn’t this crowd suddenly begging for donations because they couldn’t cut it anymore? That made the whole thing sound like one big scam to me.

  2. Great Video, but I really wanted to comment on Fulford. It came to me today that he’s jumped ship cause he’s not on the light side for sure. I read an article that a group posted stating that there is no radiation 200 m away from Fukushima and that shocked me. Reason behind this is that the hollowearthnetwork.com claim there Galactic friends cleared up all the radiation and to trust them and not believe anyone. After a few hours they posted Ben’s post about no radiation outside Fukushima. Instantly I felt this ugliness in my gut.
    BTW, great work Neil, just posted an article on Jeans blog about the RV.

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