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Here in Jakarta the Ramadan holiday festivities are complete and the prayer intonations which fill the day and night no longer carry the celebratory explosions of fireworks. It is Sunday and tomorrow morning things will return to business as usual with the roadways congested beyond belief, barely navigable as everyone here returns to the western template of 9 to 5.
In our previous post, “The Last Line of Defense,” we point out that in 2011 what became known as The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit proved to be the catalyst for the unifying component in the worldwide initiative to awaken the public at large to the reality, nature and diabolical agenda, of the transnational power elite.
For those just becoming aware of the depth and breadth of deception and deceit which has been intentionally cultivated and imposed upon humankind, these are exciting and perhaps even exhilarating times. One must however never lose sight of the fact that the true history of control, and the process by which it has been established and sustained, is atrocious and nothing less than evil.
Awareness and understanding of that which is really transpiring here and now on planet Earth comes with a responsibility. Is it time now whereby we must discern and choose between the real or unreal, who and what is genuine, and who and what is not. We are at a point in time where the chaff must be separated from the wheat.
In this latest video update Neil Keenan continues this process as he exposes imposter Soegiharto Notonegoro (claiming to be the king of kings) and his backdoor attempt(s) to steal Dragon Family assets.
Here is the famous upside-down Indonesian flag outside the palace of the king of kings. The Police were onto him immediately:

Neil also gives us an update on Nelu’s imminent release and warns all pretenders and armchair critics the game clock has run out. We are cleaning house!
Six more Elders are revealed below.
Enjoy the video!
The Keenan Team
The NEXT 6 NAMES are those of the Elders under the Soekarno Umbrella who are directly, or family-related, attempting to sell or trade the assets belonging to the Dragon Family.
Many have passed on and their families are attempting to deprive humanity of its holdings deposited by the Dragon Family amongst others. They are not nor ever have been owners and said assets are in danger of being lost in their clumsy attempts to bring them to the banks and as well sell them to the West.
If the West gets their hands on them you can count on another 100 years of desperation and death.
The proper owners need to take charge now of their own stead and of course take care of those that have watched their assets for many years. The roads, skies and seas are being watched there is nowhere to go and only one way to turn before the Japanese Military comes to claim what they want all to believe are their assets.
They forget the rape of Nanking where they stole all their assets. They no longer nor ever did own such asset or they would be registered in the BIS in their name.  This is not so!  Here are the next six names and all accounts are being held at the Union Bank of Switzerland
Seventh Elder:
Identification Code 56400962. A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia  45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code  340080979.  C.D.
Djakarta, 17, November 1960
Eighth Elder:
Identification Code  56400943.  A.045
Country Code Djakarta  342009771
Indonesia      45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code   340080979.  C.D.
Djakarta, 17 November 1960
Ninth Elder:
Identification Code 56400945   A.045
Country Code Djakarta  342009771
Indonesia   45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code    340080979.   C.D.
Djakarta 17 November 1960
Tenth Elder:
Identification Code 56400946.  A.045
Country Code Djakarta   342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I.  54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code   340080979.  C.D.
Djakarta 17 November 1060
Eleventh Elder:
Identification Code  56400947   A.045
Country Code Djakarta 342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code  340080979   C.D.
Djakarta 17, November 1060
Twelvth Elder:
Identification Code  56400948   A.045
Country Code Djakarta  342009771
Indonesia 45005
Special Code INA 045 A.I. 54445 Bank Tani dan
Transaction Code   340080979  C.D.
Djakarta 17, November 1960
All Elders assets are to be managed at the UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND
LETTERS signed in accordance to MR. WILLIAM VOUNCHER’S
It is possible and most likely that many of the original names to be mentioned are individuals who have since passed away and the assets are now in the hands of their family members.
Therefore, the family members are demanded now to Cease and Desist their attempts to market the assets of the Global Accounts and/or the Soekarno Accounts.
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