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For those who are asking how can they join and contribute to the ongoing East initiated freedom movement, as opposed to the Cabalist’s –Spring hijacked upheavals, join the militia movement NOW. And if the existing militia has other agenda far from real freedom, then establish your own.

Understand that all the delays are not of Asia’s fault. In fact, we have suffered long and hard enough for your inaction. And you knew it.
You can start recounting the deaths of the Indonesian Tsunami 120,000, the Typhoon Hainan [Yolanda] which this writer was one of those directly hit [30,000 deaths, some are not yet buried until now], Fukushima Tsunami and Nuclear fall-out, etc.
Are you waiting for a similar disaster to happen in your doorstep before you take some action? Are you waiting for Ben Fulford’s 200 million ninjas to do the job for you?
Stop relying on the Middlemen.
Take some responsibilities. Take out the Nazis/Zionists that control your institutional infrastructure as soon as possible, so we can start the Golden Age right NOW. That’s how you raise your vibration to the next dimension. BE realistic.
The change needs action, not just meditation. Meditation is only needed when you are still contemplating what course of actions that need to be done. Once that has been figured out, the next phase is implementing the plan, i.e. taking definitive, concrete steps to finally effect the change.
Meditations, prayers, these are the stuffs that the enemy loves you to do.
And the plan has already been made for us. Squeeze the Cabal financially, in spite of possible retaliation. We’ve endured that already, and still is, up to this point. And you take them out, when needed, i.e. when they take the hardline and do not relinquish peacefully their position of power.
Well, they are taking the hardline, we need to see some actions from YOU, and it is needed right NOW.
This is the March 16th update from The Keenan Group…

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Sparks Are Flying; We’re Almost There: Historical Meetings Of Top Global Account Stakeholders Underway.

March 16, 2014 / Keenan Team

Video Highlights:

  • They got me again!  But I’m already back and will be 100% soon, thanks to Dr. Group.
  • Karen Hudes – the jumping jack of the Asian cons.
  • There is no financial reset of the West without the Dragon Family and Asia, because they own the only global assets that can finance a reset.  I believe they are willing to finance Western assistance, but not until we move to get rid of the Nazi Zionists and Khazar bums killing us and the rest of the planet with their land, air, and sea poisons.  Don’t worry.  We’ll find a way to get rid of them.
  • George Soros is crapping his pants because the EU is falling apart with England turning its back, and Ireland moving in the same direction thanks to the likes of Nigel Farage and Clare Daly.  Soros threatens to take his corporate toys and go home.  Good luck, George.  Your time has come and gone.  You’re becoming irrelevant and you’ve just exposed the cabal.
  • Jean – while mistakes were made, nobody has more integrity than you.  But this isn’t about integrity; it’s about control.
  • My criticisms of the militia was not directed at Rick Light, because he is not in charge of the militia.  There are many militias.  The Eastern US militia is ready.  Some Western militias are not.  If we are going to wait for laws to authorize, or worry about laws that violate, our natural rights, we would wait until hell freezes over.
  • Taking down the EU is easy.  And we’re going to do it.
  • Bill Gates – soon you will be run down in the street and done unto, as you are doing unto others.  No one will save you when the people come for you.
  • George Soros and the Rothschilds are stirring up trouble in Ukraine in hopes of raping and pillaging it.  Putin is too strong and will not allow it.
  • Indonesia is standing its ground against the cabal.  That’s why they have suffered the threats and the facts of cabal-engineered disasters in that part of the world.
  • My historical meetings with the top six Global Account stakeholders have been underway for several days and are progressing well.  We are at the precipice of opening the Global Accounts that have been diverted from helping the peoples of the world for the last eighty years.  That is about to change soon.  This will benefit Asia immediately.  But the Global Accounts will not be used to help the cabal.  Funding will not go to cabal-controlled Western institutions.  The Western secret societies are ruled out.  We have to do our part in getting rid of our cabal leaders before Asia will do their part in financing a new era.

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