I Won't Back Down

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I Won’t Back Down

The moment of truth draws near.  We will, or we will not be.

The choice is ours to make and if we do not decide then someone else will decide for us.  My choice is made!!  I won’t back down!!
Not all will make it through this darkness and there is no question that for some this is a terrible fright; and I pray that those who have no fear will be strong enough to protect each and every one of you.   Not everyone can be courageous!  It will take all kinds!
We have been fighting amongst ourselves which surely must bring a smile to our enemies.  Then again, are we fighting amongst ourselves or is it they who are also the enemy?
My read on the entire matter is that we must move forward, steadily, step by step until we reach the doors that until now have been closed to us.
Once opened, then and only then, will we be aware of what has really happened to our forefathers, fathers, families and so on.  We will see with eyes wide open what needs to be done to take care of the matters that confront us in order to prevent this abomination from continuing forward or ever happening again.
Our children, grandchildren, grandparents and friends throughout this world depend upon our opening those doors and confronting and defeating what lays behind them (if anything at all), no matter what,  in order to save what is everyone’s planet (not just politicians’ and bankers’ etc.).
Once confronted, we must chop the head off the beast, bring it home, and wait for everything to come tumbling down!  We already know who the beast is – or who they are.
Yes, it can be scary and I do not expect everyone to make it through, but enough of us will in order to ensure that our families and friends can continue on in this journey called life.  I wish you all safety.
Neil Keenan
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