The deliberate distortion of the Scottish Referendum is starting to backfire against The Monarchy of the Bauers in control of the City of London.
Their paid hacks in the media and politics can deny to their teeth that these malfeasance have occurred but the people won’t be fooled, nor will they ever listen to these scoundrels ever again.
Already there is a developing wave of thousands joining the pro-independence movement after the exposure of the fraud on the global alternative media. The online petition for the rejection of the fraudulent canvassing of votes has gained more than 70 thousand signatures on its first day alone.
Membership to the pro-independence movement has swelled to thousands.

Below, are some of the protests posted at requesting for a revote or recounting of the votes on Scotland’s Independence:

  1. We the undersigned demand a revote of the Scottish Referendum, counted by impartial international parties.- Kirstie Keatings, Rosyth, United Kingdom [link]
  2. Demand a Re-vote of the Scottish Referendum based on misrepresentation by the UK Government at Westminster and “rigging” of the Scottish Referendum – Ashley Mitchell, Dundee, United Kingdom [link]
  3.  Recount Independence Referendum votes – Freedom Scotland, Glasgow, United Kingdom [link]
  4. Recall the Scottish Referendum – Susan Irwin, Bearsden, United Kingdom [link]
  5. Give us a Revote of the Scottish Independence Referendum – ScottishIndependenceParty Lol United Kingdom [link]
  6. A New Referendum for Independence – A Stell, Scotland, United Kingdom [link]

Yes campaign gains new momentum among Scots

Some 11,000 new membership requests have been submitted to the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) in the 75 hours following the referendum, which kept Scotland under the authority of the United Kingdom.

With 25,600 members, the Yes campaigners lost the race to pro-Britain voters who cast 55.3 percent of the ballots last Thursday.
Following the referendum, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond accused the No campaign of tricking voters.

“I suppose I feel sorry for those in the No side who were tricked by Westminster into believing there would be an immediate offer of extra powers,” Salmond said during a television interview on Saturday.

The Yes campaigners have vowed to continue efforts with many incorporating the figure “45,” in their profile on social media. The figure refers to the percentage that voted for the split.
The referendum which had an overall turnout of 84.6 percent saw some regions voting Yes, including the capital Glasgow, in which 53.5 percent voted for the split.
Following the announcement of the referendum’s results, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the constitutional reforms, including in Scotland, would not be delivered until after the general election, and that Scottish measures would proceed in tandem with changes in England.
“Within 24 hours they started to tear up the commitments,” Salmond told state-run BBC.
After failing to secure a majority for independence from the UK in the referendum, Salmond told a press conference on Friday that he will stand down as Scotland’s first minister and SNP leader in November, when the party elects its next leader in a membership vote.

Pro-independence Scots launch new ‘45%’ campaign

Published time: September 22, 2014
Campaigners wave Scottish Saltires at a 'Yes' campaign rally in Glasgow, Scotland September 17, 2014. (Reuters/Dylan Martinez)
Campaigners wave Scottish Saltires at a ‘Yes’ campaign rally in Glasgow, Scotland September 17, 2014. (Reuters/Dylan Martinez)

Thousands of pro-independence activists, determined to continue their fight for Scottish statehood, have launched a new campaign called ‘the 45 percent’, despite losing Thursday’s referendum.
The campaign draws its name from the 44.7 percent of the Scottish electorate who voted ‘Yes’ to independence. Although the ‘No’ campaign secured a narrow majority at 55.3 percent, the appetite for a split remains strong.
While it ultimately failed to win the referendum, the ‘Yes’ movement vastly outperformed pro-union activists in its employment of social media. The 45 percent want to sustain the momentum of this grassroots online movement.
Several Facebook pages have rapidly accrued thousands of likes, while #the45 and #wearethe45 are trending on Twitter. A 45 ‘Twibbon’ has replaced the blue ‘Yes’ sticker prominent on supporters’ accounts throughout the campaign.
Still at a disparate and formative stage, with multiple parties and grassroots organizations in its orbit, the 45 percent movement has coalesced around the shared cause of keeping independence on the agenda.
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