4 thoughts on “Black Budget UFO Attacks Afghan Taliban Stitched!”

  1. Not a UFO if it is identified as belonging to our government. It is an IFO, Identified Flying Object!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Paulo.
      I think the video is stitched from two separate events, i.e. the close-up of the triangle craft is totally a separate footage.
      Post title is updated accordingly.

  2. It is not a hoax. I have a friend who knows a retired military officer who worked in the Pentagon. I asked my friend to question him on this video and he said it is an advanced drone. I asked if it was released to impress the Russian government and he agreed. Notice that since the video was release two weeks ago the Russians have stopped making threats to attack us. and have also backed off on threats to invade the Ukraine. They know we have the technology advantages when it comes to war and they know it.

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