Keshe USB 2012 Released

No amount of intimidation, e.g. Malaysian Flight 370 & endless HAARPing of Asia, etc., could stop the ongoing Truth Revolution.
The Keshe USB 2012 contains the technology and how-to information sent to governments who joined the space flight development program of the foundation.
Any space program covers all technologies that deal with normal terrestrial activities, e.g. food production, energy generation, etc. The advantage of the Keshe Technology is that all of these critical materials can be out of space wherever you are.
If you’re new to Keshe Technology, please watch this video in full…
Together, let us enforce peace and prosperity around the world!

The content of USB stick of 2012 has been released to public by Taiwanese KF group

Yesterday, 04:51 PM

We have been informed by the Taiwanese Keshe Foundation group, according to our request, that they have today released the full contents of the USB stick given to governments of the world in 2012, which has been given to them by their government.
The content of the USB stick was released to selected people around the world as per our wish today first that it could not be blocked by others.
From today the knowledge for production of free food, health systems, materials, energy and motion is fully given and delivered to human race, unconditionally and as gift from us to humanity.
We hope now this stops all the wars and conflicts as now you have enough to create enough food, energy, motion, all materials and keep the man healthy through the health patents released anywhere in the universe, which has never been disclosed before.
Now we are not the only group or organisation, which through simple systems can save the life of the man from any illness on this planet and beyond.
Now you can help yourselves with all your medical, food, materials, motion and energy which you might need through development of these simple systems.
Our mission is complete.
Through our workshops we will teach you all the methods of the production and use of all systems.
Now the health program of the Foundation through the patents which have not been disclosed before, through the release of the USB stick content by Taiwanese government to public they have become the world population intellectual right property.
We thank the government of Taiwan and the honesty of the Keshe Foundation team in this country for sharing their gained information with the rest of humanity.
This link has been provided by Taiwanese Keshe F foundation group for all the content of the USB stick.…FAmO1xmRy2YY2Y
The data can be open by WinRAR or Win ZIP.
We advise you to spread this documents as fast as you can to as many people and groups that the human race starts the new cycle of developments all together on equal opertunity and fair chance.
I thank all our supporters around the world and hope you find peace and prosperity with this disclosure.
Please do not forget that these documents carries the world peace treaty paper, Sign yourself to it, that you never use this new knowledge to harm no one and use the information and technologies within these patents and blue prints and what to be gained from them, for peace and prosperous society for human-race and those beyond the boundaries of this planet.
M T Keshe
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A better link to a torrent for the Keshe USB files is this one:
You need a torrent client, e.g. uTorrent, to load the torrent tracker that you will be downloading from the above link.

Mehran Keshe assassination plot; website in jeopardy; product roll-out

There has been a lot going on with the Keshe Foundation that I’ve been wanting to report on. But today’s claim of an assassination plot by the US government, and the foundation website being in jeopardy spurred me to finally get a report up.

Coming Next:
Interview with Rick Crammond from the Keshe Foundation. Took place at 6 pm Mountain. Story pending.

Concept image
M T Keshe surrounded by his team in ~2012

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
As usual, there has been a lot happening over at the Keshe Foundation, where future technologies for energy, health, propulsion, food, and water are envisioned and sought to be embodied. In this case, they all are based on a plasma technology advanced by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe.
Assassination Plot
I’m giving this coverage for the intent that if there is anything to this, the best thing to do is bring it out in the open in hopes that the exposure might help act as a deterrent. (Most all quotations are edited slightly.)

From: keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan ; *** ; ***
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 7:24 AM
Subject: Re: back-up websiteDear [Sterling] Allan,Thank you.We have become aware of [an] assignation plot by US government through security services.
They are going to stop the server first and then do the job quietly.
Please contact *** and he will provide you with everything.
You can contact our webmaster that he can give you a copy of the pages too.
This group in Taiwan have been given the USB stick which we gave to their government. They say we have asked them to release the content of the USB to the world. If you can contact them and ask for a copy too. The name is *** in Taiwan.
Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

Website in Jeopardy
On the afternoon of March 11, an associate notified me that the website was down. It had a message saying something to the effect: “This account has been suspended.”
When I asked Mr. Keshe about this, he replied:

From: Keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2014 11:04 PM [Mountain]
Subject: Re: Keshe website suspended?
Dear Sterling Allan
We have been bridged and now we are working on it.
This should be up today.
Yours faithfully
MT Keshe

But this morning, I received this ominous email:

From: keshe Foundation
To: […] ; Sterling Allan ; Kerry Cassidy ; William Alek
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 6:24 AM [Mountain]Dear Rick and others,Please ask any one you know to download all pages of the website and uploaded it anywhere on the net.
The website of the foundation is to be blocked soon by governments.
Yours faithfully,
M T Keshe

