There’s a new Round-Op Alpha group calling for the arrest of the members of the NWO. Whether this is for real or not is not clear at this point.
Here’s their latest post at this time…

“Leaderships” and Apparatchiks, Do the Right Thing While You Can

May 3, 2014 – Round-op Alpha S.I.N.G.J.A.

International Announcement, for Immediate and Unlimited Distribution:

Round-op Alpha is a citizens’ initiative, legally and lawfully protected by and under our Deed of Establishment and Declaration of Sovereignty. Since we can organize our operations, can locate and can obtain the required damning data and information that is needed for successful prosecutions, as “mere” citizens, then certainly any government agency, intergovernmental organization, lawyer or commission can do so as well and even better and to a greater extend.

It is with this in mind that we will write the following ONLY ONCE, by which a final opportunity has so been given to the addressed as stated below:

Lawyers, prosecutors, judges, politicians, law enforcement officials, apparatchiks and heads of state/government anywhere in the world,

you have the chance and resources to bring to justice those who are conspiring against the general public, humanity, and your lands. It is your duty to uphold the laws of the lands and to serve justice. That is what you are being paid for either by the tax-paying citizens or your clients.

Further refusing to exercise your duties puts you in one position only: Stripped of all your powers granted to you by the people including your recognition as “leader,” servant, broker and practitioner of law, order or justice.

Refusing to consume the facts and playing the card of ignorance shall not grant you any rights to be served immunity for the harm you have caused or support(ed), direct or indirect, just like ignorance of the law of the land shall not result in being granted the immunity from prosecution in regard to citizens, wherever they may live.

Should you not choose to execute your duties properly then you thereby accept that we have the upper hand and that you submit to the people’s call for justice to be served while you await our coming and peaceful execution of your arrests with the intentions to prosecute you for the crimes you have committed and/or support(ed) and for holding you responsible for the full material, financial and mental compensation of everyone who became a victim of your criminal activities or those you support(ed).

We demand that you assure that the necessary steps are being taken to immediately lift the complete political and/or diplomatic immunity of the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the European Union (Federation) (EU) and all to the aforementioned institutions belong Specialized Agencies and affiliated institutions including all members, representatives, operatives and apparatchiks thereof in order to allow the general public and the victims of the crimes committed by the aforementioned institutions, their Specialized Agencies and affiliated institutions including all members, representatives, operatives and apparatchiks thereof, to appropriately and successfully prosecute the United Nations (UN), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the European Union (Federation) (EU) and all to the aforementioned institutions belong Specialized Agencies and affiliated institutions including all members, representatives, operatives and apparatchiks thereof. This to allow full material, financial and mental compensation of everyone who became a victim of the aforementioned (affiliated) institutions, Specialized Agencies, members, representatives, operatives and apparatchiks.

In the event that you should be doubtful, although we honestly believe you can’t be, about the gravity threshold of your crimes and the ones your are involved in by covering up the truth thereof and by undermining justice to the full extend, we shall take the responsibility upon us to put you on the right track again after years of your deception, which would be an understandable and credible reason why you have lost all contact with reality.

Review a handful of our well-documented evidence and findings aboutthe Fukushima 3/11 case (2011), in particular but not limited to:

  • This mapas provided and used by the Yoshiharu Shumuta Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry Civil Engineering Lab.
  • This questionas being asked by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the German VGB PowerTech e.V.

The above provided information, through the embedded web links, serves merely as an indication of the gravity threshold of the crimes that you are involved in directly or by aiding in the cover up of the facts thereof, in regard to the Fukushima 3/11 case of 2011. The above provided information does not describe, by far, the complete list of all the (other) crimes that you are involved in (as well), be it direct or indirect, which are also well-documented and for which, including the Fukushima 3/11 case of 2011, we are currently compiling individual dossiers for everyR-oA2014-listedperson and the organization(s) that they belong to, represent or work for.

The ball is in your court, consider your next steps and moves wisely it may very well be your last as (a) free person(s), who shall be rightfully incarcerated soon for the crimes you have committed and are involved in.

We Round-op Alpha, the people, have hereby served you the notice of our intentions and hope you act responsibly and accordingly. We are aware that you WILL receive this communication considering the technology and resources you are using to monitor us and our operations. Technology and resources for which we do not fear, for unlike yourselves we have nothing to hide nor to fear with the truth and law of the lands on our sides.

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Round-op Alpha Update: Public Operations and Open Campaigns

May 3, 2014 – Round-op Alpha S.I.N.G.J.A.

In the last couple of weeks we have received the same questions over and over again, which is understandable and earlier we have provided proper answers to those questions, but one important question was not included in that update of April 25-30 “Important Questions, the Answers and What You Can Do.

This question will be answered in this first May 3 update.

“Why do You do this Out in the Open, Will ‘They’ not Know and Plan Counter-Measures or Simply Run?”

Obviously “they” refers to those who are R-oA2014-listed.

“They” SHOULD see and hear of our work and intentions, they should know that we are coming for them.

Besides, there’s no possible way to keep this secret at all. First of all because it is a given fact that details would leak on the net anyway and secondly, “they” also do many of their things in the open. They also want us to know that they feel to be running the show and our lives.

It is one of our intentions, through public operations and open campaigns, to ramp up the pressure on “them,” just maybe they will start ratting out on each other when they perceive the pressure to be real and stressful enough, which would provide us with possible treasures of information about their current inner circles and scams. Those who attempt to save their own souls or leak information or rat out their co-conspirators or superiors may find themselves in a more beneficial environment when their anticipated trial takes place. The ones being ratted out will on the other hand feel the hammer rightfully coming down on them twice as hard.

Round-op Alpha is also aware that shills and hostile operatives are already active and circling around our operations, that our current single video upload on Youtube is being censored along with our website and content, which is fine and was anticipated from the start. We hope “they” enjoy their mind games and shillery while it lasts.

Sending us propositions for “hacking jobs” will also not deliver any results for we don’t need anything to be hacked in order to get our hands on the crucial information that is required for the anticipated prosecutions in a new Tribunal, currently being established, or any other judicial venue for that matter.

Breaking into our websites and social profile pages will not result in our downfall because our information is archived offline and already being copied and mirrored by other websites and blogs in different language, for which we want to thank those contributors and we request that more people do so. Further censoring of Round-op Alpha, like CNN i-report and Wikipedia have already done, will therefore also be fruitless when the anticipated result is our demise.

We can beat them at their own game, when the support of the public is big enough!

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