Goebbels, The Master of Lies

“Let me control the media and I will turn any nation into a herd of pigs” – Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels turned words into a weapon of mass destruction. Dangerous lies spread by the Nazi regime lead to brutal murders and cruelty that continue to shake minds. Join RT to examine some myths of the Goebbels propaganda that shaped the contours of the human catastrophe of WWII.

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2 thoughts on “Goebbels, The Master of Lies”

  1. War truly is a terrible thing but no side had clean hands. Not much is heard in western media of the horrors of life under Stalin’s mainly Jewish led Bolshevik revolution where millions upon millions of christians were put to death. The allied authorities also forcibly transported hundreds of thousands of people back under control of the advancing Red army to face an almost certain death sentence. The Allied bombings of Dresden, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, were War crimes on a monumental scale against defenceless civilian populations. Germany suffered too with hundreds of thousand of people including women & children dying in the Rhine prison camps after the War was over plus the wholesale rape of German women by troops of both allied and Soviet armies. There is much propaganda written about WW11 you have to dig deep to find the truth..

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