At a minimum, here is a copy at, dating back to 2009*/
USB stick given to government is released to public
Update… This just in.
Instructions for download from link. In the top left of the screen, click on “Folder actions > Download”

From: keshe Foundation
To: Weng Fernando
Cc: jc20031212; Rick Crammond ; Deva Priya ; Vince Roncalio ; Sterling Allan ; Kerry Cassidy
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2014 2:36 AM
Subject: Re: Keshe Foundation: Questions from TaiwanDear all,
Please release these documents across the web and do not keep it to yourselves, on all kf channels, youtube, twitter and so forth, under the title of the USB stick given to government is released to public or something like this.
Ask all members to do so too.Now everyone has all the knowledge for food, health, motion, material power and so forth.
We have finally broken the shackles of the control of science.
I thank you all.My life is in serious danger and these could be the last correspondence we will exchange.
But stay correct and share correct the knowledge.
They have planed a long solidity imprison or assassination.
This will be the will of god.
I have shared all knowledge and will do as long as I am free and alive.
Thank you for your all cooperation and work.
We will go live with the lab work that while we can and record the process and show all.
Yours faithfully,
M T Keshe
On Sat, Mar 15, 2014 at 3:25 AM, Weng Fernando wrote:
Dear Mr. Keshe,
I put the data in OneDrive, link as follows!137&authkey=!AFAmO1xmRy2YY2Y&ithint=folder%2c.rar
[At least 1.64 Gb zip file]
Sorry to be late due to my slow network.
Moreover, please check the data if there’s missed.
I get the data contains in CD disc, not the original USB stick. I am not sure the content is identical to that in the USB.
Best regards,
Ray Weng 20140315
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 13:46:08 +0100
Subject: Re: Keshe Foundation: Questions from Taiwan
From: mtkeshe
To: fernandoweng
Dear Mr Weng
since we are arranged to talk next week, I request from you please if you have the USB content from your government, please release all content of USB stick on the net and send a copy to the following names on the cc list that they can do so to.
Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

10th Workshop
I watched much of this, and it does contain some very interesting material. Very ambitious.

From: keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2014 4:06 AM
Subject: Fwd: The Unknown Truth About the Keshe FoundationDear Sterling AllanPlease read this document enclosed blow; and if you can pass it on.This was released in conjunction with the workshop.
The workshop on live-stream.

The documents in different languages released this week.

Yours faithfully
M T Keshe

On the History of M.T. Keshe

From: Keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2014 9:55 AM [Mountain]
Subject: Re: Powercell deliveryDirk Laureyssens posted in KesheThoughtsgroupWorldwide

The case of Mehran Tavakoli KESHE is important. It shows how incomplete information of a government can turn against a innocent person. I will explain more.
MT Keshe is an Iranian national. He is a nuclear engineer. Even during his study at Queen Mary in London he didn’t agree with certain nuclear knowledge at that moment. Over the years – in his spear time – he worked on these personal ideas about the nuclear interactions in the universe. He found new insights on a number of basic atomic/isotope interactions which were opposite the standard “state of the art nuclear knowledge” taught worldwide at universities by the Nobel prize laureates (which I call the emperors of science, or the science gatekeepers). By peer-reviews such science gatekeepers keep control over the science knowledge, mostly to confirm their own importance and the interests of their industry sponsors.
Over 30 years MT Keshe experimented in his “garage” lab to verify or to falsify his personal assumptions. So he saw that a number of “soft” nuclear reactions were possible without the use of high energies as triggers. In example, where the traditional nuclear science claimed that gamma rays were needed to give a certain outcome, MT Keshe saw that the same outcome was possible WITHOUT gamma rays, the like a process to create nano-materials. A process unknown to the nuclear science community world wide.
MT Keshe was able to create nano materials by the use of consumer products from the supermarket!
So when MT Keshe delivered samples of these materials to a famous nano institute (IMEC -Leuven) for test with Raman spectroscopy there was panic in the Belgian Government!
Some phd’s in IMEC claimed that that was only possible by the use of gamma rays! So an iranian scientist used “GAMMA RAYS”, so he needed to have sources of gamma rays in Belgium! Thus MT Keshe was able to make in Belgium a nuclear bomb. So a red flag secret service operation started in Belgium. The case became a national security issue. The press was censored to speak about MT Keshe. Professors in Belgium were pressed to stop all contacts with MT Keshe, they received telephone calls with warnings. Even members of Parliament were censored or threatened not to speak about Keshe Foundation’s technologies.
Next to that a prominent lawyer from Leuven – (Hans B.) which had the function of Head of Cabinet in the Cabinet of Minister of interior Affaires Patrick De Weal – had a personal issue with MT Keshe. Mr H.B. tried before to get hand on the technologies of MT Keshe, as his lawyer for technology transfer. But MT Keshe refused.
In his function as Head of Cabinet Mr. Hans B. was able to control the police forces and Belgian secret service, thus it was easy to “create” a terrorist case against MT Keshe. Once it was inside the Belgian computer system of the secret service that “terrorist” file was shared with other European and Five Eyes secret services. So worldwide secret services considered MT Keshe to be a potential terrorist who had in his possession gamma sources. However the whole “terrorist case” was created in first instance by a corrupt politician (Hans B.) and his network in Belgian police and Belgian secret service, and in second instance by the presumed possession of gamma ray sources. Which was simple to lack of understanding of hidden and unknown nuclear interactions, the ignorance of the 1600 phd’s “emperors of science” in IMEC.
And even that resulted one day in a police interview of myself were I was asked if I was building in Belgium a A-bomb together with Mehran Tavakoli KESHE!
So I request the Belgian authorities and secret service (Staatsveiligheid) of Belgium and of USA to clean the files on MT Keshe from all hoax and false information! I am sure these services will read this post! 😉

