Americans Must Rise in Revolt

These are the words of a frustrated managing editor of Veterans Today in reference to his fellow Americans’ inaction in the midst of the blatant genocidal crimes of their government against peaceful countries around the world.

Americans must rise in ‘revolt’ over US government’s ‘craziness’: Journalist

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor      … with Press TV,  Tehran
A political commentator in Atlanta says that Americans must rise in “revolt” over the US government’s violent policies and “craziness” against independent countries around the world.

Listen to the 3:30 minute telephone interview at Press TV here.
Jim W. Dean, managing editor at Veterans Today, harshly criticized the Obama administration’s exploitation of the Ukraine crisis and provocation of Russia in order to serve Western geopolitical interests.
Dean particularly touched on the US-backed color revolutions that developed in several nations in the former Soviet Union and the Balkans during the early 2000s, which the Washington Post and the New York Times have reported substantial Western involvement in some of those events.

This “unbelievable situation” against Russia is still continuing until this day, Dean told Pres TV in a phone interview on Thursday. “People have to get off their behinds and start protesting this and burying the White House under in phone calls,” he stated. “The public, I’m very surprised, that they should have had more of a revolt here.”

Poroshenko has brought his country to the brink of ruin
On Wednesday, US President Barack Obama described Moscow’s alleged involvement in Ukraine as a threat to peace in Europe, vowing to come to the defense of NATO allies that fear they could be Russia’s next target.
The West and Russia have been at loggerheads over the political situation in Ukraine after pro-Western forces ousted country’s Russian-backed president Viktor Yanukovych back in February 2014.
The EU and Washington have imposed several rounds of sanctions against a number of Russian entities and individuals over its alleged involvement in the crisis in Ukraine, triggering Kremlin to impose retaliatory measures against some European countries and the US.
Ukraine’s mainly Russian-speaking regions in the east have witnessed deadly clashes between pro-Moscow forces and the Ukrainian army since Kiev launched military operations to silence the pro-Russians there in mid-April.
Violence intensified in May after the two flashpoint regions of Donetsk and Luhansk held local referendums, in which their residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Ukraine.
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2 thoughts on “Americans Must Rise in Revolt”

  1. Americans will never raise in revolt as they are too blind to see what is going on, and are living within the fantasy that their country can do nothing wrong. They will eventually find out however that will not happen until they are dragged down to the gutter by their Government and of course it will be too late by then. On another note most, Australian are in the same boat as the Americans. Apathy is the ruling word here in Australia and it appears to be the same in the US. There are many of us awake to the crimes committed by the so called western democratic system but as yet we have not achieved critical mass for any significant changes to the pathetic system, that we are stuck in at this time.

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