Breaking: Nelu is Free! [Keenan]

The Keenan Group has been working for the release of a key person that could greatly help set the Global Accounts free from all legal entanglements, and finally make funds available for massive global developments.

We know him as Nelu, and has been in prison for more than two years due to his relative’s participation of the plot to frame him on a bogus bonds, i.e. gold certificates, that are related to the issue of the real gold assets now known as the Global Collateral Accounts.
He is said to have been set free.
Let it be underscored that the incoming president of Indonesia is said to be non-Cabalists.
This is another score for the Global Resistance and for humanity at large as the Cabalists are recently taking hits in almost all theaters of this untelevised war.
More details to follow…
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One thought on “Breaking: Nelu is Free! [Keenan]”

  1. Great to hear that Nelu is free.
    The new President of Indonesia needs to be extremely careful if he does not ‘play ball’ with the bad guys, they will terminate him.

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