Powercell Deliveries Pending
About a month ago, I was informed that it appeared that the Keshe Foundation had delivered Powercells. On February 28, I inquired of Mr. Keshe as follows:

I’ve been told that you state that you have delivered 50 Powercells.I’m wondering if you could put me in touch with any of the customers who would be willing to vouch for this.Alternatively, if I could talk to someone on your production line who either was involved in building these, or shipping them, who could vouch for them having been built and/or shipped.
What is the power output of these cells? Are they the 5 kW systems?

That resulted in these responses:

From: keshe Foundation
To: Sterling Allan
Sent: Friday, February 28, 2014 9:54 AM
Subject: Re: Powercell deliveryDear Sterling Allan,When we do, you will be the first to know.But you might need to hear this and do something about it.
This is our 10th workshop done yesterday and this will tell you what has been going on.

Look at the documents on the face books of the taught groups of the Keshe Koundation connected with this workshop, which was released by knowledge seekers yesterday.
The technology was proven to be good in 2005 that leading space group evaluated it
Yours faithfully,
M T Keshe

The Keshe Foundation’s Roadmap of 2014 Implementation
As posted at 

The Keshe Foundation’s Roadmap of 2014 Implementation

March 10-2014
The site and the forum are going through changes, which brings more control in the hand of the knowledge seekers with direct response from the panel of the knowledge seekers to all questions rather than remote monitors just approving the posts.
The past week posts will be cleared and uploaded, we apologies for this delay.
The Keshe Foundation is entering its most crucial phase and we need to have direct input from the board of knowledge seekers on how we present and respond to the new challenges.
To see our 2014 Roadmap through we are launching the following.
1: Building of the new spaceship this year is our priority and the development of this craft has started this week goes into commercial development phase.
We are planning for the Launch and flight of the First spaceship before the end of this year.
There will be more announcements in the coming weeks.
We need scientists who can help us with the design and testing of different parts of the spaceship and we need computer programmers for the control of different systems of the craft.
We need specialists in gas, food storage and control, we also need doctors with knowledge in space technology.
We have no weightlessness condition on board of these crafts, so flights are planed from northern Italy and no training will be needed to take these flights because gravity will be created naturally by the reactors inside the crafts.
2: The Keshe Foundation will announce more about the launch of these crafts in the coming weeks in its workshops as they are planned for this and next year.
We have sent an invitation to NASA and Boeing though our contacts last week for them to come to the institute and hopefully to collaborate in developing the first spaceship.
This month we will reach more space groups around the world for their collaboration.
3: We are launching the recruitment of the second group of up to 25 new Knowledge seekers for the course to start in May 2014.
4: We have started planning for the world peace conference for governments and citizens in April or May with the presentation of new technologies of the Foundation as the platform to force world peace.
5: We start this month the program to accept 250 Knowledge seekers for September or December of 2014 in the institute.
6: We will launch the full teaching program for the production and use of the Health units in the coming weeks.
7: We will launch and teach the full program in how to make systems for the absorption of CO2 by reporting through direct lab sessions as with the Fukushima video, we will provide directly from the lab of the Keshe Foundation live or recorded sessions of making the systems and showing how they work.
All knowledge gained in these processes and flights will be released freely to the world population unconditionally and as a gift from us to humanity for a better life and creation of peaceful environment that we can all live a fruitful life in serving and entering the final stage of the opening of the doors to the Universal Community for the Human race.
M T Keshe
The Director of the Keshe Foundation

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