Emergency Terror Alert [Keenan]

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Emergency Terror Alert
and Cabalist Grande Lander /
General Electric Exposed

Video Highlights:
> Emergency Alert
An alert has been issued by the FBI and DHS about an imminent terrorist attack.
The areas of highest probability for attack are:
>  Greater Southwest areas of the U.S.
>  El Paso, TX
>  Las Cruces, NM
>  Tucson, Phoenix and Yuma, AZ
>  San Diego and the greater Los Angeles area, CA
This has been confirmed by local law enforcement on the NCIC DHS database system.  For those who live in or around these areas, please be prepared with emergency evacuation plans that use other than the main highways, with rally points to staging areas where help can be given to patriots at other rally points.
Any new intel will be conveyed immediately when it is received.  It is hoped with this information now being out in the open that the cabal’s devastating plans will be thwarted.
> Grande Lander is General Electric (GE)
It has been discovered and verified that Grande Lander’s lie-filled blog has been traced to the General Electric Corporation in Fairfield, CT.  Yes, GE, the criminal American corporation that pays zero U.S. taxes and sends all their jobs overseas,  jobs that should rightfully be for Americans.  GE, the cabal corporation with the ultimate hypocrisy in their slogan — they absolutely do not bring good things to life.
You’re busted Lander, and so are your cabal cronies working with you:  Dimce Giorgief (Rumormill News), Tom Simms (who writes for Jean Haines), BK Lim (Kuala Lumpur), Jason Leeuing (female), and Denise Rednour (the Drake turncoat we all know and love to hate).  Know their names – all are traitors doing the bidding of the globalist cabal.
> Neil addresses Jean Haines’ issues – the letter from Drake Bailey, her attempts to blackmail a member of our Team, and her vicious, erroneous attacks on the King of Hawaii and S.C. Chiang, aka Count Albert.
> Note:  The King of Hawaii, HM King Edmund Keli’i, will be featured on RT (Russian Today, the Russian-based international cable and satellite television channel) on September 9th at 9PM (please check RT’s schedule for your local time).
> Egbert Sousé  – Lander started his recent cabal blog with a comment originally posted by Egbert Sousé on our website, thus making it appear that Mr. Sousé had posted all of the information that followed.  He did not.  Mr. Sousé’s intent was to share some of his information and experience, but his comment was certainly not intended to be included as any part of this corrupt blog.  Since communicating with Mr. Sousé directly, Neil discovered that he is an 87-year-old, highly intelligent gentleman of worldly experience.  With Neil presently being on a close and personal basis with the Thai family, the information he has provided is current and accurate.
> Edy Seno, a good friend of Neil’s, was also mentioned on Lander’s blog regarding a Cease & Desist that he supposed signed while in the hospital.  While the facts around this C&E were dispelled some time ago, Lander featured the story once again, omitting the facts, including that the document did not have Mr. Seno thumb print which makes it official.
> Inchul once again joins the Team in Jakarta – welcome back!
Video Part One
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV854asLJ04]

Video Part Two

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcuNqQMxcgU]

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  1. WTF,,, just went to dhs and fbi sites and there is no such alert on either websites,,,,who are the idiots putting this shit out there?

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