West Foments Wars, East Enhances Quality of Life

The common bond between men is their mutual desire to live peacefully and progressively, yet digression sits in when outside influence ignores this coherence to further its own selfish motivations.
Progressive mind endures on enhancing the quality of life for all, but destruction is the only preoccupation of a myopic thought.
Any action that preserves the life and beauty of the Earth should be our only commitment.

Now, Gujarat to cover Narmada canals with solar panels!

Virendra Pandit

Canal solar power: Gujarat has attracted investments of Rs 9,000 crore so far on solar energy projects.
Canal solar power: Gujarat has attracted investments of Rs 9,000 crore so far on solar energy projects.

The Chief Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, will inaugurate the first of a series of this project, known as Canal Solar Power Project, when he launches a 1 megawatt (mw) pilot project, which is already commissioned, on Narmada branch canal near Chandrasan village of Kadi taluka in Mehsana district on Tuesday.

Last week, he inaugurated a 600-MW solar power project spread across 11 districts. This included a 214MW Solar Power Park, the largest such generation centre at a single location in Asia. Also, Azure Power, leading independent power producer in solar sector, announced a 2.5 MW rooftops project in Gandhinagar.

Gujarat, which invests nearly Rs 2,000 crore an year on renewable energy, has attracted investments of Rs 9,000 crore so far on solar energy projects.

The pilot project has been developed on a 750-m stretch of the canal by Gujarat State Electricity Corporation (GSECL) with support from Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd (SSNNL), which owns and maintains the canal network.

Energy, water security

The pilot project will generate 16 lakh units of clean energy per annum and also prevent evaporation of 90 lakh litres of water annually from the canal, an official told Business Line here on Monday. The concept will, therefore, tackle two of the challenges simultaneously by providing energy and water security.

The cost of per megawatt of solar power, in this case, is likely to be much less than the estimated Rs 10-11 crore, as the two banks of the canal will be used to cover the canal by installing solar power panel and the government will not have to spend much on creating basic infrastructure, including land acquisition .

Today, Gujarat has about 458 km of open Main Canal, while the total canal length, including sub-branches, is about 19,000 km at present.

When completed, the SSNNL’s canal network will be about 85,000 km long.

Assuming a utilisation of only 10 per cent of the existing canal network of 19,000 km, it is estimated that 2,200 MW of solar power generating capacity can be installed by covering the canals with solar panels.

This also implies that 11,000 acres of land can be potentially conserved along with about 2,000 crore litres of water saved per annum.

(This article was published on April 23, 2012)

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2 thoughts on “West Foments Wars, East Enhances Quality of Life”

  1. We sit and watch the western world running down hill with their obsession with war and the degradation of the planet with not a care in the world as to what they are doing. My heart bleeds for our home world , Earth or Gaia or what ever you want to call her as it is the only home we have. We drastically need to start taking care of her before it is too late. We can start by eliminating the problems, ie; anything that is not conducive to her well-being. Eliminating the dark cabal would be a very positive start, along with all drug companies, pesticide manufacturers etc, etc.

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